Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Coronation of Petty Tyrant Prosecutor Today

LS Update: Cameras were waiting on March 23 as the forty-six innocent lacrosse players were paraded into the police station to submit to DNA samples and photographs. Cameras were waiting when hand-cuffed Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were picked up by sheriff deputies, requests to present themselves at the jail having been denied. Yet Defendant Mike Nifong's required oath taking for a public position is shielded from the public.

In a private ceremony attended by his wife, his son and some members of his staff, District Attorney Mike Nifong was sworn in by Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson this morning. The press and the public were locked out of the courthouse while the ceremony took place. The excuse given at the courthouse door was that a scheduling errror prevented public access to the courthouse which does not open until 8:30AM, while the swearing-in was scheduled for 8:00AM.

Curiously, last months's swearing-in of Clerk of the Court, Archie Smith was open to the press and the public despite also taking place at 8:00AM (Monday December 4, 2006). After Nifong took his oath of office, the press was allowed access to the courtroom although it was not yet 8:30AM.

Overheard: DA Nifong did give brief comments to reporters after the ceremony and acknowledged that the decision to keep the swearing-in private was done to spare his staff the disruption.

Herald-Sun: Not surprisingly, the Snooze Room lived up to its billing by failing to have a representative on hand to cover the coronation of Defendant Nifong.

Update: N&O
"The swearing-in ceremony for embattled Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong apparently took place inside the Durham County Courthouse this morning while the press and other observers stood outside on the courthouse steps.

"The ceremony was scheduled for 8 a.m. But the courthouse doesn’t normally open until 8:30 a.m., and a sheriff’s deputy told reporters and others that the doors would remain locked until then."

Update: News 14

"Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong has been sworn in for another term in office.

"The ceremony took place at 8 a.m., 30 minutes before the Durham County Courthouse was scheduled to open.

"Nifong says he scheduled his swearing-in so his assistants could be in court at 8:30 and not disrupt the day's work. Reporters weren't allowed to witness the swearing-in."

Update: Jon Ham, Right Angles

"Durham DA Mike Nifong was indeed sworn in this morning at 8 a.m. in the Durham Judicial Building. The only problem is the building does not open to the public until 8:30 a.m.

"Consequently, a gaggle of upset media types were stuck outside until the ceremony was over. At 8:03 a.m. there was a bit of excitement when a deputy opened one of the doors and said, “Come on in, cameras in hand.” But he was shouted down by two other deputies who yelled, “Don’t let them in.”

***Ham's 3:08 video of Nifong commenting after the swearing-in is up now at Right Angles

Update: John in Carolina

"While campaigning for election, Durham DA Mike Nifong conspired to hide exculpatory DNA evidence from defense attorneys and the public.

"Today, at the start of new term, Nifong effectively turned the Durham County Courthouse into a bunker so he could hide from the public as he swore the two oaths of office all NC judicial office holders must swear.

"Both oaths required Nifong to swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

"No wonder he hid." More

Update: Associated Press

"After the building opened to the public, Nifong said he scheduled the ceremony early so his assistants could attend and it wouldn't interfere with the work day.

"The whole point of this was this was not a media event," Nifong said. "This was an event that was required of us so we could get back to work and do our jobs. The message we tried to send was this: This is 2007. We're here to do our jobs. We're not here to basically help you guys sell newspapers or press coverage."

Update: KC Johnson

"Only in Durham is the swearing-in of a public official not open to the public.

"This morning, Mike Nifong was sworn in at 8am for a four-year term as Durham County's "minister of justice." Present for the event was his wife, Cy Gurney, and their son.

"The public, including the media, were not allowed into the courtoom until 8.30am. By then, the ceremony was over. N&O staff photographer Shawn Rocco was able to get a picture of Nifong skulking in the background.

"All this from the man who once ridiculed defense attorneys as "poultry" and a "bunch of chickens."A few months ago, Ruth Sheehan jokingly referred to the city as the "People's Republic of Durham." This type of behavior is reminiscent of the "peoples' democracies" at their worst."

Update: News 14 Charlotte (AP)

"The embattled prosecutor of the Duke University lacrosse case was sworn into office Tuesday and said he planned to be part of the "healing process," though he wouldn't say whether that meant stepping aside after being charged with ethics violations.

