Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Ultimate in Micro Management

Eight months into the Hoax, the Herald Sun finally comes through with some “investigative” reporting. In an article written by John Stevenson, we learn that HP “Fats” Thomas has stated that the accuser may have been dancing at the Platinum Club as early as March 17.

Radically differing accounts emerged Wednesday about an exotic dancer who has accused three men of raping and sodomizing her at an off-campus Duke University lacrosse team party.

One of those accounts had her performing supple and athletic dance routines at the adults-only Platinum Club in Hillsborough on March 17, 18 and 26.

At that time, she was complaining to physicians and police that she still suffered extreme pain from the alleged rape on the night of March 13-14. And she told District Attorney Mike Nifong as late as April 11 that she continued to be too traumatized to even talk about the sex-assault case, Nifong has said in open court.

The account of the three March dance performances was given to several lawyers by a former bouncer at the Platinum Club, H.P. "Fats" Thomas.

The lawyers, in turn, provided Thomas' account to The Herald-Sun on Wednesday. They quoted Thomas as saying he was certain about the March 17, 18 and 26 dates. They also said Thomas described the woman's movements as almost contortionist in nature.

Never one to miss an opportunity to distort even minor details in favor of the master, District Attorney Nifong, Stevenson attempts to take the “Doctor” off the hook by mischaracterizing Nifong’s diagnosis of “too traumatized” by misinforming his readers that the accuser told the DA she was too traumatized when in fact the description is one that Nifong himself invented to excuse his failure to interview her on April 11.

Stevenson has bigger fish to fry than merely passing blame from Nifong to the accuser for the transparent assertion the DA made in court on two separate occasions. After informing readers that “Fats” claims the industrious accuser to be working energetically on March 17, Nifong’s lackey proceeds to offer the rebuttal to this revelation.

“But Platinum Club owner Victor Olatoye said in a sworn affidavit, a copy of which was obtained by The Herald-Sun on Wednesday, that the bouncer's account was not true.”

“He said the woman danced at his nightspot beginning in December 2005 and continued for about three months, stopping in February.”

Dr. Olatoye’s contentions in his affidavit contradict not only the statements of Mr. Thomas and the time stamps on the video tape but also the handwritten statement given by the accuser’s driver, Jarriel Johnson, to police.

“Then [the accuser] asked me if I would take her to Hillsborough. We got to Platinum around 11 or 12 [March 11 or 12] where she went in and I remained in the car. Around 2 a.m. I go inside to find her, she asks if we can stay for about another hour. She then asks me if we can stay just one more hour. We leave at 4:30 when the club closes.”

Without knowing on what Dr. Olatoye bases the statements contained in his affidavit, it is difficult to make an assesment of what value to place on his assertions. It appears unlikely, however, that his statements are based on first hand observations. In addition to owning the Platinum Club in Hillsborough, Dr. Olatoye is also the founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Royalty Enterprises USA which started as a small consulting business in 1994 and has grown into a giant worldwide enterprise consisting of more than eight subsidiaries including an airline, a petroleum retailer, a vaccine marketer, a furniture distributor, an embroidery shop and, of course, “upscale” night clubs. According to his website, each of these enterprises operate under his direct leadership. Given the extent of his business empire, it would be quite understandable for Dr. Olatoye to have missed the accusers’ performance from the night described by Mr. Johnson and the dates given by Mr. Thomas.

In addition to serving as President and CEO for parent company, Royalty Enterprises, Dr. Olatoye is also the CEO of Royale Air Nigeria Limited, Director of Africargo International (located in Banjul, The Gambia) and President & CEO of RTP Scientific. By all accounts, Dr. Olatoye is a mover and a shaker. His accomplishments over the past twelve years are overwhelmingly impressive. What may, however, be most impressive is his ability to micro manage each of his holdings and business enterprises to the point where he can say with certainty when a stripper in one of his “upscale” nightclubs stopped working.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Nifong will now interview the AV. He should check first at the Platinum Club.

Anonymous said...

