Monday, December 11, 2006

The Real People of Durham and The Word in the Street

Over the past four months, our most frequent, and vocal, critics have been quick to point out that we are out of touch with the “real people of Durham.” Kindly, these hecklers have continually offered insight as to the “word in the street here in Durham.” While painting a very clear picture of their own mindset, these visitors to the blog demonstrate that the sentiments expressed by the Herald Sun’s Greg Childress, NCCU’s Chan Hall and the local Democratic Party’s Harris Johnson are not simply three random, misguided perceptions. In gratitude for the contributions by these local commentators, today we turn the blog over to the “Real People of Durham” for a presentation of “the word in the street here in Durham” with a selection of their comments deposited here.

“you are a hypocritical no writing no rhyming bitch and i hope you have a nervous breakdown when the newest news on these "boys" comes out. word in the street here in durham is that there is a real shocker coming out soon and it involves the accused not the accuser.”

"the real people of durham hate obnoxious yankee punks who think they can come down here and piss on people's lawns and mistreat a local girl and try to get away with it."

"They have contributed to the excess publicity, especially most recently after the indictments when nifong went silent for the most part. they will not get a change in venue. if one is granted, there will be a riot.”

"the lax families and players are in for an ordeal and a potentially embarassing exposure before the world before the judge may chose to end it. word is,though, that the local people do not want a dismissal like that as they are afraid of a riot if it does not make it to a complete trial

"What happens after verdict in lacrosse case? Simple answer: Three convicted rapist will go to jail, for a long time. You asked and that is the answer.”

"joan foster, there are a myriad of Nifong supporters posting because not everyone has idealised these accused rapists-sodomist-kidnappers as you have done and we see through the defense's manipulation and lies and see the truth: something happened at that party and it was not tiddlywinks.”

"When you go to trial you are innocent, until proven guilty. 12 jurors said that OJ was not guilty, so he is innocent."

"How can Sir Charles say OJ is guilty, you are innocent until proven guilty, so if the jury says "not guilty" it means innocent. Therefore OJ is innocent."

"And you can call me crazy, but the court of law found OJ not-guilty, so as far as I'm concerned, he's not guilty."

"of course barkely would say something like that. he is a white wife having sell out uncle tom”

"I'll have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard when the dukes guilty verdict is handed down. We will do more shouting than the OJ crowd. Remember OJ?? He was found NOT GUILTY."

"Why doesn't anyone believe that DA Nifong has the right people indicted? Remember is is the "minister of justice" and that is what he is doing JUSTICE"

"you only care about the lacrosse players BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE MALE ELITES and you could give a damn about the rest of the people being railroaded in Durhm."

"Boy are you confused, Joan, they are under indictment, by the State of North Carolin for rape, kidnapping and sexual assault. They will be found guilty of at least one of those charges, the jury will make sure of that."

"All of your bad mouthing Mike Nifong is pointless. You can't get these criminals off. They must pay for their crime."

"You people are totally out of your minds! You want Mike Nifong off the case because he is seeking justice for a black rape victim. Listen for once in your lives....everyone is entitled to equal protection under the law. The rich and powerful with all their money and resources will not get special treatment. A crime was committed against the victim and justice will be served."

"You will burn in hell, if not sooner"

"According to the victim's own statement, the medical report, and Mike Nifong....A rape happened! "

"ed bradley was a sellout and an uncle tom. other than doing his job and being token negro on 60 minutes, what causes did he support?"

"What you naive white people don't get is that Ed (earring wearing) Bradley sold out to the rich white boys. Word is that he needed a lot of money quick to do something? before he died. "

"What has my opinion got to do with racism and hatred?It's my d*mn opinion and I have a right to one. You must be a hater of blacks b/c you're supporting the duke 3. Don't you dare pass judgment on me? I happen to believe that Mike Nifong has the evidence to convict all 3. "

"Please Are you idiots going to continue to defend the duke 3 even after they've been sentenced to 30 years in prison? Get ready b/c you are in for a long long wait. Let me think....they're going to be about 50 something years old. Quess that'll teach them to keep those zippers up, huh."