"If we get to the point where it appears that my presence in an investigation or anything like that is a hindrance, then we can deal with that at that time," Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong said, while declining to specifically discuss the lacrosse case. "But I've been elected to do a job and I intend to do that job."

"Durham has some healing to do. I intend to be part of that healing process. And I need to have something to do with how we move forward in light of the events ... that happened over the course of the last year."

Update: KRD Durham, LS Forum

"Man, Tivo is one of the greatest inventions…

"When asked who made the call to keep the press out, Nifong replied, “I don’t know that there was such a call.” Then a reporter tries to clarify, “But it wasn’t you?” Nifong replied, “There’s no reason for me to make such a call, I scheduled it at 8:00 knowing full well the courthouse opened at 8:30.”

"Then the sheriff’s deputy is interviewed, Capt. Bill Wrenn, “I went up and asked did they want to let anyone in the building, and I was told no.”

"Anthony Wilson (wtvd11 reporter) then asks, “Who told you no?”

"Capt. Wrenn replies, “I asked Mr. Nifong.”

Considering the possibility of lightening striking the courtroom in response to Nifong's taking his oath of office, perhaps it was prudent that the courthouse remained closed for the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

"Some bloggers, notably KC Johnson of Durham In Wonderland and the LieStoppers blog, have excused The N&O."

Is this true? Has the LieStoppers blog "excused The N&O"? I hope not...please tell me this is an "unsubstantiated opinion," from Jon Ham.

Anonymous said...

I can't find anything on the Liestoppers blog to suggest the LS team has excused the N&O unless he is referring to the post "In and Out for Hoaxland 2007" post and the below:

Out: Brian Meehan
In: Ruth Sheehan

If he is basing his statement on the above, then he is clearly delusional.

Anonymous said...

Are we suspose to believe that the DA did not know what time the court house opens?

Oh I forgot "We're suspose to give the DA the benefit of the doubt".


Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that Nifong continues to lie, even about his swearing-in? I can guarantee you that the Bar Association and others who now have a say in this matter have taken notice that Nifong and company have lied once again.

Anonymous said...

Nifong is such a coward. Spare his staff the publicity -- geesh. He was cowardly in the way he dropped the rape charge on the Friday before Xmas -- now this.

The 3 20 year olds have shown more courage and grace under pressure from unwarranted charges - than this jerk will show under warranted charges.

Anonymous said...

Nifong is a puz. I can't wait 'til February 5th when Crystal suddenly "can't testify with certainty" she was sexually assaulted. Or, you know, she ha sno idea who those three guys are.

Anonymous said...

the swearing in had to be private. imagine the outrage if the press had captured the images of the slaughter of the lamb, goat and chicken on the courtroom floor, Nifong, his staff and enablers rolling around naked in the blood.

Anonymous said...

Now this confirms everything I have ever thought about Nutfong, his is nothing but a slug.

It's going to be fun taking him down, it's just a matter of time now.

Anonymous said...

He is a coward and a hypocrit. How shameful that his son had to witness him taking 2 oaths that he has already violated, and continues to violate.


Anonymous said...

Nifong's latest comments!! Amazing


Anonymous said...

"Durham has some healing to do. I intend to be part of that healing process" - said Nifong

Would be quite a feat for a 'cancerous tumor' to be part of the 'healing'.

Here's a better idea Mike, walk away and take your lumps - you have no healing role - just exit the stage.

Anonymous said...

Lied about why the public had no access to the ceremony - he's pathaoligical.

He has no hesitancy to lie on the smallest of matters - It will be entertaining to watch him get cauht up in the web of lies he's left all over town

Anonymous said...

Lied about public acces and got ratted out by the deputy!! None are wiling to cover for him anymore. Ok some still do....

Anonymous said...

Well, we have seen the emperor with his clothes off for months now. It is an ugly sight!

Put some prison clothes on him for all our sakes!

Chicago said...

I wonder if there is a law that states the circumstances by which a state employee can be sworn into office without doing so in public. I venture to guess Nifong violated the law once again this morning.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Oh get over yourselves!

You are such sore losers. Sore that blacks in Durham refused to let you interfere with their right to vote for the candidate of their choice. Yes... Mike Nifong is in the "HOUSE" now. You are sore that the blacks in Durham would NOT be spoon fed your BS & stoop to your level. Are you that knee-deep in ignorance??

