Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Nifong-Meehan Conspiracy

"Under any circumstances, the first step is to determine whether or not there is DNA that can be identified, foreign to the victim, and then once we get past that stage, we could then compare any DNA that was found." - Mike Nifong, March 31, 2006 [MSNBC]

Take yourself outside the Hoax for a minute and imagine the ramifications of the illegal Nifong-Meehan conspiracy in the context of a hypothetical real crime, instead of the imaginary one hijacked by Inspecteur da. Imagine a genuine victim of a brutal, thirty minute gang rape, rather than a false accuser perpetrating a Hoax. Considering the circumstances as described by the pseudo-victim as if they were real and the subsequent actions of Dr. Meehan and District Attorney Nifong offers frightening consequences for future real victims.

Imagine that a hypothetical victim was actually raped orally, vaginally, and anally by multiple men. A rape kit, collected immediately after the attack, was soon forwarded to Dr. Meehan’s “lab” for analysis. Dr. Meehan identified eighteen semen and epithelial fragments. With the understanding that the hypothetical victim stated that she had no consensual sexual relations in the week prior to the attack, the conclusion can only be that the DNA evidence collected from inside the victim and on her undergarments is that of her assailants. Forty six possible suspects’ DNA is compared to the DNA left behind by the attackers. Each of the forty six suspects is definitively excluded by Dr. Meehan’s testing as the source of each of the eighteen semen and epithelial fragments found. The hypothetical victim, confronted with the evidence of DNA not belonging to the expected suspects, is then asked if she did have a consensual partner that perhaps she had been afraid to admit to. The hypothetical victim offers a list of multiple consensual partners, all of whom are then tested as possible sources of the DNA found. Only one of the partners from the list provided by the hypothetical victim matches one of the eighteen fragments recovered. Multiple fragments from multiple men remain unidentified. In a case involving a genuine victim, wouldn’t the conclusion by an honest lab and an honest DA acting as chief police investigator then be that the unidentified DNA belonged to the predators who committed the crime? Would any reputable lab or ethical prosecutor find that information irrelevant, or worse yet, conspire together to hide it?

It’s difficult to imagine that an honest investigator would not at that point conclude that the unidentified DNA, which did not belong to the genuine victim’s consensual partners, must belong to the unknown attackers. Logically, how else could semen from five, or more, additional men find its way into her rectum, her mouth, and her panties? If not derived from consensual relations, then it must have come from the true victim's rape. After reaching this conclusion, does an ethical prosecutor working as chief investigator then pursue the scientific evidence that points in very specific directions? Or does he ignore it and indict random people who this scientific evidence specifically and irrefutably eliminates as suspects?

If this had been an actual gang rape, rather than a fabricated Hoax, real predators would even now remain dangerously at large, while innocent men were being persecuted in their stead. For all the victim advocates who have championed DA Nifong’s actions in the Hoax, yesterday’s revelation that he willfully ignored evidence, which in any other situation would firmly point to the actual perpetrators, must be a devastating realization. For months, victim advocates have blindly supported the man they thought genuinely believed the pseudo-victim. But now, it appears the entire time he only pretended to believe her as an excuse to capitalize on her false accusations for his own political benefit. If Nifong genuinely believed the accuser, his only recourse upon discovery of the existence of multiple unidentified DNA fragments that did not match the listed consensual partners, nor the initial suspects, would have been to pursue the actual sources of the DNA. Instead, he callously chose to indict politically expedient, yet provably innocent, young men. It is impossible to believe that an ethical prosecutor working as chief investigator of a real crime would make that same choice.

By championing DA Nifong’s willful disregard of DNA evidence, victim advocates, and each and every other Nifong supporter, have also championed egregious actions that, if allowed to go unpunished, gravely damage the genuine claims of real victims everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Totally agreed...and in a forum post I ask the question, irony of ironies, doesn't Nifong have to indict Meehan to continue his hoax?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Nifong hasn't gotten the boot yet. Every single thing this man has done has been ethically or legally wrong...

1.) 70 press conferences
2.) Name calling.."hooligans"..."blue wall of silence"
3.) The lies...
a.) The boys aren't cooperating
b.) The DNA will show who did it
c.) They wore condoms
d.) There was a date rape drug
e.) They refused to take lie detector tests
f.) They were wearing long sleeve shirts
g.) I've seen the medical report and it shows injuries consistant with rape

4.) His refusal to view exculpatory evidence or even MEET with those indicted
5.) The fact that he hasn't yet interviewed the accuser
6.) His race pandering
7.) His blatant attempt to cover up evidence that proves there is no case
8.) His continuous pushing on of a case the entire world knows is a complete and utter lie
9.) his blatant disregard for the lives of the three young men he is seeking to destroy
10.) His lying

I don't get it. How has someone not taken action, done something to get this psychopath egomaniac out of office? Could you image what would be going on if the races were reversed? The black panthers, the NAACP, and every black apologist would be on the horn screaming racial injustices. Somehow when it's white kids lives on the line, it's okay though.