"Sorry, bradley was well known but not beloved in the black community because he never spoke up for the community publiclly and the duke lacrosse profile was proof of this; he put the white man's agenda above our community's. people like him and Prof Coleman do not have a lot of support in the black community."

"Yeah, Ed sold out just like that sellout half-Korean stripper (uh huh) Kim, and that cab driver who doesn't sound like a real black man, and those sellouts (probably half-Korean) at the club where the victim/sister/student/victim was forced to perform to make money to feed her babies. Cash and the other real brothers and sisters of Durham know this because they got it straight from the street."

"ed bradley was an uncle tom who sold his soul to work at the network. this duke report showed that."

"this is about ed bradley and no one in durham bought into that bullshit piece he did on the lax case. sorry but a lot of black durham people called him a tom after that piece and some of them said he is dead now for the lies he put on the air for that story. they said the nc saying: "he is dead suddenly and that is proof the Lord does not love ugly"

"Wrong! The community has nothing but respect for Cash Michaels. Cash happens to be a leader, a role model to many, and a great journalist. Stop your evil lies about him right now. You don't want to hear the truth, only your twisted version of it. There is nothing you can say that would make me or anyone else in the community think otherwise. Cash Michaels shoots from the hip, and pulls no punches. If you're looking for him to buckle and go against what he believes in, then you are incredibly mistaken."

"cash is wrong on that. the black community feels cash has been bought off by the defense and he is losing a lot of credibility. i have even heard some people making offensive comments about his private life the other day and usually this if off limits around here but this is a sign of how cash's stock has fallen."

"you all are mostly yankees and therefore have no concept of honor in politics or anything else. that is why you are defending a bunch of racist drunken thugs."

"and here is a special note for joan foster: all those stupid ass poems and drawings and stories of detectives and all the crap you put so much energy in did not help defeat nifong. you are not talented and need to take yourself back to new york where you came from because you have made a complete fool of yourself."

"Railroaded???? HOW DARE YOU! It was their own reckless action that got them in trouble. Now they're looking for a way out. NO NO NO....Time To Pay The Piper. They're NOT buying their way out of this! "

"I think your time would be better spent by compiling a list of tips on how not to drop the soap in the joint for your "boys."

"1. Reade Seligmann was there, dressed in a red shirt.(pictures) 2. Collin Finnerty was there because, (his dad said) on Dan Abramhs...Collin saw the dancers come and he saw them leave. (I watched the report). 3. Dave Evans was there partying his @$$ off. Now who is lying here??? WILL YOU BE LAUGHING WHEN THE DUKE 3 ARE FOUND GUILTY??? "

"F*&% You You're just like the sorry @$$ accused rapists. That's the kind of thinking that landed them in bigtime trouble. Prison time awaits them and it won't be a cake walk, baby. You despicable baitch! Mike Nifong is going to hang their @$$ out to dry."

"you are too stupid. the voyeur couple is not going to testify and expose themselves to ridicule in the community. durham is a religious place and nobody would wants that kind of info out."

"most people here are baptists and methodists and we hate drinking, pornography and sodomy. too bad that is what the team digs. oh and dismemberment like in american psycho."

"i said before that the people of durham are mostly baptists and methodists and we hate drinking, sodomy and porn. we also disapprove of sexual gratification derived from dismemberment like in american psycho. too bad the lax team likes all of the above as well as racism and rape."

"no one in durham is feeling those spoiled yankee brats who mistreated some local girls and are trying to get away with it."

"i have news for all of you on here. they are charged with 3 separate felonies. all a jury would have to do is find them guilty of even one felony and they are going to serve serious jail time."