Mike is in: Read & Weep!

All that is left for you to do is take your "sore" ass & go sit down and lick your wounds b/c I know it hurt.

Anonymous said...

Liestoppers guys,

My video is now up. It contains the "part of the healing" and the "revealing the problem" quotes. It's 3:08 long. Sorry for the delay. My connection to YouTube was being temperamental.

Jon Ham

Anonymous said...

who was the dumbass judge who allowed the swearing in to take place in private? Judge Hudson is black correct?

Anonymous said...

Just saw the first comment. I don't think there's any question that both KC and Liestoppers have praised the N&O's reporting and Ruth Sheehan's columns after their turnaround. My point was that I don't feel that generous, given the way The N&O fueled the hysterical climate at the beginning. Don't take that as a criticism of KC or Liestoppers. I just have a different view.

Jon Ham

Anonymous said...


Do you think Durham is made up entirely of black people? Do you not realize white people live in Durham too and have every right to a say in who governs them? Or do you just think blacks own everything and can do whatever they want...like say, accuse someone of rape when it never happened?

You are so racist it is sickening. You completely make everything about the good black people and the bad white people.

And if you wanna talk spoon fed--you bougth everything Mikey Liefong lied to you about hook line and sinker. You believed there would be DNA, you believed there was a rape, you believed there were condoms, you believed everything. ALLLLLL LIEEEEEEES

Yeah, Mike's in the house alright. He'll be in the big house soon enough.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

After reading NIfong's comments, I honestly think he is mentally deranged.Maybe Borderline Personality Disorder?

I actually feel sorry for his son. What an embarrassment.

Perhaps Nifongs should learn something about intergrity and honesty from the Duke Three!

Anonymous said...

One thing I have to say that is starting to bother me...I feel like Nifong is getting all the heat and the accuser is getting off as another 'victim'. Clearly Nifong is a nut job and he has done so much to hrut belief in the judiciary system, and he deserves to rot in jail, but Crystal Mangum is no better. She lied time and time again, lied about the rape, how many men, the line ups, the descriptions, what each guy did to her...she lied and continued to lie, and she had ample opportunities to end all this pain and suffering, and she didn't. Instead, she had her fat nasty cousin "jakki" get on with Greta and spew more lies and make up more bullshit. Please don't let her off the hook. She deserves a punishment just as much as Nifong did. She is the root of all this evil. She is the one who started with the lie. Please don't forget that,

Anonymous said...

Read what the Duke Chronicle had to say about the lacrosse team!

Oops.. looks like somebody from duke doesn't think the lacrosse team is so innocent

Anonymous said...

It's official. Even Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong has succumbed to the reality that many Duke students knew all along. The members of the men's lacrosse team did not rape a Durham stripper March 13.

-Shadee Malaklou


Anonymous said...

what shady or the chronic said about the lacrosse team is meaningless. still wasn't any sex crimes committed at 610 by any members of the 2006 Duke lacrosse team

Anonymous said...


Nice try BUT tell the rest of the story.

The Duke Chronicle also said

" we owe the lacrosse team nothing, not even a toast or celebration in honor of their now official innocence"


"It surprises (and to an extent, disgusts) me that we have remained so loyal to a group of men that have shown very little loyalty to Duke, to the student community or to Duke's reputation. Have we so soon forgotten the lacrosse team's sloppy tailgate habits? Or their "I am man, hear me roar… and chug a bear" reputation with women"?

WOW..just WOW...sounds like someone doesn't like the lacrosse players.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, it's a liberal black girl who wants nothing to do with the lacrosse team. If she wants to have no sport/school spirit, so be it. If she thinks that the Laxers are th eonly ones who have rowdy tailgates and sleep with random girls, maybe she should stay away from all frats, every other sports team...m basically the entire male campus.

I don't see her boycotting the Duke football or basketball team. Hmm, maybe because they are all black.

As someone who went to high school with Dan Flannery, Dan Opped, and Glenn Nick, and am from the same town as Collin Finnerty, let me just say, they are nice guys. Guys, none the less, but nice ones.

JJ Reddick got a DUI last year-if he was still playing for Duke, would you not cheer him on for his bad behavior outside the court?

Sheldon Williams was accused of raping a girl Did the Duke community turn on him and stop cheering for him because of his accusations?

