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Inv. Ben Himan’s Typed Notes, Part 1 (March 16 - April 17, 2006)

She met up with Nicky and they went into the bathroom to change and plan a routine. She stated she had one drink but only a little of it. She thought it was a rum and coke. They came out and started to dance and the guys started to get excited and aggressive. She stated that someone talked about shoving broomsticks up them and they went to leave, they went to the bathroom and went outside to leave. She stated Adam talked to them and talked them into coming back into dance. They went back inside the house and she got separated from Nicki that's when Adam stated, "Sweetheart, you cant leave." They went into the bathroom she stated it looked like a blue bathroom, blue rug, blue shower curtain and a long mirror that went to the ceiling. She stated she was grabbed by her legs and arms by three males named Adam, Brett and Matt. She stated that Matt had her legs and Brett was behind her and put his private part in her anus and in her vagina, She stated that he ejaculated and then stated, "I'm done. Its your turn." While doing this they all were chanting or repeatedly saying, "fuck this nigger bitch." She stated that Matt then came from the front and he tried to put it in my ass, but it was sore. She then stated Matt started to choke her and he penetrated my anus and vagina. She stated that when Matt put it in her anus Adam became excited. He then started to ejaculate and the put it in her mouth. She stated that she stated she spit it out near the toilet in the bathroom, she then stated that Adam dragged her to the car and wiped her off with Nicki and then they left and she then was driven to Kroger on Hillsborough Rd.

3/16/06 1856hrs- With the information received from the victim, I had a search warrant issued on 610 North Buchanan Blvd. At 2047 hrs the search warrant was served on the residence. At the residence at the time was two of the tenant. Matt Zash and David Evans, Dan Flannery later came home about a half hour later. The search warrant was read to David Evans and Matt zash and a copy was left with them. When I started to read the search warrant to them they both stated that was not what happened and they both said she lying. They both stated they wanted to tell there side of the story. Matt Zash agreed to go with Inv. Soucie (see statement). Mr. Flannery stated that it was “bullshit” and that is not what happened at all.

3/16/06 2245hrs - They both signed forms Understanding that they were not under arrest and that they were free to leave at any time, I spoke to Mr. Evans and he explained that he is on the lacrosse team and he is a captain of the team. He stated that they usually go to “teasers” every year during spring break this year they didn’t go because some of the player don t have id’s and they need to be 21 to get in, so they decided to go get a stripper instead. Mr. Evans stated that mr. Flannery found a sight through a google search called “allure” and called it. He stated that it would cost $800 dollars for two strippers for two hours. Mr. Evans stated that they set it up to have the players come over that night and drink. They set up the living room so all the guys could come in and all sit or stand in the same room. He stated that a hispanic girl arrived and was nice and sociable he stated mr. Flannery spoke to her and got her a drink, he stated that she had never worked with the other stripper, he stated that the black girl showed up around 45 minutes late and was messed up.

Thought it was either crack or heroin that she was on. He stated she could barely walk and could not speak at all. When she did speak she did not make any sense. He then stated that the girls went into the back bathroom to change. They both went back there and came back out and started to do there routine, he stated they started to ask about any toys that they used and the Hispanic girl asked who was going to take down their pants so she could “play with it”, one of the guys spoke up and she commented to him that she would use his dick but it was too small. He then grabbed a broom stick and jokingly stated “how about this” or something to that effect. Mr. Evans stated that the Hispanic girl then “freaked out” and started yelling at them for disrespecting them they then went into the bathroom where they were getting ready to leave. Dan went over to them to try and get them to come out and tried to coerce them out with a hundred dollars for them to leave. This went on for a couple of minutes until black girl went out the back door at that point they locked the door and kicked every one that was there out of the house, due to the attention and noise she was making. He then stated that they locked the door and and the black girl started banging on the door for them to open the door. The hispanic girl stated that she was not going to come back in and was not going to leave without the black girl who had passed out on the back porch. Mr. Evans stated that Kevin Coleman took a picture of her passed out on the back porch floor. Mr. Evans stated that Mr. Flannery went and picked up the black girl with help with some one else and put her in the hispanic’s girls car. They started to leave and some of the guys were on the east campus wall yelling at them, Mr. Evans stated he heard someone say “go feed your kids” and “we ordered white girls not not niggers” the hispanic stopped and stated that was a “hate crime” and that she was going to go call the cops. He stated that he called his girlfriend when they were leaving.