Is the good doctor willing to take a polygraph? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

It was reported that she was still working there as of last weekend. Don't think Dr. Olatoye's statement is going to stand up - simply too many eye witnesses to contradict his remarks.

Anonymous said...

you all are so stupid. he is the owner of the club and has the employment records of who worked at the club. he is more believable than an ex-bouncer with a criminal record. why would he lie about this? there was no time stamp on the video showed on 60 minutes. one suddenly showed up on the one Neff(pro-defense) saw. time stamps can be faked especially in a second generation source. this is showing the defense for what it is, a group of liars trying to smear the victim. they gave a tape to 60 minutes and assured that it was on the level and it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Jarriel says they got to Platinum at 11PM or 12AM on March 10/11. He is describing how the day went on March 10th. The 11 or 12 is not March 11th or 12th, but the time on March 10th.

Anonymous said...

If you count the days and check a calander to match the days of the week to the date, you'll notice that Jarriel's dates are off by one day. As to employment records for strippers, I can't imagine the good doctor will be terribly excited to reveal them. His girls are not likely employees but probably questionably considered independant contractors. More like revenue generating assets so to speak, they pay him rather than him paying them. Liestoppers should dig into that. I'll bet CGM never saw a w-2 nor a 1099 from Dr. O. More likely she paid a percentage of her take back to the house, in cash, and had to tip the bartenders, waitresses, hostess, her driver etc. People in a cash biz like that aren't too quick to sign affidavits. The troll asks a good question though. Why would he lie?

Anonymous said...

Why would he lie?

He and his club are at the mercy of Durham officials, that's why he'd lie.

Anonymous said...

There is something else, and that is that clubs like the one that Olatoye owns always operate on the edge of the law. The police and prosecutors are not above letting the owner know that they can make things difficult for him unless he says what they want him to say.

Remember, the police and Liefong tried the same thing with the cab driver, Mr. Elmostafa, and he resisted -- and faced prison as a result.

As for Olatoye signing a sworn affadavit, it is up to Liefong to pursue perjury charges, and I can assure you that Olatoye has an "insurance policy" if he is lying.

William L. Anderson

Greg Toombs said...

I once got an email from Dr. Olatoye, expressing his desire to split his winnings from a Gambian lottery if I would simply deposit his winner's check into my bank account and send him half...

Anonymous said...

to 8:27 am He has a questionable business and why would he go against a questionable d/a and his lacky police force. They could very easily make his very lucrative business not very lucrative. That would be one reason and the other poster is correct, most likely she was an independent contractor and would be paying back to the house. So that would be a reason to lie, look at the cab driver, he told the truth and look at what happen to him.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 7:49;
You need to get out and about a little believe that exotic dancers are on a payroll?? opposed to being paid in $1's, $5's and $10's....??

Anonymous said...

To 7:49...
You must be in the same camp that says the DNA samples were tampered with, Seligmann's cabbie was paid to lie, the ATM photo was made up, the lack of any DNA on the accuser was a miracle of fact no doubt, this whole thing is one huge conspiracy by many people from all over the U.S., concocted just so a few boys could have free sex with a stripper....

Anonymous said...

Does DUMC have ant investment interests in Royalty Enterprises or in RTP Scientific? Also, more info should be available from the corporate documents on file in the NC attorney general's office on these different entities.

Anonymous said...

What an investigative tool for Nifong and Linwood Wilson. Just read the newspapers and blogs, and this can be a substitute for any investigation. For some reason, I don't trust Nifong and Linwood Wilson to sort out the conflicting stories of when she resumed her dancing career after the alleged rape.

Anonymous said...

you are ignorant. the clubs have a system where the girls give them a cut for their lab dances. the clubs keep records of this and of which girls are working which shift. they may be independent contractors but it is not a totally free system where any woman can show up and be on the stage and work the club. the strippers are audtioned and hired and booked to different shifts. there is usually a split in income on the lap or table dances and some are more expensive than others, like private ones in the so-called champagne room. there is a usually a voucher system to keep up with the lap dances. ever watch g-string divas tv series on hbo? it is about a stripper club and they had all of that on there and the owner said that was s.o.p for strip clubs. the girls keep the tips from dancing on the stage and a cut of the private dances.