Why is this any different? The Duke LAX team has been phenomenal (and I go to Maryland, so me admitting it says a lot) and went to the NCAA finals in 2005, and probably had a good shot in 2006. If Shadee wants to be anti social and not have any school spririt, that's her perogative. But perhap syou should look at all the comments below her article to get an impression of what the rest of the Duke Community is feeling.

SouthernGirl2 said...


Bill Anderson...what you got to say about the article in the Duke Chronicle???
Somebody over at Duke is fed up with the lacrosse team and their wild & out of control ways. Shadee Malaklou just b**** slapped the lacrosse team.

Bill...pick yourself up off the floor....take a chill pill..it's only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

And another thing--maybe the Duke comunity owes the laxers nothing (accept an apology for their jump to conclusions behavior)...but sympathy is not something that should be owed, nor is compassion. WHat the team went through, and what the three and their families are going through, is a tragedy, and while we don't OWE them anything, it is compassionate human nature to show sympathy and support for those who might need it. If she wants to be a cold, selfish, frigid bitch, so be it. But don't act as though those who support the dukies feel obligated to do so--no one on this board is here because they feel they owe something to the players. At least, in my case, I am here because I support the team and the guys indicted and I know if I were in a similar position I would appreciate all the support I could get.

Anonymous said...

Oh Justice get over it, it's one black girl the entire campus hates (if you read her other articles, you'd realize that). She means nothing, it's an opinion piece.

You are so pathetic.

SouthernGirl2 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey Justice-you remember my name! I'm so flattered! But no, I think I'll stay right where I am. Hell is preserved for people like Mike Nifong and Crystal Gail Mangum--liars, sluts, prostitutes, and false accusers. I wouldn't fit in.

But nice retort, it sounded really intelligent, well thought out, educated, and insiteful. I like how it absolutely related to the entire topic of the Duke Lax Hoax. You are so freakin' smart, it baffles me sometimes. So smart...


This is what I just sent to Shadee on Facebook...

Hi Shadee,
While I have so much I'd like to say to you, I will keep this quick and short. As someone who went to high school with Dan Flannery, Dan Oppedisano, Glenn Nick, lived up the block from Collin Finnerty, and often partied with the Loftus', I was disgusted by your article. As someone who managed my own varisty lacrosse team here at Maryland, I was sickened at your stereotyping. I sincerely doubt you have ever spoken more than three words to any of those guys to know well enough who they are, what they stand for, or what they feel. While you condemn them for their rowdy tailgates and collegiate boy behavior, you fail to mention that what they do is typical colleg behavior. You do not condone fraternities, the basketball team, the football team, or any other team or organization for being equally as rowdy. You associate it only with them as if their behavior stands out as worst among the groups. It is horribly unfair. You didn't point out any of their good qualities-how they took Duke to a final four, and an NCAA championship game. How they collectively have above a 3.0. How they have devoted more community service than majority of organizations on campus. You do not see them as individuals, you do not see them as brothers, friends, sons. You stereotype and continue to add fuel to an already blazing fire.

You say you, Duke, and the community owe nothing to them. I agree. But never has sympathy, support, or natural compassion ever been "owed" to anybody. It is something good people do. We see those in need, and we commiserate. It isn't because we owe them anything. It is because we feel for them. Something you apparently have no concept of how to do.

It baffles me that someone like you, who seems to have no interest in social ties, school spirit, or enjoyment from a community, chose to go to Duke, where the brotherhoods/sisterhoods and community is so tight knit.

I suggest that next time, before you do an exceptionally one sided piece on your collective assumptions of 47 men, you at least speak to one of them for a period of longer than 10 minutes first. Maybe you'd learn something.

Anonymous said...

Justice, Nifong and this HOAX are being condemned by newspapers and op-ed writers coast to coast...and ALL you have is one misfit at Duke. I think Nifong wishes that's all the trouble he and this case have.

It is just wonderful to see the whole nation turn on him and the evil prostitute. You enjoy what you can, dear.

Having to defend Crystal and satisfy and Nifong must be exhausting. Read the papers, dear.

Anonymous said...

It's official. Even Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong has succumbed to the reality that many Duke students knew all along. The members of the men's lacrosse team did not rape a Durham stripper March 13.

