Friday, August 25, 2006

The Adventures of Baldo


Anonymous said...

How low will Nifong & Gottlieb go? Making up desciptions after the line up to match!

Why didn't they show a tall thin lacroose player in the first two line ups when they had the Team roster with heights & weights?

Hindsight is 20/20! Gottlieb & Nifong thought they pulled a fast one. This might wind both up in jail!

Anonymous said...

Where is Chalmers?

Anonymous said...

Where is Destine?

Anonymous said...

Out looking for milfs!

Anonymous said...

In honor of the grinning, ace reporter Duff Miller, I drafted the following career advice to the news staff of the local paper

To the young journalists at the Durham Herald-Sun:

Let's take a break from your endless heroic kindergarten teacher stories to consider how to design an agenda for career advancement in your chosen profession.

Consider Duff Miller, newly of the New York Times.

He has come to our attention because he is one of only two pro-Nifong propagandists left in the MSM (your boss, the bald weasel Bob Ashley, is the other, as you know)

However, for your purposes, Duff presents a useful object lesson for getting ahead by flattering your masters while pushing your own agenda.

Here we see Duff Wilson's self-penned "biography":

It is notable for two things:

-A clawing self-promotion that borders on delusions of grandeur (is there any award Duff hasn't put himself up for?)
-A self-image as a crusader that revolves around getting people in trouble with the cops. (i.e. "I'm telling Mom, you’re gonna be in trouble")

This is a _VERY_ useful political agenda in journalism.

Listen up!

In this model, accuracy and a balanced worldview are sacrificed in scattershot attempts to righteously target the evil villain while furiously scrabbling up the career ladder.

Getting the facts right is NOT IMPORTANT.

Apropos of the Duke case, even Duff admits in his chosen hit-parade of journalistic gotchas that one case was dropped by the cops "for lack of evidence" and others failed in the courts.

Lords knows how many misfires and frauds Duff has perpetrated that never even made the list.


Duff still moved ahead, didn't he?

See, Duff's politics could be described as a granola-proud version of state socialism.

Marshall the power of the state to crush citizens who you demonize for their evil actions.

If you want to get ahead in journalism use the Duff method choose-a-hero, choose-a-villain and get-the-cops-to-arrest-them. Then walk away.


Along the way using this approach like Duff you will be attracted to authoritarian thugs like Mike Nifong.

But that's OK. Helps to have the DA on your side.

Also please your bosses AT ALL COSTS.

For example, a state propagandist like Duff fits in well with his upper-West-side limousine liberal masters at the NYT, as long as takes care to smear the right people.

(Duff is putatively in SPORTS, but there is no evidence that Duff actually follows sports, but by now you should now, that doesn't matter)

Of course, there is a downside to the Duff will-to-power approach to journalism.

I have already commented previously on sadsack Bob Ashley's happy-talk state socialism.

That unfortunately is the burned-out, corrupt, bitter-old-man version of Duff's politics.

And is responsible for the fake news operation that you are all engaged in.

For the liberal propagandist, there is no escaping Ashley's fate. It's the inevitable end-stage.

My advice then, climb the ladder Duff-style flattering your bosses and those in power and then retire before you become a pathetic wretch like Ashley.

-Your humble career counselor

P.S. Duff, behold the craven, jabbering, incontinent figure of Bob Ashley. That's your future, Dorian Gray.