Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Recall Nifong - Vote Cheek Interviews

In interviews yesterday with John Stevenson of the Herald Sun and Julia Lewis of WRAL, Beth Brewer, spokeswoman for the Committee to Recall Nifong - Vote Cheek, introduced the grassroots movement of Durham residents to the local media. In his enlightening account, Mr. Stevenson notes that the non-partisan group of Durham residents:
  • intends to "ensure that the opportunity to restore trust to the office of District Attorney will not be lost."
  • expected its efforts would be supported by most of the 10,000 people who signed Cheek's June petition.
  • realizes that its "unique approach to this election may be seen in some quarters as a response simply to the drama surrounding the much-maligned prosecution of the Duke lacrosse players” however its mission is not only about the Duke case.
  • trusted that “Governor Easley [would] appoint a new District Attorney that would serve this community with honesty, integrity and professionalism”

Regarding the November dance’s designated third wheel, Brewer and Stevenson offered the following:

  • "I don't know Steve Monks," Brewer said Monday. "I don't know him as a lawyer. I don't know him as a person. I like his energy, but I frankly don't think he has a chance."
  • Monks must run on a write-in basis because an insufficient number of voters petitioned the Board of Elections to place his name on the November ballot.

Mr. Stevenson concludes by offering what appears to be an endorsement of the group’s Anybody But Nifong approach and aim from Lewis Cheek.

  • For his part, Cheek said Monday he was totally uninvolved in the district attorney election, even though his name is in the title of the Committee to Recall Nifong -- Vote Cheek.
  • "Just because it has my name on it, it doesn't carry with it the implication that I am campaigning in any way," said Cheek. "
  • Still, Cheek said he didn't believe a vote for him would be irresponsible or wasted. "It's a vote for the governor to be able to choose somebody," he added. "Sure, it's an unknown, but you're depending on the governor to seek advice and put a qualified person in that position. I don't think there's anything irresponsible about that."

In her brief appearance on WRAL and the accompanying article, Brewer indicated that RN-VC had begun fund raising efforts and reiterated her trust in Governor Easley to make a wise and carefully considered decision regarding Mr. Nifong’s replacement. "We trust he would look at what Durham voters are saying and would appoint someone in there who would unify Durham instead of tear us apart," Brewer said.

Herald Sun

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Anonymous said...

RNVC has a great spokesperson. I hope she gets a lot of help. I bet she can win over Mr. Monks singlehanded. A united Durham to recall Nifong.