After talking to Mr. Evans he stated that at one point ryan mcfayden stated that we should take the money from the black girl’s purse, Mr. Evans stated that later on Peter Lamaude gave him money. He did not know if Mr. Lamaude or Mr. Mcfayden took the money. Mr. Evans gave written statement of the nights events. (see statement for further)

I spoke to dan flannery who gave a written statement of the events that took place that night. (see statement for further) all three are captains for the lacrosse team. They stated that they had a meeting with their coach on wednesday when they went bowling with the team. They stated they were the only players that met with the coach and other team members had asked if they were in trouble because of the racial slurs. All three agreed to go to the hospital and have a nurse do a sexual assault suspect kit. I transported them to the hospital and the kits were completed. I then transported them to their house and dropped them off at around 3/17/06 4:05 hrs.

3/20/06 0856hrs - Contacted Angels Escort Service, Spoke to Tammy Rose in reference to the case. She stated that she did not take the initial call that it was a referral, from Melissa who also has an escort service. She stated that Niki whose real name is Kim Pittman also works for Melissa. She stated she did not know how it could happen and that when she talked to Ms. Pittman she stated she did not know how or when it could have happened. She gave me Ms. Pitman's number (286-2784).

3/20/06 1010hrs - Contacted Kim Pitman reference this case. She stated that she did dance at 610 North Buchanan, I asked her if she knew anything about why I was calling. She stated that she was told that she would be getting a call from the police about an incident that took place. She stated that she heard that Ms. Mangum was sexually assaulted, which she stated is a “crock” and she stated that she was with her the whole time until she left. And the only time she was alone was when she would not leave and that time period was less than five minutes. We made an appointment for her to meet me at station 2 and have her give me a statement regarding the incident.

3/20/06 1035hrs - called Mike Pressler coach for the lacrosse team left message on voice mail for him to call me back reference this incident.

3/20/06 - 1358hrs Spoke with coach Pressler, set up time period for players to meet for an interview.

3/20/06 - 1414hrs Spoke to sgt. Stotsenberg and he was able to contact the coach and set up a meeting area for us to conduct the interviews.

3/21/06 0946hrs - Jason Bissey contacted me reference this case. Stated he was on his porch on 3/13/06, he had come home from work and was drinking a beer on his porch. He stated that the neighbors at 610 North Buchanan were having a party and had been out there for the most part of the day. He stated he saw two women arrive and start talking to one of the males at the party. He stated that they were on the back porch and was dressed conservatively and other was scantily. He stated that it seemed like they looked like strippers and were working something out, he said due to one being more conservatively dressed, he thought one was the manager and the other was the stripper. He stated that about 15-20 minutes went by and the two women left in a hurry out the door, he stated they looked extremely upset and were both sitting in the vehicle being talked to by a couple of the guys trying to get them to come out. A lot of the guys were yelling that they wanted there money back. He stated that both of the girls got out of the car and seemed to have been talked into coming back in. He then stated that one of the black females with extension, was yelling about one of her shoes missing and went to the back door he stated about 10-15 minutes later the vehicle left, and both of the girls were in the car when they left. He remembers one of the guys on the east campus wall state hey. Bitch thank your grandfather for my cotton shirt he stated about 5-10 minutes later a patrol car showed up.

3/21/06 1500hrs - Appointment for Kim Pittman at 1300hrs, no call, no show.

3/21/06 - Contacted Brian Taylor 12/4/78 (490-8858) Calibre Park Drive apartment 105 reference this case. He states that he drove the victim to her function that night. He stated that she brought over three beers and he only sees her drink about a half of one. He stated that there were no drugs and he does not know her to take any drugs. He stated she takes a shower at his place and then they leave for her function about 1040 pm. He states his relationship is just friends and nothing more than that. He states he has known the victim for about a year and half.