-Shadee Malaklou

Justice, if you're taking dear Shadee's opinion so literally, as the voice of reason, clearly then you must believe her opening lines above. THERE WAS NO RAPE. Though, you still poignently call the slut whorebag a "rape victim" when it is clear as day that no rape occured.

How do you like them apples?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

3:38pm don't worry that slut Crystal Gail is still very high on my hit list. I think the US Justice Ssytem needs to force a fales accuser data system. Just like the sex offender lists.

I know who the first few names that should be CRYSTAL GAIL MANGUM then we can't follow up on that with MIKE NIFONG then JUDGE RONALD STEPHENS AND TITUS, for allowing Nifong to get away with his bull shit for so long.

Anonymous said...

5:22. I completely agree.
She'd have two offense already...seeing as this isn't the first time she claimed 3 men held her against her will and violently gang raped her, and then pulled that statement...

SouthernGirl2 said...

5:08 fixed her mouth and said:

"I suggest that next time, before you do an exceptionally one sided piece on your collective assumptions of 47 men, you at least speak to one of them for a period of longer than 10 minutes first. Maybe you'd learn something".

OOH No you didn't!! "Onesided", like the 60 lie. Bite your damn tongue. You can't be serious..Stef. Now you know and feel what it's like to have only one side of a story told to the public...like your CBS Duke Alumni did. And then...making Ed Bradley (a sick man) report such BS. Pity.

Anonymous said...

Justice58: haven't heard from you in a while. Finally crawled out from under your rock, eh? Must be pretty humiliating to see your boy Mikey exposed for the lying fraud that he is. Keep spinning for him. Even lunatics need friends.

Anonymous said...

The difference is, the 60 minutes show was based on TRUTHS, not biased opinions and bullshit stereotypes and lies. Last I checked, the rape charges were droppped right Injustice?

No one made Bradley report it you dumb fuck, he chose to because Bradley recognized INJUSTICES REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOR. Something you are completely void of doing. Not every black person feels the need to be racist and side with people based on similar skin tone like you do.

Anonymous said...

And justice, thanks for showing your similarity to the KKK and the idiots at NCCU

"now you know how it feels".

Just like now the dukies know how it feels when you are tired completely on skin color like blacks used to be, right?

Shocking, you should go find a hood and burn some crosses, you'd fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Anythign new from Cash $Money$ Michales lately? Haven't heard much in the past few days from him..

Anonymous said...

Prof. Joyner agrees.

“I believe that the Durham African-American community has conducted itself in an exemplary manner,” he said, “and is to be commended for the public restraint which it has shown.”


Was this before or after the pot banging, Black Panthers, protests, and mob lynchings?

SouthernGirl2 said...


Check again...there are 2 more charges that carry long prison sentences. Yeah baby, I'm sticking by Mike Nifong. I make no apologies about my support for him.
He is in the house for the next 4 years & the citizens of Durham will most likely vote him right back in...again.

Anonymous said...

So you make no apologies abotu supporting a man who blatently lied to the public (including you), lied to a judge, and broke the law while serving the community? You see no problems with that? The man is a freaking corrupt liar. Why do you support him?

Anonymous said...

justice58, I haven't seen anyone say that blacks don't have the right to vote for who they choose. Of course blacks have the right to make stupid choices, just like anyone else.

The blacks of Durham have just joined a fine old American tradition of voting for corrupt scumbags. People also elected David Duke.

When someone is whipping up racial hysteria, it is the rare voter who can put his brain in gear before pulling that lever.

Of course, I do wonder whether the stupid choice the blacks of Durham have made will end up costing them lots of tax money if and when the victims sue Durham over the conspiracy to violate their civil rights.

I also wonder what happens when a District Attorney is disbarred or suspended from practicing law. Does he go on with the administrative functions and not try cases, or does he have to step down?

Not that it matters much, the NC bar has a habit of giving prosecutors who commit far worse crimes a slap on the wrist. Like holding back exculpatory evidence and sending guys to death row.

Small fines and warnings for crimes (effectively attempted murder) that would have anyone else doing years of prison time.

Prosecutors may have personal immunity from civil suits when they frame someone, but that doesn't protect the local government from being sued.

SouthernGirl2 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey j58,

Where do you stand on the "slut or ho" question? DNA from at least 5 guys in her underware or in or on her. That suggests either prostitution or a very active social life.

