Friday, January 05, 2007

Our Collective Voice - Kethra, Blog Hooligan

I read Ms. Davidson's document with an amazed sense of time and place distortion. I wondered what planet I had been visiting last March and April since it wasn't the same world she was on.
I then came here and read so very many good responses. It took me a bit to filter down what I actually wanted to say other than to stomp my feet and pull my hair in frustration.

It made me want to have Tony's skill with pictures, to show her what really was going on in Durham rather than what was in her imagination. The pictures of the Black Panthers shouting racial insults, the pictures of the Duke students she had assisted in inciting to riot, marching with signs on the house of two innocent men, the MANY interviews Nifong gave, lying through his teeth in order to incite the African American population so that he could win an election...

Are you really this disconnected from reality Ms. Davidson?

You offend me in the deepest sense possible. I am not white nor black (insert yet another color here), NO ONE paid my way through four college degrees. I never once accepted a student loan that wasn't paid back promptly. I have never ONCE collected wellfare, unemployment, food stamps, or any other "social service." My mother was a single parent of many children, so NO ONE paid my way anywhere. I paid my way. I worked multiple jobs and I rest on no one's laurels but my own.

I chose NOT to do drugs, NOT to get pregnant by any number of men, NOT to strip, NOT to whore myself, NOT to demand food stamps and welfare because no one would just give me a $30,000 a year job. It insults me that you support people who make these choices in life with your "oppressed masses" routine.

The reality is this, it is people like you, Ms. Davidson, who contribute to the ongoing racial/socio-economic issues in places like Durham. It is people like you, Ms. Davidson who sit, comfortable, safe and warm in their ivory towers and dispense their words of wisdom to the unwashed masses.

Ms. Davidson, you directly contributed to an attempt at starting a race war. Ms. Davidson, you directly contributed to inciting a riot. Ms. Davidson, you directly contributed to and enabled criminal behavior by Mike Nifong and the Durham Police.

Lets get factual here Ms. Davidson. You would no sooner know the truth, innured as you are in your little office, than if it got up and bit you in the butt. You continue to reinvent the truth to fit your chosen stance of ignorance and denial. Like the prostitute/felon that you choose to defend, you invent words to describe her. Exotic dancer? Oh please, let us just use the correct words here, you are after all an English Professor for heavens sake. She is a prostitute, a hooker, a whore. She is a liar, she is a stripper (titillating sexually) for pay, she is an abuser of not only the social welfare system, but of the medical system as well. STOP with the "poor black woman/student just trying to get by" line.

You demean and denigrate every person of color be they white, black, brown, red, or yellow with your self rightous "we (the powers that be apparently), MUST protect our poor little minority (read "black") people because apparently they lack the character to do it themselves. That is what your letter actually implies. That "someone" (like you apparently) MUST protect these poor people. Do you not see that is WHY there is still racial disparity? When "someone" STOPS protecting and starts DEMANDING that EVERYONE be treated equally and that EVERYONE who is being treated equally ACCEPT the responsibility that comes with that, then, and only then, will disparity cease.

Your anger should be directed at this woman, Mike Nifong, and the Durham Police who have, single handedly, set back victims rights 50 years. Your anger should be directed at this woman, who in abusing the social welfare/medical system, has denied services to someone else who really needed them. Your anger should be directed at ANYONE who has a lynch mob mentality and promotes that attitude - you know, people who use their position to publish a signed document inciting others to a mob mentality before any investigation had been completed. I didn't see YOU out there leading the march Ms. Davidson. Where were you? It is easy to hit the send button on the email isn't it Ms. Davidson.

Look in the mirror Ms. Davidson, YOU are part of the problem, not the solution. You either caused or participated in a great many of the issues now facing us and with your continued fantasy world, you continue to widen the chasm.

You offend me Ms. Davidson, as a woman, as a person of color, and most of all as a human being.


Anonymous said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!!powerful letter.