3/21/06 1810hrs - Victim arrives with driver Jarriel Johnson dob 6/6/74 2448 Sunnystoneway Raleigh, NC 27613. Victim was inquiring about getting her property back. I asked her questions trying to follow up on a better description of the suspects, she was unable to remember anything further about the suspects. She stated that Brian Taylor drove her to the party she did have some beer before she came about a 24 oz bottle of beer. She stated she drank the beer at about 10:40 pm. She stated that she was fine and has drank beer before with no problems she stated that she had not had sex a week prior to the incident and that was with her boyfriend Mathew Murchison, She stated she had a function at hotel room with a couple male and female. She stated she danced for them and used a small vibrator (sex toy)

3/22/06 - 0830hrs Received a message from Sgt. Gottlieb and Andy Peterson lawyer who is representing some of the team members and stated that they would be unable to make it to the meeting.

3/22/06 1325hrs - Received voice mail from andy peterson stating players from lacrosse team would not be making the meeting.

3/22/06 - 1240hrs Kim Pittman came into to talk about the incident. Kim stated that she was called from her escort service by Melissa to do a bachelor part at 610 Buchanan. She stated she arrived at about 11:00 pm on 3/13/06. She stated that her practice is to get id from the person who is in charge of the party. She stated she talked to Dan F. Who set up the party. She checked his ID and she stated she thought it was a new york license that was displayed. She was then told that it was not a bachelor party but a get together amongst friends. She stated that they had told her that were on sports teams, track, baseball and they all were grad students. She stated she walked to the back of the house with Dan and Dave and entered the house through their back door. She stated she was paid $400 from Dan and waited for the second girl to arrive. She state that she met a couple of the guys and talked to them for a bit. The guys were anxious and asked for her to call Melissa because they were anxious and wanted me to check on the second girl. We were told that she was soon on her way. At about 11:30 Precious arrived and came to the back where they met for the first time. She stated she waited outside so “Precious” could go inside and collect her money she showed me her payment $400.00 and we went straight to the bathroom where my out fit was to change clothes. She stated Precious came with her dancing clothes on and did not need to change. She stated she conversed with Precious about her plans for there dance. There was a knock on the door and we were handed two drinks of equal amounts. She stated she sipped the drinks (rum and coke she thinks) but Precious cup fell into the sink dumping out the contents, she thinks the victim had a couple drinks from hers but she was not sure. She finished getting dressed and proceeded to the living room, led by dan to do their show. She stated that there were about 20- 25 young guys who were all sitting down. She stated the show began and she thought it was going pretty well, she stated precious started to see signs of intoxication at that point. She stated they continued with the performance until one of the boys pulled brought out a broomstick on us and that he would use it on us. The statement made her feel uncomfortable. She stated she raised her voice that the show was over. The commotion raised my voice to the boys and made “Precious” get irate. I went to the bathroom with Precious and told her I wanted to leave. Precious felt we could get more money and that we shouldn’t leave yet. She was uncontrollable at this point and was yelling at the boys who were knocking on the door to leave them alone. Kim stated she finally decided to leave the house. She left the bathroom grabbed her bag and exited the house with her dancing gear on. She went to car wanting to leave, but she did not want to leave Precious in there alone. She stated she changed her clothes in the car where some of the boys were coming to her window talking to her. She stated she was told by one of the guys that Precious was passed out in the back and they asked if she could go get “Precious”. She stated at that point is seemed that the guys may have been ready for the night to be over. I told them that if they could get her to my car, she would get her out of their hair. With in a few minutes, she was being helped out of the back yard and into my car. S he did not have the bag that she had come with and asked her if she had the important thing the money. She told her yes but she did not seem coherent. Precious then told her that we should go back in the house because there was more money to be made. I asked her again where her things were and she said “here”, “it’s here “but kim did not see any of her things. I made an attempt to get her things. She stated she got her things and locked the door with precious inside. She went to the back of the house to try to retrieve her bag. She stated she look around with Dan but was unable to find anything. She went back to her car and the boys “nigger” to both of the girls. She called the police to report racial slurs from a friends phone (919-430-0516) she stated it was a kiwi phone. While in the car, Kim repeatedly asked Precious if she had the money. She stated that “Precious” was out of it and she tried to ask where she lived but she would not tell me. She tried calling Melissa to get a hold of the driver that dropped her off but received no assistance from her. She decided to go to 24hr grocery store and seek the help of an off duty police officer, only a security guard was there. So we proceeded to call 911. She stated the police arrived and woke her up with smelling salts, they asked her questions but was only able to mutter “no”. It appeared that “Precious” did not want to leave her car. The police stated that she was in no trouble that they would take care of her. She then states that she drove back 1602 Albany Street (see statement). Through a warrant check kim pittman was wanted for a probation violation and had gone by her previous married name of “Kim Roberts”. Sgt. Gottlieb and Inv. Clayton served the warrant.

