Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Prosecution Strategy


Anonymous said...

No wonder he never got a job offer 28 years ago! Talk about the school yard bully! Once he got his ass kicked in court, he runs into his office and hides.

Gregory said...

Caption This:

"No Media, Please!"

"Wake up, Precious!"

"What are you doing down there, Precious, aaaaaddghhhhh!"

"I seem to have misplaced my pants."

"Give me a minute, I've got it here somewhere, ah yes, my white flag."

"Are the bad lawyers gone yet, Mommy?"

"Good freaking God, I've been hiding back here ever since I checked out NDlaw84's website and saw that picture ... It is allliiivve!"

Thanks for the funny thousand words, Liestoppers!

Gregory said...

More Captions:

"Anyone else up for a game of 'poultry'"?

"Move over, Precious."

"I see dead careers."

"If I say they don't want to face me in court, and they still want to face me in court, then what the f#ch do I do." [Flips to page 40 of "Bullying for Dummies]

"Who is it?" "Candygram" "No, seriously, who is it?" "Landshark" "Really, who's there?" "The FBI, we have a subpoena, now open the door, Mr. Nifong...."

Anonymous said...

Itis times like this that I wish John Gotti were alive to serve justice!

SouthernGirl2 said...

These idiots need to be locked up before they hurt themselves! Somebody, Anybody....pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

By idiots do you mean Nifong and the slut/whore/liar/stripper justice? Because we totally agree. They should be locked up ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Greg--very funny, I like your titles :).

Justice--you are raving.

Anonymous said...

Hey IQ58!

J58 was asked if the "58" in her name was for you age or for her IQ. J58 responded that the "58" doesn't represent her age.

nuff said.

Merry Xmas IQ58