Anonymous said...

HaHaHA.. A Strip Club, out in the boondocks, keeping employment records! I hope you did reply to that E-mail about the inheritance?

As for that champagne cut, have you ever seen that club? LOL. It is a stinky little joint way in the country.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out that these clubs have little or no records. It is generally the girls who pay, or bribe the manager to let them work. The house takes a cut off their take and sells $6 beers, $200 T shirts. Not that I would know anything about this, a friend told me ALL of this, yeah that's my story and I am sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

Stupid would be to think the defense team doesn't have private investigators keeping track of Precious' whereabouts, with plenty of video evidence. Just a wild guess.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the IRS needs to take a look at the records of the stip club.

Anonymous said...

Since according to locals, sex is available at the Platinum club, perhaps the DA has some leverage with the doctor.
Much more disturbing is the discussion on Talkleft. "Longtabber" seems to have some knowledge that one of the non-lax students at the party received death threats either to himself and or his family from one or more of the national gangs that don't hesitate to carry out their threats. They were told to testify they saw the three men with this woman and heard sounds that could have been an assault. Longtabber points out there would be tremendous pressure to make such a statement because who is going to defend these students? Longtabber is not just an ordinary poster, I truly respect his opinions and knowledge, so am extremely concerned about this latest development. This case is perhaps taking a very dark turn. I hope to be proven wrong. I fear Nifong has created a situation that has the potential to end in tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Olatoye cares one iota about the money the Platinum brings in. He certainly doesn't need it. He likely knows nothing at all about what is done there, but is far more concerned about his reputation since The Platinum is unlikely to qualify as an "upscale night club" in the eyes of uppercrust business colleagues and clients. Perhaps Olatoye is shivering in his white pole-dancing boots at the thought of what might rub off on him in this case, including an IRS audit.

I wouldn't be surprised if the club isn't soon closed.

The key here is "employment records." Regardless of how things work in reality, there are requirements on maintaining employment records (private vendors included), both by local licensure and taxing authorities, and the IRS. Olatoye can truthfully state in an affadavit that the records "show" FA was not employed there after February, but that does not say that she did not go in and dance (there is plenty of evidence that she has and the defense has it) and "perform" in other ways, under the table, so to speak.

Notice that Olatoye says the FA "has not stripped" at his club since "the rape."

Are lap dancing and other "performances" that occur in the private rooms "stripping?"

And, is use of "the rape" somewhat of an indication that Olatoye has a predispostion towards believing that there WAS a rape? Or at least of doing what he has been told to do to avoid negative consequences?

He will be covered when he later states that he relied on his club manager's records. I doubt very seriously that he has ever seen FA. He's like Mr. Nifong in that he doesn't have to actually see, hear, or talk to anyone involved, but accepts info second-hand. He has a fall-person in there, not to mention an army of legal minds to keep him clean.

Interesting, too, that in denying that the video was after the rape allegation, Olatoye has confirmed that the video IS of the FA. Guess that puts that argument by prosecution supporters to rest.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Anonymous 1:27 comment:

The fact that the threats to the non-lax party attendee are known is positive, hopefully indicating that the student has not succumbed to the threats and has taken steps to report them. I have a feeling that there are a lot of threats and evidence of such being dealt with. Hopefully, this will expose Nifong and his supporters, which obviously include the reverse racists who want a rape to have occurred so that they can lynch the Duke white boys.

I often wonder how much information from blogs is hurting the defense in that it gives Nifong the heads-up to cover his butt, incites media coverage that is increasingly criticising the viability of the case and Nifong's handling of it, and thus incites the rabid, reasonless, perverters of justice who will do anything to have their revenge. From what we do NOT know, there is a mountain of "stuff" that will shock and awe observers if this goes to trial. Unfortunately, none of it will result in a declaration (or belief) of unequivocal innocence for the defendants. You cannot produce a just verdict despite objective truth and reason presented to a jury that will certainly be composed of at least ONE of these kind.