3/22/06 1533 hrs - Sgt. Stotsenberg called no players arrived for meeting.

3/22/06 1615hrs - with the information that we received in regarding to using different names, different teams, stating that they were on the base ball and track teams and stating that they were grad students and using “alias” and the whole atmosphere of confusion and the exigent circumstances with healing of the wounds of the suspect that the victim possibly scratched I went to assistant district attorney Tracy Cline and spoke to her about are case. She stated that we should do the non-testimonial on the players including upper torso pictures, current mug shots and cheek swabbings.

3/23/06 - Non testimonials were done and were presented to David Saacks ADA. ADA David Saacks presented the NTO to Superior Court Judge Ronald Stephens. I received the orders from ADA Saacks at 3:21 and reported to 213 Broadway where the identification procedures took place. All people that were required to show up arrived in car pools. Inv. Soucie, Inv. Clayton, Inv. Bryant, and Sgt. Gottlieb and ID staff were there. Instructions were set up through the lawyer Bob Ekstrand and Wes Covington where we would have a line through which car pools due to the media’s attention and safety of the people involved. I verified names by them signing in, verifying there names through web site for roster under the lacrosse team and by there IDs. All orders were served on the individuals and all received copies of the orders. The last order was served at 6:35pm and all of the individuals had left by 6:58.

3/24/06 1420hrs- Retrieved property of four cell phones recovered at 610 North Buchanan. Ryan Johnson (computer forensics) conducted tests on three of the phones. Made a profile of each phone that he was able to look at with the cities programs.

3/27/06 - 1030hrs received an anonymous tip from crime stoppers stating an email:

On Tuesday, March 14, 2006 1:58-0500 wrote
to whom it may concern

Tomorrow night, after tonight’s show, ive decided to have some strippers over to edens 2c. Allare welcomm.. However there will be no nudity. I plan on killing the bitches as soon as the walk in and proceeding to cut their skin off while cumming in my duke issue spandex.. All in besides arch and tack please respond


End of email –bwh
With this information and discussing it with Sgt. Gottlieb a search warrant was issued on Ryan Mcfadyen’s room at 204 Edens 2c Duke University.

3/27/06 1801hrs- Items were seized see inventory sheet. While conducting the search warrant John Bradd Ross was in the room, I read the search warrant to him due to the fact he stated he lived there. I asked him questions in regards to where Ryan was and if he knew anything about what happened. He stated that he had prepared statements that put him at NC State with his girlfriend. He was then asked about the particular email and he stated that it was a team email, and that he did know about it. He then stated he did not wish to talk us without his lawyer present. Ryan Mcfaydyen later arrived and did not want us looking in his vehicle and stated he did not know where it was. His lawyer had taken his copy of the search warrant and i showed him the original. Mr. Ekstrand’s legal assistant went and called Mr. Ekstrand and told him to tell us where the vehicle is. Ryan told us where the vehicle and gave us the keys to the vehicle.

