Saturday, December 16, 2006

Kneefong's "Expert"


Anonymous said...

I love the T-Shirt - DNA Secruties!

Anonymous said...

That company and PHD Meehan are done. They can never be used by the state again. Maybee the Duke 88 could put in a word for him.. I hear Duke is hiring.

Anonymous said...

I generally don't understand law because it is sometimes illogical. I understand Physics and Logic. I was always told, however, that hiding evidence in a criminal case was criminal. Will Nifong now indict the DNA PHD, or has he, or will he? If not, why not? Logically speaking, and this is a stretch...Nifong should be indicting himself as well. Interesting!


Anonymous said...

Nifong wasn't happy with the results from the state lab so he paid these hired-guns at 'DNA Security" to cherry-pick results for him.

This Meehan guy admited to conspiring with the prosecution to withhold exculpatory information and yet he claims to be certified as a expert-witness and his lab hold a national certification. How is that? What sort of crappy wothless certification is that?

Meehan should be barred from being an expert-witness in any future DNA case. From this point on all any defense council has to do is ask him, "Have you ever conspired with the prosecution to conceal exculpatory evidence?" What is he going to say? "I withheld evidence but didn't personnally feel it was exculpatory... and besides, I have my own interpretation of what 'exculpatory' means."

Also, any previous convictions where "DNA Security" provided results should get a new trial. They have admitted to contaminating samples (and then hiding it) and conspiring to withhold exculpatory information. How many innocent people have Nifong and Meehan sent to prison in previous cases? What other cases have they conspired on? It's reasonable to assume that Nifong has pulled this stunt before - that's why he contacted this particular lab.