"the players and defense started ABN and the petitions, etc, hired a pr firm and arranged for 60 minutes which was the defense version of the case. they even rescheduled it so it would be closer to the election so the expose would hurt nifong more. then when the program did not work as well as they thought as shown in the n and o poll before the election, kim and the bouncer who took the tape suddenly appeared with even more revelations and last but not least,then an ada charged him with ignoring sexual harassment on the eve of election. the voters in durham who want justice and a trial were not fooled and voted for nifong anyway. they saw through the lies and paid for testimony of pimps and whores and unauthenticate video tapes and biased tv news stories."

"the real people of durham hate obnoxious yankee punks who think they can come down here and piss on people's lawns and mistreat a local girl and try to get away with it."

"the cabbie? a black hero? please,another uncle tom who is supporting the white agenda."

"the stroke of the pen statement was indeed meant for the defense and the lax players and families. nifong is gloating in a way but he is justified after all the hell he is going thru...he will still proceed to nail them and their criminal offspring to the wall and to try to bring the guilty to justice."

"Every lie after lie that the defense has come up with is shot to h*ll. Example: 60 lie,ABC lie,(put marks on me) bouncer lie, Yolonda lie all was shot to h*ll. Stop with the excuses for these pathetic dukes. They made a point of being arrogant rude and out of control from the very beginning. "

"word is the article was pulled to be rewritten to be more favorable after nifong won in court friday! no amount of stupid poetry is changing the fact that nifong won by not having to produce the bill of particulars and he also had 600 more pages of discovery to give the defense and his motion about the survey made the defense look bad to the public. i was at the courthouse and saw it with my own eyes."

"and nifong scored a homerun in the press. the survey allegations were front page in the raleigh paper and it was on the local news. no amount of writing like sam spade or those stupid cartoons can disguise the truth."

"what was inflammatory was when the spoiled duke brats called this woman a n----- b---- and told her to thank her grandfather for picking the cotton for her shirt and assaulted her. the story reported was heinous because their actions were heinous that night."

"What is shameful is people like you whose minds are so warped that they refuse to see the duke 3's lies. "

"You are angry at Mike Nifong without cause..... you should be angry at the duke 3 for what they did and the choices they made."

"they are afraid of a riot if it does not make it to a complete trial but that is why the defense picked a judge not always in durham so he can dismiss without worrying about re-election in durham."

"There is NO way a man like Mike Nifong would punish these dukies unjustly. He is only doing his job by seeking justice against these dukes."

"After 7 months, she decides to come clean. It's laughable and you know it. Who paid her? I want to know so that all can be thrown in jail...Your little 60 show didn't work and someone paid Kim to lie in order to hinder people from voting Mike Nifong in office. Kim is a lying money hungry B**ch. She will sell her soul for a dollar."

"kim is a lying b---- and it is obvious the defense/families paid her off to keep telling stories. if this was true, why did she not tell this to ed bradley? kim is making it up as she goes along and as the payments come in. too bad no one in durham listened to a thing she said. she would shoot her own mother for a dollar."

"you all should know that most of the black people in durham do not beleive kim. they know a liar when they see one and the rumor is out that the duke family that is down here all the time, the finertys, are the ones that slipped her some money to come up with some more lies to help defeat nifong. justice will tell you the same thing as it is all over black durham just like it was when the cabbie was paid off. the cabbie got a new car and everything right after it happened that he "suddenly" remembered picking up reade after papa reade came down here and paid him off. yeah right, that is why he said the car the women was in was white when it was black on the photos. he was a paid off liar just like kim. noone down here believes the tow paid off liars even if they are black. they believe nifong has a case and the defense is afraid of what he has."

"they got to the cabbie about his testimony"

"you were already a racist and this case fueled it even more. Keep waiting until h*ll freezes over. You don't really want to hear what I have to say anyway. In your mind the dukies are innocent and the h*ll with the victim and what she has to say. Remember you became a racist after March 14th. Why would racist people want to hear a black person's facts of the case? Are you that stupid too?? Nice f'ing try though, flake.... you lose...again!"