For now, the election is all that matters to them.

Dark influence, power, and threat of violence was an aspect of this case from the beginning. Ask the New Black Panthers. As shameful and sad as it would be, surely black leaders will not sit by and think whites are going to continue to simply armchair and not eventually stand up to take a whiz.

I hear a ticking sound...


Anonymous said...

I do not think this case "took a turn." From the very beginning this was a situation that had a potential to end in tragedy.

Anonymous said...

The good doctor runs the club as a business and as long as it is generating returns and is not in danger of enforcement/rezoning action he could care less about how it is 'perceived'.

To think that he would close it because it has a 'bad' reputation is a joke: Strip clubs have a 'bad' reputation in general in North Carolina. It isn't something you go around bragging about and it would get you ostracized by the local baptists.

As for the employment status yes they are independent contractors and yes the 'house' takes a big cut. This happens to be a reason for such a 'contractor' to engage in other work sourced from the club (prostitution) since it is more lucractive and a cut is not taken (unless the club is running a prostitution operation).

The doctor doesn't run the club on a day to day basis. To think that he would be in a position to say whether she worked AT ALL during a certain time period is a joke. The people who RUN the club on a day to day basis are the ones who know who was working and who wasn't. The idea that they keep detailed records is a bit iffy (in terms of their cut). They might or they might not.

Whether the 'bouncer' is a felon or not does not really matter given the context; 'bouncers' are quite likely to have had run ins with the law and a good percentage of African Americans are felons (more so than national avg in Durham). Strip clubs are 'shady' operations and are subject to intense scrutiny from the tax authorities, vice, etc - often with cause.

The doctor could care less about his reputation - he cares about money. That strip club probably generates more income for him than his actual job.

Anonymous said...

"It is generally the girls who pay, or bribe the manager to let them work."

Good point and applicable to the AV. Remember the cab driver that had his vehicle stolen by the AV? That was at an 'audition' - apparently the AV wasn't happy with the 'terms'. They make enough money that a 'bribe' may or may not be purely of a financial nature.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:42 said: "The doctor could care less about his reputation - he cares about money. That strip club probably generates more income for him than his actual job.

Interesting to note that on Olatoye's company website, in the "about" section, he does not mention "night clubs" as one of his ventures. And, there is no "upscale" to the Platinum at all. However, there may be good "front" potential for other activities.

Reputation. IRS AND FDA.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:27 said:

""Longtabber" seems to have some knowledge that one of the non-lax students at the party received death threats either to himself and or his family from one or more of the national gangs that don't hesitate to carry out their threats."

This is slightly inaccurate. Longtabber stated that he did not know if the party attendee that he intimated had been threatened by a gang was a lax player or not, only that it was a student who attended the party. The gravity of the threat, however, is disturbing.

The defense stated early on that ALL of the party attendees gave sworn affadavits stating that no rape took place. It would be difficult for prosecution to do too much with one recantation made months later and not have doubt cast on that in cross. IF a recant is made. Two or more attendees to recant are needed to make this work.

It should also be noted that Longtabber only intimated, using the words "hypothetical" in his comments. While we may know this to be his modus operandi in conveying info, there is no fact or confirmation claimed. Longtabber states that he is not sure about this info.

There is also discussion of incriminating videos from the party released with the latest discovery to defense. It is surprising that nothing has leaked on this.


Anonymous said...

“But Platinum Club owner Victor Olatoye said in a sworn affidavit, a copy of which was obtained by The Herald-Sun on Wednesday, that the bouncer's account was not true.”