1946hrs Police cleared from the scene at 204 edens 2c. We then went to the blue parking lot where the vehicle was searched. Twenty dollar bill, a disposable camera and a piece of paper stating “suckie, suckle $5”

3/28/06 1720hrs - Went to the apartment of William Blake Boehmler 731-445-1441 8/7/84, he agreed to come to the station to talk about what happened on 3/13/06. Mr. Boehmler signed a non-custodial form and was advised that the meeting was voluntarily and he was free to go at any time and that he was not in custody. He stated that he was invited by some of the lacrosse players to the party, he stated that he came over. The girls started to dance he stated that none of them looked impaired and that he stated that there was an argument and someone mentioned something about a pimp. Mr. Bohemler stated he got scared and decided to leave (due to him being on probation) and that he left with Brent Saili back to 1107 Urban Ave. He gave name of friend that he was with at the time of the party and who he was during the night Brent Saeli (248-225-8658) 10/9/86 116 Pegram Dorm.

4/3/06 - 1130hrs went to Jason Bissey’s apartment to collect his statement that he stated would be ready for me to collect. I had Mr. Bissey sign his statement and put the date/time the document

4/3/06 1731 hrs - Completed photo power point presentation on Inv. Williams computer , had Inv. Soucie and Inv. Clayton look at the presentation.

4/3/06 1815hrs - Went to 1602 Albany Street in reference to contacting Kim Pittman. I left my business card to contact me.

4/5/06 1027hrs - Arrived at Duke Hospital and spoke with Sane Nurse Levicy about Wellsoft medical records of victim.

4/5/06 1055hrs - Received triage and discharge and nurse notes from Ms. Levicy.

4/5/06 1125hrs - Received subpoenas for Durham Access Center from Jacki Lopez

4/5/06 1204hrs - Talked to Ryan Johnson about getting computers out of property so they can be examined.

4/5/06 1302hrs - Received property from Ruth Brown. Computers and electronic equipment were taken to the computer forensics lab.

4/5/06 1313 - Ryan Johnson took custody of electronic equipment that was taken out of property.

4/5/06 1415hrs - Subpoena was served on Durham Access Syndell Thompson

4/5/06 1429hrs Received court order from Soucie reference DNA testing at DNA Securities.

4/5/06 1433 - Received letter from Inv. Carnevale requesting lease information from Trinity Properties (610 N. Buchanan)

4/5/06 2045hrs - Spoke with ID (ID 10) regarding case and what was taken over to DNA Securities.

4/6/06 0835hrs - Called Mr. Mike Pressler in reference to setting up meeting with him about the incident.

4/6/06 0838hrs - Mr. Pressler called back and asked if it was mandatory, i told him that “no” that it would be voluntary. Restated he would think about it and call back, he was given my office number and pager.

4/6/06 0913 - Called Jackie Lopez in reference to court order for UNC hospitals.

4/6/06 0917hrs - Called victim left message on voice mail to call back.

4/6/06 1343hrs - arrived at UNC hospital

4/6/06 1510hrs Received voice mail from Glen Bachman(630-4948 286-1061) lawyer for Ryan Mcfaydyen stating the Mr. Mcfaydyen had returned home with his family and that if any charges were going to brought against his client he wished to be notified so they

4/6/06 1723hrs - Victim came in and was asked about where she had been prior to the incident she gave a time period of what she was doing prior to the incident. Friday she was 8pm to 5am she was at Platinum Club, Victor A (African) wears glasses and has jerry curls and wears a cowboy hat with a feather was there. Yolanda his girlfriend could verify that she was there. Saturday she woke up at noon and did her nails at 909 Davinci Street it took about 5hours to complete, then she went to the movies with Jariel Johnson and saw Final Destination 3 she left around 11PM from Southpoint. She stated she stayed at Charles Street and woke up at noon at her parents house on Charles street (2111 Charles Street). She stated she touched her nails up and Tammy called around 5 or 6 she stated that she then went over to Brian Taylor’s apartment so he could drive her to her function.

4/10/06 1256hrs - Arrived at DNA Securities met with Brian Meehan director of DNA Securities. Mr. Nifong and Sgt. Gottlieb were present at the meeting.

4/10/06 1438hrs - Called Rachel Wynn (SBI) and left voice mail to call back reference the case.

4/10/06 1441 - Received call from Sheena Ford at UNC hospital stating the records for the victim could be picked up.

***4/10/06 1444hrs - Called Ekstrand office was advised by their office represents Steven Schoefel, Adam Langley, Brad Ross, Reade Seligmann is possibly represented by Julian Mack, Bo Carrington is represented by Merideth Nicholson.

