Monday, August 07, 2006

N&O Correction

The N&O has issued a correction of Neff's article. The conversation between Nifong and Soucie occurred on 4/4, and not 4/17 as originally reported.

Additional questions and conclusions arise from this new information. In many ways the new date may be even more incriminating to Mr. Nifong. Reconsider driver Jarriel Johnson's after-the-fact correction of the date of his sexual intercourse with the accuser (after checking his cell phone’s "datebook") in light of the "marching orders" given to the Durham Police Department just two days prior, on April 4th. In his statement, written on April 6th, Jarriel Johnson describes various activities that he and the accuser engaged in prior to the party, starting on March 10th. Jarriel Johnson made a correction in the end of his statement, claiming the date of his last sexual intercourse with the accuser was a week earlier than he originally stated- on the prior Sunday. In the time between the initial ending of his written statement and his "whoops" was there a suggestion that the date needed to be backed up?

Consider as well that while Nifong instructed DPD to find witnesses to show that the accuser's nether region was unswollen, instead they found him Jarriel Johnson whose description of accuser's activities seemed to do the exact opposite. Nifong asked for proof that the swelling couldn't have been caused by the accuser's escort service activities, and instead found proof that it could very well have.

Yet, he still indicted.

Things that make you go hmmm...

Osborn Motion Containing Mr. Johnson's Statement


Anonymous said...

So did the driver drive his drivee to the PD while they both gave their statements on April 6?

Anonymous said...

There's a 25 minute time gap between Johnson finishing his report, and then going back and changing a key fact. It seems likely that someone involved in the investigation read his account, realized it would damage the prosecution, and suggested the change.

Anonymous said...

LieStoppers, are you suggesting the following scene in the Durham Theatre of the Absurd may have played out:

Jarriel’s Big Whoops

(scene set April 6 sometime shortly after 7:25 pm somewhere in the bowels of the DPD)

Investigation flunky (and somewhat dimwitted), DPD Investigator Benjamin Himan: Hey Jarriel, I just read your account of the day you spent with your friend the Precious Serial Dater. Pretty interesting stuff. But there’s one thing I think we need to clarify.

Driver extraordinaire (and our scene hero), Jarriel Johnson: What’s that?

Himan: Well, let’s talk about that date planning strategy session you had on the 12th with the Precious Dater.

Johnson: Umm, OK.

Himan: Are you sure the date planning strategy session didn’t take place a week earlier?

Johnson: Uh huh.

Himan: OK, well let’s try this. Have you ever heard of Moezeldin Elmostafa?

Johnson: Nope.

Himan: Jeez…Well then let’s talk about your buddy Brian Taylor.

Johnson: Yeah, Brian’s my bro. He’s my business partner and we share lots of things. You probably know he fills in for me and drives the Precious Dater when my phone gets an Icehouse bath.

Himan: Yeah, yeah, I know. Here, take a look at this. (Himan shows the soon to be served arrest warrant for Taylor.)

Longggg pause….Johnson: That’s not good.

Himan: Nope, it’s a real pity…but Brian is a real hardhead. Now, let’s get back to the date of your last date planning strategy session you had with the Precious Dater. Are you sure the date planning strategy session didn’t take place on Sunday the 5th instead of Sunday the 12th?

Another longggg pause….Johnson: Wait, now that I think about….just give me a chance to check my date book. Yeah it’s right here on my cellphone.

(scene closes with driver Johnson furiously scribbling the “Whoops” version of March 12th events)

an EMU Production

Anonymous said...

Durham's Theatre of the Absurd puts on excellent plays, doesn't it?