Question: Why did he sign an affidavit? Was it for the DA? Was it for a motion?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Mr. Olatoye. As far as Mr. anon 7:49 he is clearly the stupid one. Do you really think that these defense attorneys have not had a private investigator follow every step the false accuser takes? I am sure they know where she goes, what she does, every minute detail of what she has done since day 1. They also know every detail of her life that is knowable leading up to the event in question.
And if she has been working at the strip club as I am sure is the case, I am 100% positive they have a lot more than a grainy video tape to prove that she has been going there. It's not that difficult to figure things like that out if you actually try to gather information, unlike the prosecutor. For one if she is going to the club every day, that means someone has to drive her, or she has to drive a car with a license plate which can be traced and proven to be linked to her. It seems to me that Mr. Olatoye's affadavit carries about as much weight as the things we've heard from cousin Jakki.

Anonymous said...

As Duff Wilson of the NY Times slowly brings his ship about, they address the affidavit question quite cogently:

Victor O. Olatoye, owner of the Platinum Club in Hillsborough, N.C., where the woman worked, had signed an affidavit for the Durham district attorney saying she had not performed at his club since February, and that the video had to have been taken before March 13.

But in the interview Thursday, Mr. Olatoye, 44, said that after filing his affidavit on Oct. 18 he found records showing that the woman had worked on March 23, March 24 and March 25. Mr. Olatoye also said he recognized her dancing on the video, even though her face was obscured.

“I saw the clip and I believe that was her, yes,” he said, adding that she has not worked at the club since March 25.

Mr. Olatoye said that a day after he had signed the affidavit he told the district attorney’s office that he needed to change it. But an investigator for the office, Linwood Wilson, said Mr. Olatoye never told him about the new information, and added that he was now expected to file a new affidavit on Friday.

Tom Maguire

Anonymous said...

The web site of the good Doctor's company just doesn't smell right. First off, it's filled with typos, even in the description of management. Second, I took a look at a press release on the site regarding a contract one of the subsidiaries received to build 1000 housing project units. At the end it basically said, we have relationships with several major financial institutions. But if any financial instituion is interested in loaning us 25 million dollars to complete this project, we'd love to hear from you.

I've reviewed my share of corporate press releases, but I've never seen anything quite like that.

Frankly I'm a little surprised a contract like that wouldn't require some sort of evidence of financial soundness or proof of available financing.

On top of all that, the H-s article never refers to him as a doctor. Doesn't that seem a little strange to anyone? Could it be that he didn't identify himself as a Doctor on the affidavit?

Looking at that website, the good "Doctor" looks more like a strip club owner than the CEO of a major conglomerate.

Anonymous said...

Club owner shoots Nifing in the ass. Recants affidavit. Proves that Precious was working on the 23rd, just seven days after her pianful Gottlieb interview....

Anonymous said...

Several threads on TalkLeft board with well-researched info on this guy and his companies. Drugs and arms.

Not surprisingly, he has already recanted his own affadavit, saying he was mistaken and that FA danced NOT ONLY ON MARCH 24th, but also on the 25th and 26th. Do you suppose he was shown other videos by someone?

It will only be a matter of time before he will concede prior dates, also. He is scheduled to revise his affadavit Friday, 11/3.

Interesting to note that confirmation of FA's employment at the Platinum since December 2005 (sworn affadavit of club owner) blows holes in her statement that the Duke party was her first "provocative" dance before a large group. Uh huh.


Anonymous said...

Now go back to the N & O's March 24th interview of her, published on March 25th.

What a joke...She had performed the day before the interview, she performed the day of the interview, and she performed the day the interview was published.

Anonymous said...

Also interesting to note that Owner's affadavit was given Oct. 18th, three days after the '60' program that Nifong says he didn't watch. Uh huh.

Guess in those calls to FA to ask how she's doing, Nifong never asked how she was supporting herself and kids (since she is supposedly in hiding?). Appears that all he does is react to evidence released by media, interviews and the defense. Surely, he is not simply patching up the holes in the accuser's stories as his case?

Uh huh.


Anonymous said...

Much more on the doctor here

(scroll down) His business shows

World Corporate Headquarters: 9309 Royal Crest Dr. Raleigh, NC 27617

This is a $700k residence in the middle of the new fancy Briar Creek Country Club.