"what you wrote is nothing but a cheap lie like everything else you write on this blog. it is not amusing or cute. well, it is easy to see why you like the duke 3 so much. they are liars too and they will be exposed for the lying perverts they are in open court.i hope you will be writing your little stories and poems when that verdict comes back guilty."

"They did the crime and must now pay for it. Why should these criminals walk?? No way, I say. They must "Pay The Piper" like any other common criminal. End of story."

"I must tell you: A jury will think differently and the outcome won't be pretty. Count on it!"


Anonymous said...

depends on which street
you live on i guess

Anonymous said...

Many of these posts have a similar tone and writing style (if one could call it a style). I wonder if the majority of these posts haven't been written by the same, obviously deeply disturbed individual.

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing on this piece based on the weekend tease of an almost famous newspaper/tv star of earth shaking news in the case.

Anonymous said...

My reaction when I saw these comments was "Well, Cash has been writing to the papers/blogs again." Keep up the good work, Joan

Anonymous said...

As bad as some of these are, I'm sure that there are plenty of equally poorly written, embarrassing letters written to Cash Micheals, the newspapers, etc. supporting the players. The ignorance of some of your supporters/attackers doesn't prove your case one way or another.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the 7:46 post, I think a lot of these were written by the same person. UGGHHH... when you see them all together it really makes your stomach turn to see how hateful and stupid people can be. Happy Monday!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree that these posts were made by a small group of people...

Anonymous said...

Dumb ignorant fools. You're unbelievable. You just don't get it. Keep on believing Cash is posting all the comments here and I'll continue to believe in Santa Claus. HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I'm quite confident that these letters do NOT represent a small segment of black Durham, but DO represent a significant majority of black America.

For some inexplicable reason, many blacks tend to see virtually EVERY conflict in terms of "black vs white", instead of justice vs injustice, or right vs wrong. The Duke LAX Hoax is only the latest example, but this phenomenon is quite common, and has never been clearer than in the OJ Simpson verdict. Amazingly, blacks danced and partied over the acquittal of a black double-murderer, without an ounce of regard for whether or not he was guilty. To them , it was a triumph of black over white.

This explains clearly why the gutless Cash Michaels is so terrified to speak the truth. He's simply afraid of infuriating his black readers, who will turn on him as they did Ed Bradley.

Anonymous said...


You are a liar. Sad that you know absolutely nothing about black Americans. Racist jerk that you are..I am not surprised. The gutless person is you. You're so afraid of the truth and that is the reason you're shaking in your boots at this minute. Yellow Bellied Coward.

Anonymous said...

oh massa now you done found me out. don't wup me no mo massa. i gon do my work and keep my mough shet.

Anonymous said...

Just as day follows night, the mindless and predictable accusation of "RACIST" is sure to follow any commentary that discusses negative black behavior.

You sound like a tape recorder. In the future, please try to be more original. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...


Whether these posts represent a majority or not, they do represent a higher percentage than is healthy, for the republic and for the black "community" if there is such a thing.

These forums, like talk radio, do draw a larger share of the extreme or wacky than is present in the larger population. But the 90% Nifong vote in black voting precincts in Durham, like the joy expressed following the OJ verdict, evinces a depressing malaise we need to try to cure.

I think progress on the problem will come from more integration and more engagement of white and black "communities", not less, and more recognition by whites of the presence of prejudice in everyday life by whites, rather than round condemnation of blacks for always playing the race card.

ed said...


The problem is that white Americans have bought into the whole "historical guilt" nonsense.

Here's a clue for you white people who still have this sense of guilt hanging on:

You're not guilty.

I know as a first generation immigrant American-Korean that I certainly don't feel guilty about anything. And you wouldn't believe how angry that makes quite a few blacks that I've met. When they start in on the whole victim nonsense I generally tell them to go find someone who cares.