Also, I assume you are in denial about the fact that the accuser has changed her story again from being 100% sure the three guys raped her to not knowing whether she was raped at all.

Of course, once the rest of the charges are dismissed, or they are found not guilty, I figure you will either stop using "justice58" as a posting name, or just ignore all the people saying "I told you so".

Care to give us a money quote about how you know they will be convicted. Just so we can throw it back in your face and mock you when the case dies its long overdue death and the Duke 3 walk scott free.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Right now, I figure the chances are about like this:

50% chance this gets dropped by the end of the day when they have the suppression hearing in Feb.

30% chance this gets a directed verdict of not guilty once the prosecution finishes its case.

10% chance it goes to a jury and "not guilty" verdict.

9% chance it goes to a jury and a hung jury (one black racist like justice58 lies his/her way onto the jury and it's a hung jury).

1% chance it goes to a jury and they find at least one of them guilty of at least one count, which then is overturned on appeal.

Anonymous said...

Here is a list of Justice58's stupidity...notice how sure she was there was a rape...seriously, i know this is long, but you have to read it, it's fuckin hillarious...

justice58 said:
on June 9th, 2006 at 11:43 am

These duke 3 are NOT innocent…. “are you kidding me” so just spare me the BS. They want the public to believe that nothing happened that night and it’s going to be proven that they raped, kidnapped and beat the victim. These FANTASTIC lies that they are telling will be UNCOVERED. I suggest that they confess and maybe it will lessen their punishment. Hey, I’m just keeping it REAL.

justice58 said:
on June 11th, 2006 at 4:08 pm

Listen to me�. you have to hear both sides of the case and not just the defense�s spin. We have NOT heard Mike Nifong�s evidence therefore, it is stupid to form an opinion without it. Only vile ignorant people with no CARE for the real truth will accept this kind of dirty, vile tactics from the defense. We have a legal system here in America and it is not one-sided. The OLD SOUTH�S way of justice is over. It seems to me that YOU people want (you know who you are) this case to disappear because it�s a poor black woman and rich wealthly white guys, so you have chosen to only hear their side and DAMN to the rest of the story..The attorney�s want you to believe that it�s not about race and that�s a bald faced LIE. This is one of the reasons that RACE RELATIONS is so terrible here in this country. Don�t even try to tell me otherwise, remember I live here. Mike Nifong is fighting for justice and I give him praise for it. I�m for justice done the right way and not some high priced, vile, dirty, disrespectful tactics of low-down defense lawyers.

***Here is my absolute favorite...****

justice58 said:
on June 18th, 2006 at 2:42 pm

Betty Friedan:

Why won’t the defense release all 1300 pages to the public so we can see for ourselves?? (when hell freezes over) They are picking out specific parts and filing motions so that it becomes public information and therefore, trying to poison the jury pool all at the same time. YOU need to read the “amsterdam news”. I’m not backing down on where I stand on this case!!! This is NOT one-sided justice here. Mike Nifong is FIRMLY COMMITTED to this case and the VICTIM is STILL going forward and intends to testify in court and WILL stand and POINT OUT her attackers and say “THESE ARE THE MEN THAT RAPED ME”.

oops justice, clearly THAT ONE ain't gonna happen...unless she changes her story...aggggain...

justice58 said:
on July 31st, 2006 at 1:27 am


Why do you sit there and frazzle your bird brain about whether the victim will show up in court?? Don’t you wish that she wouldn’t?? Baby, she will be there to testify as to what they did to her. Her testimony will put the low-classed, trashy, spoiled rich b*st*rds in prison for at least thirty-five years. They should have kept their nose clean.

You don’t sh*t about that phone call….only your wishful assumptions. Don’t ever under estimate!!

Maybe when she was 14 years, she didn’t have the courage to follow through against the boys who raped her. But now baby, she is a strong woman and you and the whole world will see that strength. She has paid her debt for the incident with the taxi cab. Stop bringing it up!!

It does not mean a rape didn’t happen because she has had some problems with the law. Do you think that once a person has been arrested for some crime or another can’t be raped? I’m standing with her and I’m praying for her and so are many other people. Just read… ourheartsworld.com. You will see the love and support and there are others that are supporting her that are not on the blogs, baby. We are united together for victims of this horrible crime.

justice58 said:
on July 31st, 2006 at 10:26 pm

I am not familiar with the Tawana Brawley case!! I’ve never had the urge to look it up like you. It just proves you want to discredit black women any way you can. Soooooooo you go searching the case of TB and you think….hey I got something when you only have NOTHING.

