Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nifong Speaks To No One

Nifong speaks to no one,
That's how he makes his case.
And if he speaks to no one
Then there's nothing to erase.

Nifong speaks to no one,
Cause in his dual role
Investigator and DA....
It keeps him in control.

Pole Dancer told a lot of tales,
Her "facts" changed with the wind,
But it didn't mean no never-mind
Pole Dancer never spoke to HIM.
If he had heard her changing tale
Rapists:.. twenty?.. three?.. no, five!
Nifong might lose the golden goose
That helped his campaign survive.

He never heard her story,
Or asked her one detail.
He never even talked to Kim,
(Though he did adjust her bail.)

He never heard no... stinkin' alibis
(A shifty defensive plot...)
Since the boys could prove their innocence,
Nifong would rather not.

A case that has no DNA,
And Line-ups crooked as they come…
And Nifong the Investigator
Never talks with ANYONE???

Three young men are charged with rape.
Nifong won't hear alibis.
He won't talk to the accuser,
Or the dancer by her side.

No, Nifong speaks to no one.
It's better to be blind.
With thirty thousand Nifong bucks
Sitting right there on the line.

See no truth, hear no truth,
Talk to no one who was there!
Is that North Carolina justice?
And Durham.... does it care???
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Joan Foster,

This is your best poem ever!!! LOL
DA seems to have put on a little weight, plus I immediately noticed the mustache.

As a "Pink Panther" fan, let me share my favorite lines with Nifong clearly in mind:

"It won't be easy, that is why I have failed where others have succeeded."

"I arrest you all in the name of the leahw."

"All I require is a telephone, my little bag of tools, and some pravacy with which to work. That is ALL I require".

Great job,Joan.


Anonymous said...

Forgot. Perfect Pink Panther quote for Nifong to Precious:

"Until we meet again and the case is sol-ved."

Anonymous said...

Nifong, what a man of talent! Little did he we know he was playing Inspector Cousteau. I suspect our next re-incarnation will be Chance, the gardener.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo! Well done!

Anonymous said...

11:11 Yes you are referring to the Peter Sellers' movie "Being There".

Isn't that the film where the story line centers on a slow-witted District Attorny named Chance, sorry I meant Nifong who knows only about traffic court and what he sees on television, and what transpires when he is suddenly put out into the world?

Anonymous said...

Everyone believes this little man who is simple minded. But the difference between "Being There" & "Being Durham" is not the stupid pretentious people around him, that's the same! Chance is a decent man, Nifong isn't.

I wouldn't put on my resume that I protested against the Duke Players.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. Chance WAS a decent man. Thanks for pointing that out.