Thursday, August 17, 2006

Melanie, have you missed me?

by LieStoppers' Joan Foster

Melanie, have you missed me
Whilst I was on the road
Did you scan the blog with longing eyes
For a famliar prod or goad?

So, girlfriend, what's been happening
Heard there was a small uproar
Are you and Neff still making rounds
On the"Mea Culpa" tour?

Methinks you doth protest too much
Neff has Nifong on the run
But, girl, practice those apologies...
"You've only just begun."

So Nifong has proclaimed himself
The Savior of the Mall
Been wandering in the bowels of Hecht's
For films to make the cabbie fall..

In the Great "Two-fifty" handbag caper
Nifong shows an iron hand
But Nifong won't make his "little Kim"
Pay back no stinkin' $25-Grand!

Melanie, ENOUGH with the apologies!
That rumble that you hear?
The boys from Sixty Minutes
Are about to take the field..

Seize the moment! Unleash Neffie!
Be the Leader we expect
Nifong won't see it coming....
He's still rummaging at Hecht's.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about Melanie, but I sure have. Welcome home, Joan. Now go get her, and all those other slow-to-catch-on uppity-ups at the N&O.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I am proud to be part of this diverse, creative group of many voices...we call Liestoppers.

Nifong would be amazed should he meet us all. He has accomplished what no other politician has done in years...united a group of varying political persausions,of differing walks of life,of every age group and area of HIS county and our country.
He has motivated us to take time from busy lives and families and examine in every detail his promotion and the progression of this travesty. He has inspired an incredible committment in each of see this thing through.

This is not about black vs, white, rich vs, poor, Duke vs. Durham.or even just three Lacrosse players. It's about JUSTICE. We see new victims caught up in this every day.
There is a small businessman still waiting for restitution of $25,000 embezzled from him. But Nifong needs Kim justice for that man is unimportant.

The immigrant taxi driver probably believed it was the "American way" to step forward and help the police "get it right." Nifong did not like what he had to say. Now in a three year old"solved"case about $250..we have "new" tapes and a trial. Welcome to the American justice system, Mr. Elmostafa,...don't dare let the truth intrude on Mr. Nifong's agenda!

There, of course, is the strange story of the bald headed cop at Blinco's who directed others to assault the fry cook. Those charged seem to be well supplied with hair follicles. Amusing?... perhaps not, to one black man insulted and bullied and subjected to racial epithets. Mr. Nifong,come out and tell us "this is not what Durham is about!" Show us the zeal we saw before! Find Baldo!The hypocrisy is tangible!

But, Mr. Nifong, you are not without your successes. Every one of us contributing here will attest to that. Behold the fervor you inspire, the unity you have achieved! Behold your creation....the Liestoppers Blog.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Joan! I think Nifong will also be a very successful campaigner for Anybody But Nifong.

Anonymous said...

Joan, your poetry is amazing. You are so talented. You should give Melanie Sill a book of your poems for Christmas this year. I loved your poem about the short order Cook frying peacefully.

Tony Soprano said...

Joan is exceptionally talented and the underlying words rings so true.

Thank you Liestoppers !

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...


You know what I think from my blog posts.

Thank you for your comment re: my post on your latest ode.

I love Markie's idea for your Christmas gift to Melanie.

Maybe in turn Melanie could give you and others of us a collection of her favorite Editor's Blog deletions.