Anonymous said...

Kudos, Kethra!!!!

A standing ovation!!!

Howard said...

OK, you have made the grand gesture, a cliche ridden diatribe that misses more targets than it hits. The worst miss is that you assume, despite volumes of evidence against your assumption, that the people receiving handouts don't really want to accept them; that they really really want to stand on their own feet. They don't. They demand the nanny state; called nanny because a nanny puts up with behavior a real parent would punish. The Black underclass in Durham is just like the Black underclass in every city in the world; all possess an attitude that they are owed something due to past wrongs and they intend to collect so long as nanny takes care of them. They hate Jews because Jews got fucked far worse than they, yet Jews triumph, go to schools, earn money, take care of their families, and are forced to take care of the "underclass," a mob of barbarians who intend to loot the society. And they are winning. They love to death Ms. Davidson and all the other pretenders all over the world, pretenders who think if they spray "black owned" on their souls they will be saved. They won't. The alligator remains ravenous and will eat everything til there is nothing. Duke is just an inconvenient bump in the road to them.

Greg Toombs said...
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Greg Toombs said...


Double WOW.

You make too much sense to get very far with Ms. Davidson or her fellow-travelers, I'm afraid, yet your prescription for equality is exactly right.

I'm sure it felt great to write that, and - I hope - mail/email to Ms. Davidson. It felt great to me, too, to know you wrote it.

You speak for many.

Anonymous said...

Howard, nothing in your tedious , pompous writing style qualifies you as a critic. Who ever told you that YOU were any good?

If you were as articulate or talented as these three bloggers posted on the blog today, you wouldn't be reduced to commenting here below the fold.

No one chooses your drivel to be featured anywhere.

You're a joke. No one is impressed with you, but YOU.

Anonymous said...

Kethra - Thanx for the article. It says so well what is true for many of us. When I graduated from my work-study high school in 1954, I was not sure where I was going. I did know what I was leaving and a vague idea of how to reach a goal. Keep marching.

Anonymous said...

Good article!

I agree with you completely and I don't understand why feminists are being so mean to you. Are feminists only supportive of women who are blind to reason and completely brain washed by faminist propaganda?

Anonymous said...


Very well done. You have got to wonder how these scum bags ever got on board at Duke.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


your post stinks. You name everyone YOU think caused this case to be racially divisive in Durham except the m-----r f-----rs that started it all with their racial epithets aimed at two women of color who were up againist a drunken mob of 40+ white racists. A white nieghbor confirmed their foul comments and the email the next day confirmed their interest in sexual sadism. Please lay off the professor as she is doing more with her teaching about racism in this society to eventually do away with it than a person like you who calls themselves a person of color but who is really the self-hating type who is like the proverbial Uncle tom for blacks. Tom thanked the white overseer for beating him and the other blacks. That is your mindset kethra as you are defending those who are racist thugs by their actions and are denigrating those like the professor who is pointing out the wrongness of their actions.

Anonymous said...

Note to self...

Never get Kethra mad at you.



Anonymous said...

Here's a translation of 1:30: "1:30 bought a complete fabrication because he is a racist idiot, and now that the accusation has been proven false far beyond a reasonable doubt, 1:30 is going to continue to believe it like the bigot he is." If he were a Caucasian during the 1930s through the 1960s, he would have also believed in the guilt of the Trenton Six and the Scottsboro Boys, and he would have believed in the innocence of Byron de la Beckwith. Not only is there no evidence that the Duke 3 made any racist comments, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that such language would have been extremely out of character for them. What's the matter? Facts no longer support you, so you have to resort to your own hatred to support your arguments? You make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kethra. You said it as well as KC and Joan have. So, now we drop down to the next level of charges, racial epithets, as 1:30am has responded. It's his admission there was no rape or other sexual assault. But as we know from Kim Roberts' own words on "60 minutes", the racial taunts were started by her as she was in the car preparing to leave. Remember Kim said she started it by calling one guy a "little dick white boy". For that strong a racist taunt ,the verbal retaliation in my opinion was quite justified and mild. Her 911 call about being a person just walking past 610 Buchanan and being insulted with racial epithets, of course, is a lie. So, where is the racism of 40 lacrosse players?And just how "poor" and oppressed financially is Crystal? She claimed Kim or "they" stole her $2,000.00. That's $400.00 for 4 minutes of so called dancing, and $1,600.00 for a weekend with 5 males who left DNA samples in and on her body. Poor little oppressed darling. Let's see, times 51 weeks that comes to over $100,000.00 TAX FREE. (apparently 1 week a year is spent at a mental facility to recharge her batteries). She lives the life she loves and she loves the life she lives. Don't cry for me, Argentina.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Well said. Thank you. You are a credit to the human race.