And so should you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liestoppers!

Posting that "copy" works both ways I guess, except nobody pays or directs you to do it.

"Cash... real brother... of Durham"...!!!

ed said...


Oops. Shouldn't have pressed the wrong button. Anyways:

The issue is that the self-perceived victimization by blacks has done to them the same sort of nonsense that the West has done to arabs in the middle east. By coddling them we've turned them from adults into children.


Get rid of Affirmative Action, "diversity" and every other single race-based bit of unconstitutional nonsese. If blacks fail, then they fail for the same reason that whites fail or asians fail. They're a failure.

Unknown said...

If these were written by the same person, in my mind suspect numero uno is Victoria "Duke must have messed with the DNA tests" Peterson.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see that you're a failure from the word go. Ahh nothing but ***** trash.

Anonymous said...

Well stated, Ed.

Is is PRECISELY the black-victim mentality that perpetuates the "us vs them" behavior of the black community. Sadly, liberal white America fosters this victim mentality with affirmative action programs that only serve to further inculcate blacks with self-victimhood.

With all respect to Duke09, the solution IS INDEED condemning the play of race card. Bad behavior should ALWAYS be criticized.

Howard said...

I live in LA and these letters are the same as the letters supporting OJ in the "trial" here. Nothing, not DNA, footprints, blood samples mean anything to this hate filled crowd, encouraged by the so-called leadership in both the white and black communities. This is stuff that is ready to explode and we should take it seriously.

Anonymous said... are the hate filled crowd. Take your @$$ and get a life. All of your pitiful rants are meaningless..jerk. The duke gang bangers are guilty as charged. For all I care, they can rot in prison. Those yankee punk thugs. Oh yes, punk thugs who thought it was easy to get-off of a rape charge. And FWIW I am as white as the driven snow. I just don't like racist thugs who rape and kidnap innocent victims. And even more so despise thugs who try and buy their way out of jail.

Anonymous said...

Another black racist troll spews his garbage while avoiding any mention whatsoever of the fact that there is ZERO EVIDENCE of rape.

So...if YOU were charged with rape...and there was no evidence of you believe you should go to trial?

Anonymous said...

1:13: By what means have you made the determination that the racist, yankee, duke, gang banger, thugs are guilty as charged?

Anonymous said...

I'll answer FOR 1:13...

He made his determination based on get-whitey us-vs-them mob-think.

And the lack of evidence only proves a police conspiracy to let the white rapists off the hook.


Anonymous said...

Mike Nifong has set race relations back a hundred years plus. This is awful. Elmo is typical of black immigrants who come here and work hard to make a life. He is not typical of blacks in America who want something for nothing. Let them riot.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Duke09parent--I'm not sure if this type of comment represents the opinion of the majority of blacks in Durham or not. I suspect that most of these comments were written by a few, but I also think the black community has seen a lot of racism directed its way, with little public outcry from whites for blacks wrongly charged (or wrongly convicted.) As a result, right or wrong, many of them can't bring themselves to care about three white boys who have been wrongly accused.

The way to solve this isn't necessarily to point fingers and accuse them of racist behavior. While we must continue to loudly proclaim the innocence of Collin, Reade and Dave, and we must continue to be very vocal about the injustices and the ethics violations committed by Nifong, we also must continue to "engage" as Duke09parent said, and we must continue to recognize the racism that blacks have faced, and sometimes continue to face.

It's like two children--one was mean to the other, and now the victim is being mean back. They're both wrong--and as parents we would be wrong to punish just the one who retaliates.....

Anonymous said...

Some of these were probably written by the same person. Nevertheless, they weren't ALL written by the same person and if this is an accurate reflection of the mood in Durham it's definitely throught-provoking.

Anonymous said...

"I suspect that most of these comments were written by a few, but I also think the black community has seen a lot of racism directed its way, with little public outcry from whites for blacks wrongly charged (or wrongly convicted.)"