How does this woman live with herself? She is a horrible mother, a horrible daughter, a waste of life, a liar, the woman who single handedly stirred up race relations in Durham, she is a whore, a liar, and she is ruining the lives of three young men and their familes/friends. How can she live with herself, claiming rape? A severe and horrible thing that ACTUALLY HAPPENS to women and traumatizes them for their entire lives? How can you disregard the severity of the accusation?

My GOD this is a travesty...If I would one of those boys I'd go to her house/hideout and just be like...why? Why are you doing this to me? sickens me that people can get away with things like this.

Anonymous said...

This post, "The Nifong-Meehan Conspiracy", is devastatingly effective in separating the real from the unreal, and tuth from lies. Yes, why didn't Nifong try to identify the multiple fragments of DNA that were found on the accuser? Instead, he arrests three innocent young men because their arrests were politically correct and would help him get elected. This is so evil. What is wrong with Nifong? Is he really this evil?

Anonymous said...

Mikey Nifong is a Southern pudgy pu$$y.

Ain't nothing manly about that freak.

Anonymous said...

I believe Nifong has not gotten the boot because we need to have a hearing that puts on the record all of Nifong's crimes so that he can be efficiently prosecuted in the future. To dismiss the case robs the justice system of testimony about the Nifong-Meehan conspiracy and crimes committed by Nifong alone which will must be afforded justice in due time. It would impede ultimate justice to dismiss this case before the Feb. 5 hearing. That hearing is going to put tons of testimony incriminating Nifong et. al. on the record. It is imperative.

Anonymous said...

OK, I have to admit to some confooshun:

The items left of of the tweaked 'kinda final' report prepared by DSI were..

- the fact that other men's DNA was found ?, or..

- the fact that the DNA didn't match ANY of the DukeLAX players, or...

- the fact that no DNA from Collin, Reade, and Dave was found?

Which is it? I keep seeing conflicting reports in all the article (not too surprising).

Anonymous said...

This was shocking to read and I do hope that Nifong and the FA get what is coming to them.

This accuser has hurt all true victims.

If it weren't for the defense lawyers this case wouldn't have court records. They don't know how to keep records down there.

Mr. Osborn fought with judge Stephen's to get the per-trial and trial recorded. Just incase the boys are convicted in a freak show of a trial. The record will now show everyone of Nifong's lies in open court.

I think that Nifong and anyone else involved in this conspiracy find themselves on the wrong side of the prison system.

Anonymous said...

5:25 -- it's the first choice. The fact omitted was that other men's DNA was found.

Anonymous said...

6:60, thank you. So it's the least egregious of the 3.

Anonymous said...

I am compelled to spend an hour a day on the various hoax blogs. All are good, KC is exceptional, and this blog outshone all this weekend.

But I don't have a clue who
Alex Rosenberg is?

Anonymous said...

Alex Rosenberg - See group of 88 - hookup promoter - read at Duke Chronicle -Duke professor - All round supporter of hoax.

Anonymous said...

Alex Rosenberg - See group of 88 - hookup promoter - read at Duke Chronicle -Duke professor - All round supporter of hoax.

Anonymous said...

6:21 Alex Rosenberg is a professor at Duke.

Reade Seligmann was in one of his classes.

Mr. Rosenberg turned around and stabbed the entire lacrosse team in the back, by calling them names.

Anonymous said...

Now, Georgia Goslee and Wendy Murphy are showing up on Fox news spewing their hate and stupidty - after MSNBC threw them off their news chanel. Are these people ex proscuters because they could not keep a job. Nancy G continues to be critized by the Top Circut Court for her practices and behavior.

Anonymous said...

5:25: The report is here.

I believe the answer to your question is all of the above.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post !

Have spent so much time "sucked into" proving the guys innocent, that I'd lost perspective of what a legitimate investigation should look like !

Great work - thanks.

Anonymous said...

6:06 and 8:20 Anon:

Thanks for the responses guys. But, see what I mean about conflicting reports?:

6:06 Anon - 5:25 --it's the first choice. The fact omitted was that other men's DNA was found.

8:20 Anon - 5:25: The report is here. ... I believe the answer to your question is all of the above.

To be honest, after reading the letter I still don't know. The 5/12 letter isn't exactly in layman's English, what!?