You people seem to make it a daily task to suggest that ALL black women are liars. That’s the very reason you bring up TB. I have no idea about the case of TB. For God’s sake…. I think that case was 20 or more years ago. Give it the….. f*ck up. You can’t do a d*mn thing about her or O.J. Remember a jury found O.J. NOT GUILTY. O.J. is a free man. Life goes f*cking on.

All of your posting along with Stef, BF, M. and the gang will do nothing for that jury in North Carolina. They will find the dukes Guilty AS CHARGED. I want to be in that courtroom at the time the verdict comes in and maybe you will get to see justice58.

YOU say…..Quote: Ordinary Sex…. You are one d*mn fool. Are you attempting to think it takes bruises in order to claim rape. Furthermore…. if she did use sex toys that day… No woman will injure her own vagina. Are you d*mn crazy… Wait a minute… Yes you are.

Listen Isaac… it’s not important that I believe her. It’s very IMPORTANT that the JURY believe her…. Got that!! and they WILL.

You people are going to complain about judge after judge because they won’t do things the way YOU PEOPLE want. Hey… Life is a B*tch, ain’t it.

I never said… only the one accusing my husband is a liar. I’m sure there is some women that do lie about being raped. I don’t know of any. I do know that the duke victim is NOT lying.

The defense did selectively pick out certain parts and disclose to the public some things about the victim but not in it’s entirety. Well it’s like this…. You desire to believe the defense spin and I certainly do not. The defense is getting mega bucks to do so and trying to earn a big reputation at the same time. They’ll be beat down whimps after this is over. And they owe it to themselves for it.

Isaac… the defense has swayed you just like Johnnie C. swayed the jury in the O.J. trial. But mind you…. Joe C.,K.O. and the gang is no match for the man Johnnie C. He was one of a kind. A masterpiece, baby.

About the web site…ourheartsworld.com
it was established so the victim could have comfort in knowning that she have people supporting her and praying for her as she goes through this devastating time in her life. They don’t want her to read all the garbage and hate mail to her. You are a d*mn fool to think otherwise. There is no comfort in hate mail…moron. I’m happy she is reading the love notes and seeing that MUCH love is out there toward her.


And finally...this beauty...

justice58 said:
on August 24th, 2006 at 6:59 pm

If the victim was lying about being raped: we would see her drop the case, we would see her come out and admit to making this up. We would see her apologize for her lying. We would see her throw herself at the mercy of the court and repent of her actions. But, I don’t see that happening, do you, Isaac.

She knows that these are very serious charges against the dukes and yet, she is still pursuing the case because a crime happened. Get over it, Isaac, a crime did take place. Her family has suffered and her children have been uprooted from their home and can’t have contact with their grandparents because they have to live in seclusion. This is horrible for them or anyone to go through.

When the truth comes out by ALL….You are going to be sorry for bashing a poor woman that was the victim of a brutal sexual assault.

Shame on you!

Diaries of a Mad Black Woman, right here ladies and gentlemen

SouthernGirl2 said...

Don't play bs games??

You may not have spoken the words BUT your actions implied it. Like trying to sabotage Mike Nifong's election with the 60 lie. The defense constantly holding dog & pony shows while only leaking cherry-pick info. to the press. Why didn't the defense tell us everything that was in the discovery papers? I know you don't think they told the public everything.

Anonymous said...

justice58 said:
on August 24th, 2006 at 6:59 pm

If the victim was lying about being raped: we would see her drop the case, we would see her come out and admit to making this up. We would see her apologize for her lying. We would see her throw herself at the mercy of the court and repent of her actions. But, I don’t see that happening, do you, Isaac.

Well, I don't see her being as saintly as Justice portrayed her, but I do see her recanting her rape accusation...that must hurt, huh justice?

Anonymous said...

They gave everything to Dan Abrams, actually, and other news companies...

You ask questions about the defense, why don't we ask about Nifong:

Why did Nifong lie about:
1.) the DNA
2.) the condoms
3.) the medical report
4.) the tox report

Why did Nifong not give over all his evidence which was required BY LAW if he had nothing to hide?