I don't know how a lack of "public outcry from whites for blacks wrongly charged" can be termed racist when THE FACTS OF THE CASE ARE NOT KNOWN to the general public. The only similar case I can remember in the Triangle area was in 1982 when the black QB at NCSU was tried and convicted of raping a white girl in her dorm room although he had a seperated shoulder and his girlfriend was asleep in the next bed. These facts finally came out during the trial and a significant outcry was heard from the white community, leading to a re-trial. Without it, he would have spent 20 years in jail.
The white community I know rallies against injustice no matter the racial make-up.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea there were so many ignorant people in Durham…

Anonymous said...

You missed this one:

Proud To Be White

Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Native Americans, etc. And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.

You Call me "Whiteboy," "Cracker," "Honkey,""Whitey," "Caveman" .. and that's OK. But when I call you, Ni**er, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger,
camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink ... you call me a racist.
You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET.

If we had WET (White Entertainment Television) . we'd be racists. If we had a White Pride Day .. you would call us racists. If we had White History Month . we'd be racists. If we had any organization for only whites to "advance" OUR lives . we'd be racists. We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce. Wonder who pays for that? If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships ... you know we'd be racists. There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US , yet if there were "White colleges" . THAT would be a racist college. In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.
You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you're
not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride
you call us racists. You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug-dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society . you call him a racist.
I am proud. But, you call me a racist. Why is it that only whites can be racists?

Anonymous said...

4:47 you hit the nail right on the head

Anonymous said...

Such ignorance! I had no idea that people like you still exist in this world. I've always thought.. no one can be that ignorant as some duke supporters. But, I stand corrected!

Whites commit no crime?? You're in such denial. Keep talking b/c you're only hurting the dukes cause. Please continue. What are you going to do once they're sitting in a prison cell. If you think, they'll appeal...appeals take a time. It's not an overnighter. Still, they'll sit in prison cells waiting. Mind you 90% of all cases are settled in district courts. Got time??

Anonymous said...

5:19.... I don't think the 4:47 poster was saying that "whites commit no crime" Where exactly did you see that in his post? I think he was expressing his frustration at people of color always playing the race card. Are there "hate crimes"? Sure there are, but EVERY time a black person is involved, it doesn't mean it is necessarily a hate crime.... as Freud once said," sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"

Anonymous said...

Guaranteed a lot of those retarded posts are by a blogger who generally refers to herself as "Justice58". I have dealt with her on numerous websites and I think after getting scared off most of them and not having her jibberish taken seriously, she saw an advantage in going under annonymous so it made it seem like more people agreed with her opinion...seriously, if you google "Duke lacrosse Justice58" and look at some of the blogs she posts, you'll see the similarity in the poorly written and badly versed ramblings of a crazy racist woman.

Either that, or every black person in Durham has no concept of proper grammar or language. Personally, I believe the first choice.

Seriously, anyone that still believes these three touched this woman (other than helping her sorry ass to the car) is crazy...there is just nothing, absolutely nothing to uphold a rape other than a story. I can make a story up too look

"I was brutally raped by a teapot that had the head of a dog and the penis of an elephant. His name was sam". --Does this means it's true? Nope.

Anonymous said...

to 6:00 pm post, I think you are right on, it is the frustration, back the white victims of this rape hoax, you are a racist.

Anonymous said...

6:46- Racist racist racist.... blah blah blah..... anyone who does not agree with you is a racist.... who the hell would you blame if you weren't black and couldn't play the race card? You should thank God everyday that you can use that excuse or else you might actually have to use your brain! I have choosen to look at the facts, and not the color of the skin of the people involved.... because that would be RACIST!

Anonymous said...