QuadDog Jim

Anonymous said...

To 1:30 AM

You state the worst thing the Lax players did was use a racial slur and then proceed to call Kethra an Uncle
Tom. How can you justify that?

january said...

Awww, 1:30 - don't you remember the race-baiting was all started by Kim Roberts? She said so! So it's ok for a black woman to be racist?

Anonymous said...


You disgust me! How dare you claim to speak for AA women. I am ashamed of you and don't want to be identified with you. AA women have much more dignity than you try to spread with your lying lips. Black women have pride for the struggling mother of 2 who is determined to educate herself against all odds. How dare you speak evil words that tear her down? This is about lifting her up..sister. You have suddenly lost your head. Get your head out of your ass and get this- whitey does not give a damn about Kethra. What makes you think Mr. Charlie cares one iota for your blackness? Just because Mr. Charlie has given you 50 cents, you have the audacity to think you're more than the field-negro. While you are praising the 50 cents, Mr. Charlie owes you 40 acres and a damn mule.

Wake up- time to move out of the big house and own things yourself. I simply defy you and at the same time pity your stupidity.

When this case is settled, the duke 3 will not even remember who you are. That's the way it is with them. You're only good enough to help keep them out of a prison cell. After it is over, they will turn their noses at every AA that ever walks this earth and that includes you..Kethra. Your stand should be uplifting this mother and student and NOT tearing her down. White folks are not your friend. If you don't think so..just keep living.

Anonymous said...

Kethra, you SPEAK THE TRUTH. This is NOT ABOUT RACE. This is ABOUT VALUES. I admire your values. I could care less whether the accused are white or the accuser is black--that is nothing but a street laced with venom. You keep on talkin girl. I thank the lord for people with values.

SouthernGirl2 said...


You're busted! busted! busted! You're NOT a black woman. You're nothing but a poison lipped lying whitey posing as a black.

It's pathetic when you have to use trickery & lies and try to pose as an AA . Spare me the bs. I laugh in your face because it lets me know your cause is weak. It only shows your desperation and shows what lengths you will go to.

Save it, cause you lose.

Anonymous said...

justice 58, you're busted busted busted. You can't read. Kethra writes, "I am not white nor black (insert yet another color here)." What a sad fool you are with your vision so clouded by hate.

SouthernGirl2 said...


What a liar you are! Read the damn post again

"You offend me Ms. Davidson, as a woman, as a person of color".

hmmmmmm still a damn liar

Anonymous said...

to the stupid posters saying there is no evidence the lax players made racial comments, then how come their own defense attornies admitted it happened at the first press conference for the defense and why does bissey say it happened too?

also, justice 58, keep on giving hell to that lying kethra.

Anonymous said...

OK Justice, I read the post again and it still reads:

"I am not white nor black (insert yet another color here)."

What part of "not," "nor black," or "insert another color" are you unable to comprehend?

Your racism and blind hatred shows yet again. Black is not the only color and blacks aren't the only minority.

You reveal your self to be both a racist and an illiterate fool. Come back when you've learned to read or when you've accepted that blacks are not the only minority.