Why did Nifong suddenly drop the rape charge only 5 days after it was revealed in court him and Meehan conspired to cover up evidence that was EXCULPATORY IN NATURE TO ONE OF THE INDICTED PLAYERS?

come on now...these questions have a little more weight than yours deary. And the defense attorneys arent getting disbarred for "cherry picking" as you put it. Nifong is getting disbarred for LYING

Anonymous said...



SouthernGirl2 said...


She didn't admit to anything that says it was made-up. I never heard her apologize to anyone. Tell the truth. Mike Nifong dropped the rape charges, BUT that doesn't mean a rape never happened.

And Administration..why do you always delete my post b/c of profanity & let other people's post stand? Be fair to all.

Anonymous said...

Justice, 6:10 was not me. I take credit for my quotes. Wasn't me.


Anonymous said...

My feeling is that Nifong already knows that Crystal will testify that she can't be certain, who her attackers were. That's why he stated that to the NYT, he didn't not mention the motions about the faulty ID process. He puts her on the stand and she states, I can't be sure these were my attackers, Nifong moves or dismissal, case over, Nifong off the hook. He can still say something happened, but we don't know who committed the crimes. No cross by the defense and Dave, Collin and Reade, are free.

Anonymous said...

LOL Mike Nifong dropped the rape charge _after_ the accuser said she isn't sure she was raped. So she went from "I'm sure these guys raped me" to "I'm not sure I was raped at all".

Credibility zero.

6:13, don't count on Nifong even getting a temporary suspension. This is the state bar that gave prosecutors a slap on the wrist after they actively covered up the time of a victims death (so the accused had no alibi), hid a tape of the actual murderers agreeing to make up a story to tell the police all so they could get an innocent man sent to death row.

That case also pointed out what a joke the testimony of some pathologists is. After the fact the pathologist said she would have found a different time of death if she had known of witnesses who said the victim was alive at the time.

Nobody clued her in that she was supposed to be coming up with an independent estimate of time of death.

Stupid people, (no offense j58) often don't understand that having 10 people say "Joe did it" is the same as having 1 person say "Joe did it" if the other 9 are all going just by what the first one said.

Anonymous said...

Well, jackass58, if you take pride in Nifong's lying to the press today, then more power to you. I enjoyed reading your responses to people who pointed out your quotes from the past.

You see, some people are just sociopathic liars, and I guess you are someone who gravitates toward them. I would not be bragging about it, but then I am not you.

Anonymous said...

Here is my theory of the future of this case. Nifong and Crystal go to court on Feb 5. Nifong already, even today, knows that she can't identify the perpetrators, even though, it was a hoax. That's why he stated to the NYT, that if she can't identify the suspects in court he well move for dismissal (no mention of the flawed line up getting tossed). He puts Crystal on the witness stand and she states, that she is not certain it was these three (being not certain is something she has used before). Nifong moves for dismissal, no cross examination, just a dismissal. Nifong is off the hook, letting the hoax believers, believe something happened and Dave, Collin and Reade off the hook. Now when Nifong will be asked what happened to his case, he can still insist something happened, but the police haven't found any suspects yet. Nifong off the hook, the police on the hook, looking for three more suspects that don't exist, because nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

As much as I enjoy watching the clowns at the circus, I have to agree with the 6:16 post-- enough is enough with this justice58 simpleton. It is clear she has no reasoning skills or the ability to apply logic to her thoughts. She trots out the same old lame curses and cliches abut Nifong "being the man"... it is all getting rather tedious. I suggest we all just ignore her posts.

Anonymous said...

let's ignore "theman" too

Anonymous said...

I suppose Justice58 is right to express his opinion and that his rantings should be considered a viable alternative view if David Duke is also allowed to spread his antisemitism. The only difference is that Duke has been elected. They've both long since discredited themselves.

allie said...

why on earth would anyone would take shadee malakou's opinion seriously? honestly, she makes me embarrassed to be a duke student. she wrote a piece in the chronicle a couple years back about how women should empower themselves by dressing like sluts, dancing on bars and sleeping around. I guess feminism and promiscuity are one and the same... who knew.

anyway, I suggest we ignore her and justice, because, well... their opinions simply don't merit our attention.