Thursday, September 14, 2006

Durham Police Investigator Searches For Evidence of Racial Slurs

In another example of fine detective work and superior investigative skills, the Durham Police Department has failed, according to Chief Steve Chalmers, to uncover evidence of the use of racial slurs in the great Blinco’s caper.
  • Chalmers said today that department investigators had not been able to determine that any racial slurs were exchanged.
  • As some of the officers were leaving a parking area behind the bar about 11:30 p.m., they encountered Rene Dennis Thomas, a 29-year-old line cook who was taking a cigarette break. Thomas said shortly after the incident that after a truck carrying some of the men peeled out of the parking lot he shouted "woo-hoo." Thomas said that a man in the truck shouted a racial slur at him and he replied with one. Thomas said the fight occurred after that.
  • Rene Dennis Thomas, the 29-year-old cook at Blinco's sports bar, has said he exchanged words - including some racial slurs - with a passenger of a black truck as it sped away from the restaurant July 20. Thomas said several men then got out of cars and surrounded him. The fight happened after that.
  • In an interview last week, Thomas said a truck carrying some of the men peeled out of the parking lot. Thomas said he shouted "woo-hoo" in approval. One of the men shouted a racial slur at Thomas.
  • Thomas told police that about 11:30 p.m., he was standing behind the restaurant and got into a tit-for-tat exchange with several men. Thomas and one of the men in the group exchanged insults and racial slurs, Thomas said.
  • According to Thomas, a white passenger yelled back, "F you, n--!"
  • A cook at a sports bar says racial insults were hurled in both directions in the minutes leading up to an altercation that has sparked a criminal investigation into several members of the Durham, N.C., Police Department, including the lead detective in a rape investigation involving Duke University lacrosse players.
  • Rene Thomas, 29, a cook at the bar, alleges that he exchanged racial slurs with at least one of the men in the Blinco's parking lot.
  • Thomas said racial slurs were exchanged before the truck stopped and at least three more cars surrounded him.
  • Racial slurs were exchanged before the truck stopped and at least three more cars surrounded him, Thomas said.

WRAL (Clue #10):

  • Rene Thomas, 29, told WRAL that racial slurs were exchanged in the bar's parking lot before a group of men surrounded him.

FOX News (Clue #11):

  • Thomas says racial slurs were exchanged before the truck stopped and at least three more cars surrounded him.

ABC News (Clue #12):

  • Duke Rape Cop Involved in Racial Assault

Cash Michaels (Clue #13):

The Durham police chief and deputy police chief, both of whom are African-American, have made it clear that if the allegations are confirmed, punishment is certain. The worker was allegedly called “n****r” in the parking lot of the sports pub before he was surrounded by several men, poked, threatened, and made to cover himself up on the ground as he was struck at least once, while a foot grazed his face.

Cash Michaels (Clue #14)

A white passenger of the vehicle looked out the window and yelled back, “F—- you, n****r!” During a press conference Monday, Durham Police Deputy Chief Ron Hodge, an African-American, told reporters he was certainly concerned about one of his officers using the n-word while allegedly assaulting someone. Use of the racial slur is against department policy.

It is unclear if the department policy also requires that all Durham Police Department investigators read only the Herald Sun. LieStoppers can confirm that the investigator pictured above was not injured in the making of this post although we do hope that Chief Chalmers allows him to remove his head from the bucket soon.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I wondered where they were looking to find that evidence of racial slurs.

Now that that search is completed, they can all get back to looking for the shoe (I'm sure it holds all the DNA that they expected to find).

Anonymous said...


WOOHOO!!! Now where is that missing shoe? Could it have fled with all the DNA? Cuz it was all gone in the blinco of an eye.

Hopefully, RNVC will do the same with the little league umpire's pension.

Anonymous said...

Durham is about as UGLY a place that exists.

The corruption is so embedded and pervasive - they don't have to follow law or admit to the laws of common sense.

Durham wasn't about to let Nifong's boy, Gottlieb, take a hit.

TYPICAL - comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Is it too much of a logical thought process to ask this:

If there were no racial slurs, then why the need to assault the guy???

Maybe they just didn’t like the color of the guy’s skin. Ummm, I guess we won’t even go there.


Anonymous said...

THE TRUTH ABOUT MIKE NIFONG, linked above, (which is hilarious satire btw) might explain more than we might think. It could be that a hatred for Duke united Sgt. Gottlieb and Mr. Nifong. Thanks to the commenter above. It made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that as citizens you do NOT vote for Mr Nifong!!! The man is diverting the public's attention by prosecuting "innocent people," while murders go unsolved!! LE has "Gone Wild," and allowed to continue breaking laws that are bigger than ones they arrest citizens for!

How can you vote for these people who allow such crimes as have been reported to go unpunished?!?!

Trafficking in women, to force them to be prostitutes, counterfeiting, drugs, murder for hire, and who knows what else?! These men used their power as LE to committ such acts, and the cronyism has allowed it to occur!!!

Do you honestly think all of this went on without people knowing?!? And, if that was possible, shame on them either way!!!

I know first hand how corrupt, and inept the LE has been, and Mr Nifongs reluctance to do anything about my own brothers death! It will be 2 years in a few months, and all we have received is one report, and have been treated like garbage, lied to, our requests ignored, and worse, threatening me with legal action for asking for the details, and why no investigation was conducted?!?!

IMO, they have acted criminally, and am disgusted to bare such pain from corruption, and ineptness!!!

But, as long as I have breath in my body, I will NOT give up my quest to find the truth, and am NOT intimidated to speak the truth!!!

The entire country deserves to know, and I have e-mailed every news agency I could think of to have them investigate, and not allow these people to not be held accountable!!!

They have made a mockery of justice, and with God's help, will not be re-elected, and instead, incarcerated for the crimes they have committed!!!!