***4/10/06 1528hrs - Contacted Julian Mack representing Reade Seligmann in reference to talking with us.

***4/10/06 1529hrs - Called Kyle Hall and left message on office phone and cell phone voice mail

4/10/06 1825hrs - Open letter that was sealed confidential. It contained written supplemental from Sgt. Shelton dated 4/9/06.

4/10/06 2103hrs - Received call from victim she stated that she felt bad (not wanting to hurt herself but depressed about what has been going on) she stated she thought it would be easier. She stated she wanted to talk with some but did not want to think that she was crazy. She asked for her counselors number, I gave her the number for rape crisis counselor. Amy wilkinson

4/10/06 2135hrs- Spoke with William Bohimler and he stated he had a statement ready however he wanted to talk to a lawyer first. He then stated he would call tomorrow reference his case.

4/11/06 1142hrs - Went to UNC hospital in reference to picking up medical records of the victim. Met with Sheila Ford who gave them to me.

*** 4/11/06 1255hrs - Spoke to Brent Saeli, Brent stated that he went to the party with Blake Boehimler and met at 1107 Urban Ave, he stated he did not see her come into the party, he state he was sitting. He stated that he stayed at the party for 45 minutes and left with Blake and a lacrosse player that was big, about 6ft tall. He stated that was the only person that left and he went with them to 1107 Urban Ave. He stated he did not know his name but Blake would know it.

4/11/06 1400hrs - Went to da’s office had a meeting with the victim, Sgt. Gottlieb, Lt. Ripberger, Mr. Nifong and myself. I left early due to a scheduled meeting with Mr. Pressler.

4/ 1 1 /06 1431 hrs - checked voice mail Ed Falcon called and stated he was unable to make the meeting with me and would have to set up another meeting.

4/11/06 1445hrs - called Dennis Lane (retired police officer) (919-369-7491) from Raleigh police. He stated he was contracted by one of the lawyers who stated that he wanted to set up a meeting representing the other individuals and stated he had some information that might help us out.

4/11/06 1706hrs - Spoke to Bob Eckstrand attorney for some of the players, I asked if we could set up a meeting with so we could start talking to some of the players that were not at the party. Mr. Ekstrand stated that he would talk to the players and their parents about setting up a meeting and would call back around 2100hrs on 4/12/06.

4/12/06 1301 - Called Ed Falcone spoke to secretary who stated he would be back in at around 1400hrs.

***4/12/06 - Lawyer Kyle Hall stopped in for meeting, gave records and statements of whereabouts of Michael Young

4/12/06 1735hrs - I called Jariel Johnson and asked if he would submit to DNA swabbings.

4/12/06 2100hrs - No call from Bob Ekstrand

4/12/06 2117 hrs - Mr. Johnson arrived at station 2 and drove over to 213 Broadway and consented to a DNA cheek swabbings.

4/13/06 - Sgt. Gottlieb and I had a meeting with Sue Wasiolek who has been at duke at her position as dean of student affairs she arrived with her lawyers Kate Hendricks. She stated that on Wed March 15th she first learned of the incident from a call from bob dean. She called Mike Pressler, Chris Kennedy and Joe Aleva about the situation. She told Mike Pressler about the incident and spoke to a Dan Flannery on the phone, he stated to her that it was a “bad scene” two strippers, had 30 people were there and all of them were on the lacrosse team. He stated to her that they paid the women and then they paid them more to leave. He stated one was passed out on the porch, patio, deck and had to be carried out to the car to leave. Dan stated to her at one point he was going to call the police but it was there was never a reason to as why he would call the police. The second captain unknown to who it was, stated the same thing and he was asked by the coach if she wanted to talk to the third captain and she stated “no”. She stated she had called the coach and the coach had returned her call from the bowling alley. That it was a team outing that they had planned. She told the team captains to be cooperative and to tell the truth. She stated that this probably would have been sent to her supervisor Larry Minnetta however he was on vacation in Florida at the time. She state she received calls back from Joe Aleva and Chris Kennedy and updated them on the situation. She stated that the three captains on March 17th had concerns that it was now public record and since no charges were filed they asked if the names not be released. She stated she contacted Thomas Trask and Scott Selig at Duke Reality who run those properties and asked the names not to be released. She stated that on the morning of the March 17th she was given an email that was on pac2 list server, people had heard about the allegation and emailed her staff. The only other contact she has had is she asked some of the residents in off campus housing if they would like to move to other properties that duke had owned. Some of them did move, William Wolcott decided to move to west village.
Linda Mosinco 684-6711