Why can't the folks concerned about ordinary folk getting railroaded see that finally someone falsely charged with a crime against a woman in Durham has got the money and wants badly enough to clear his name to go to a he** of a lot of trouble to do whatever it takes not to have to just take the plea. The fact that someone is going up against the meatgrinder that is (not only Durham) justice should have every railroaded man, woman, family member and friend affected by the train ride cheering

Anonymous said...

You're so clever!

Oops then you're not. First it's Victoria Peterson, wait a minute, it's Cash,uhh wait it's Justice58. No No it's Nifong or maybe his wife or Al Sharpton, maybe $$ Jessie. Yeah its all these people and still you're dead wrong. The black supporters of the victim don't give a rat's @$$ what you think. But have fun guessing. Wait until the shocker comes out. I can hear feet stumbling over each other, loud gasps and yes tears tears tears. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I have it from a pretty good authority that, for all her public rantings, VP does not swear. I think she's off the list for most of these posts.

Doesn't really matter who it is really... the fact the anyone(s) will utter this racist crap can only be good for a change of venue argument... Proceed with your racial rantings (as Cash like to say, they're all being saved)!

Anonymous said...

It is obviously not the same person posting as some of the style is different and some of the vocabulary. There are some copycats there. You should collect the racist postings from the white Duke 3 supporters as well. The election posting was full of racist hatred from whites about how the election came out. All black people in Durham are not racists and all do not support Nifong. What you have here is a group of trolls and you should ignore them or delete them.

Anonymous said...

To 11:14

It's totally Justice58! Only Justice58 would talk about how she will be laughing in other's faces and rat's asses (not really spelling it out though). Wait til she starts pulling out the "now wait just a d*mn minute". or the "Listen to me..." God what classic posts I can remember from me, I've blogged with you too long to not recognize your ramblings and racist rantings! How the hell are ya buddy? You still trying to railroad whie people while hiding behind the "my husband's white" thing? By white, do you mean, pale skin black? Or do you mean white thinks hes black and hates other whites too?

I don't think anyone who is involved the case is on these boards saying most of that crap...I'm so dead serious when I say it's definitely, for the msot part anyway, the poster Justice58. Like I said, just google her name and look at what she says, how she writes, her illogical statements, and her pathetic attempt at humor to sound smarter than she really all connects to the retarded comments posted's blatantly obvious.


Anonymous said...

I have been following the case for some time now and get very bothered at the "debates" that happen on the message boards. Getting into name calling and racial attacks does nothing but drive a bigger divide between "sides". The facts of the case as we know it, thanks to bloggers like KC Johnson, Liestoppers & others, clearly show that a crime was not committed.

However, when message boards are filled with tirades regarding race and racism, facts are no longer relevant. It becomes White vs Black.

Also, to think that the majority of the Durham Black community feel one way and is filling up the message board is naive. You are talking about a very, very small percentage of that community who even knows that this site exists. Let alone have the time to bombard it with hate.

That being said, there very well might be a belief that these young men are guilty. That opinion probably was formed in the first weeks after the story broke. Unfortunately they will continue to believe that she was raped and any evidence that says otherwise has been tampered with or testimony that has been bought.

Perpetuating the "Us vs Them" message board war will only inflame an already inflamed debate.

Please, please, please, continue to talk about the facts of the case and the Nifong prosecutorial misconduct and refrain from making this a case about race.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anytime black Americans want to start a real race war, they're welcome to come to my door first. Their thirst for injustice in this case convinces me the knock will come sooner than we thought, but not as fast as I hope.

The OJ case told us all we need to know about the thought process of black Americans. They are hate-filled racists to the core.

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Anonymous said...

To the people of Durham, I feel sorry for you, not that you asked for my sympathy. The underlying problem for your city is the public officials that are elected to make city decisions for you. They have all made foolish decisions with the result being even more negative public opinion about Durham, not only with the rest of NC, example being the school board mess, but now with the rest of the nation, with the Nifong scandal. Try to band together as united citizens and elect intelligent officials that aren't only interested in being on TV.