4/13/06 1740hrs - Went to Edens 2c. Spoke to Michael Young at 1745hrs his door was open and Sgt. Gottlieb knocked on the door and i asked to speak with him, he stated yes and he let us in his room and made room on his. Sofa for us. We told him were just doing a follow up of what his lawyer had talked to us about what his stated that he was with his girlfriend and that he dropped off Ryan Mcfadyen, Ben Koester, Chris Loftus and his girlfriend on Urban street. As he was telling us this both of his phones started to ring, and he said excuse me my friends are calling. He looked at the phone and did not answer it. He then started up where he had left off and stated that he had gone to Jay Jennison and Reade Seligmans room to get a movie that night but he had seen them all. I asked where jay and reade were and he stated that they were probably at the party. He stated that if they were not in their room that night they were at the party. I asked if he knew anyone that was not at the party, he said that we would have to take his word but he knew Adam Langley, Brad Ross, Chris Loftus and Michael Ward (who was in New York at the time), he stated he doesn’t think Bo Carrington was there but he was not sure. The only one he could definitely say was not there was Chris Loftus he was in the room with him and his girlfriend on long with Chris Loftus’s girlfriend. After that discussion we asked about the emails that were sent. He stated the one email Ryan Mcfadyen sent was a team email, he stated that everyone on the team received that email. I asked if even the coaches received that email due to how bad it was and he stated no that there are two email chains one that has coach on it and one the other coaches are on. We thanked him for his time and we left his room.

*****correction date should be 4/13/06****4/14/06 1754 - Spoke to Rob Schroeder who stated that we can ask me questions but I'm not going to answer them. We asked if we could speak to him for a couple of minutes and if he did not want to answer any questions he did not have to. He agreed and asked if it had to be in his room, we stated we would like to keep his privacy due to the fact there were some other people out in the hallway, he agreed and let us into his room. We asked him if he knew any one that was not at the party and he stated Chris Loftus, he stated that is all he wanted to say and we left his room. Leaving the complex I noticed Zack Greer coming up the stairs and I asked him if we could talk to him for two minutes. He stated he would listen but would not talk. I asked if he could tell us any one that was not at the party he stated “no comment” and said thank you and walked away. Then went to duke campus where an unknown female showed us to hh dorm we located the hh dorm and another unknown female asked if we wanted in we stated “yes” and she swiped her card and allowed us into the building. Hh dorm 203 and spoke to Rob Wellington and Bo Carrington. I knocked on the door twice and someone in the room stated “come in”. I spoke to Bo Carrington and told him why we came and that we wanted to speak to him about who was not there at the party or any information that could help us. He stated he wanted to give us information but before he spoke to us about the situation he wanted to call his lawyer. I told him that was fine and gave him my pager and office number. Sgt. Gottlieb gave information to Rob Wellington and we left their dorm room and left duke campus shortly afterward.

4/15/06 - Spoke to Samantha Ekstrand in reference to case, she had called about an earlier conversation we had about getting information from the players that were not there at the party. She asked what kind of information was I looking for and stated that any information would help. I stated phone records, statements from witnesses or alibi statements, ATM records, receipts etc. She stated that she would page me and probably fax the information to me.

4/16/06 - 2200 hrs Spoke to Samantha Ekstrand in reference to case, I told her I received the information and was reviewing it. She stated that she was thinking about sending more information but wanted some assurance what the information, being used for. I stated that I was going with the information that I had, she wanted to know how they would be officially cleared. I stated that would be a decision that Mr. Nifong would have to address.

4/17/06 - 1 145hrs - Grand Jury

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