Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lady Justice is a two-faced kind of friend

In Durham...Lady Justice is a two-faced kind of friend.
If you ever get in trouble, there is NO "consistent" trend.
The way the folks in power treat you...can significantly change
From one case to another...quite a shocking range!
Today Mr. Whitey Bennett and Ronnie Garrett are relieved
Their murder charges tossed away...witness just can't be believed!
Yes, the ADA must walk away, Mr. Ennis's credibility's reviled
He's told too many stories to take the case to trial!!
Yes, he told too many stories...Mitchell Garrell can't proceed
Yet Crystal's 15 versions get treated like religious creed.
Crystal changes names, and circumstance, she even changes crimes
But, the Lacrosse case is" different," so different THIS ONE TIME.
There's now another incident, another party, an accusation!
But Durham sure is "different" as they approach this "unsavory" situation!
Are the Wanted Posters going up, ... the frat boys' faces on each pole?
Demanding information! My God! "We Know you Know!"
Has the N&O talked to neighbors offering hostile information?
Did these frat boys ever "swagger" or indulge in public urination?
Will there be sweet stories on this "victim"...where Samiha fawns?
Will the world soon know the dimensions of this attacker's daddy's lawn?
Has the Rev. Jesse Jackson booked a fancy suite in a motel?
Will he pay this girl's tuition, ensure her scholarship as well?
Will there be a "Listening Statement"...The 88's empathy marching on?
Are those "Castrating" Potbangers shining up the Calphalon?
Will the City Council scourge the boys...remember Eugene Brown?
Will he call the frat boys "cool cats," who make a "sandbox "of his town?
Will he insult THEIR daddies too, or this time withhold blame?
Time will tell if Mr. Brown treats ALL these boys the same!
And where is Mr. Nifong...will he be making media tours?
Will he be saying now with CERTAINTY, "Yes sir, a brutal rape occurred."
Drugs and guns, an accusation,...surely Nifong will opine!
Isn't Durham's reputation once more on the line?
So, surely, Mr. Nifong will step in and save the day!
And once more will proclaim himself - the all powerful "Inspector D.A.!!"
While Moneta clucks to us...the naive must understand the deal...
"Experimentation!" "Reality"...(ho-hum) the "consequence" is real.
Someone check the zip code! What's behind this transformation?
Perhaps alien Body Snatchers overtook the Durham population?
Everything they do reminds us of the travesty last time.
The Lacrosse case was SO different......and therein lies the crime.

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is some amazing poetry. Joan Foster you have spelled out it out perfectly.

11 months have passed since the false accusation and still Durham stalls.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joan!

Will there be a "Listening Statement"...The 88's empathy marching on?

Should they take out another ad as a result of this case, it certainly could be considered as CYA! Opposition to the group might dwindle some, but I doubt they want any less attention.

We'll see!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Joan, your poem is hilarious!

Unfortunately, it is also true.

Anonymous said...

So glad you posted this today Joan.
Number 2 son had the college book out last night. I told him to just skip the state of North Carolina. When he asked why I told him they arrest college kids there with no probable cause.
I can now forward this timely article for reinforcement!

Anonymous said...

To 4:57. My child has been subject to police abuse just because he was a college student and this wasn't in Durham nor the RTP area but it IS in NC. They DO target these kids.

The last time my child was targeted we were lucky. The judge not only threw out the charges but ordered an investigation into the officer's conduct regarding the case. This officer shortly thereafter "resigned" from the force only to sign on with interpol police which is a new kind of "rent a cop". They have much more authority and are not subject to the rules set forth by the governing police force. They also have the right to arrest, demand booking and pressing charges. Bottom line, it went from bad to worse. Now they have City police, campus police, interpol police and of course, rent a cops.

Anonymous said...

Well you are right. Where is the South's greatest lawyer shouting about this event? Oh yeah, working on his own defense, which of course, he is anxious to tell us more stories. Can/t find the pot bangers.

Anonymous said...

To be candid, let's agree that we prefer they handle it correctly this time.

Although, I would expect to see aphoto of the perp's parents house - lol

Anonymous said...


Once again you are on target. The Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere puts into verse what all of us want to say, but are not eloquent enough to put it into these lines.

Anonymous said...

As always, Joan puts Maya Angelou to shame. I visit LS to see what Joan Foster's putting to verse. Awesome talent!

Anonymous said...

Joan is blessed.

Thank you Joan!

The Double Standard is painful.

Anonymous said...

We need to keep in mind that this never was a serious rape investigation. It was a scam from the start, and the participants knew it was a scam.

What we have witnessed was not a rape investigation; instead, we have witnessed a series of crimes being committed, and being committed in the open. From Nifong's statements to Crystal's claims to Gottlieb's faux report to Wilson's constant changing of the timeline, we have seen actual crimes.

I am not using "crime" in the vernacular; I am using the legal term. There are a number of people who need to go to jail for their role in committing these crimes, and we must keep banging our own pots until justice is done.

Anonymous said...

Great poem, Joan. It really hits the mark as you can tell because the apologist, enabling wackjob cavers hate it so. sic semper tyrannis

Anonymous said...

Related topic ...

I'm still trying to figure out why Nifong needs a lawyer if he is not guilty. Can someone help me out here?

Anonymous said...

1. there was probable cause; a woman at a party those men attended stated she was raped and was taken for a SANE Exam by police investigating the scene. According to report, the sane exam was consistent with a traumatic event so the statement that there was no probable cause in the lax case is a lie.

2. there is a double standard here and it favors the lax team. The lax case was not investigated by police until 48 hours later even though the av was in police custody and the officers that night should have gone back to the scene to investigate. The people at the Lax party either fled or did not answer the door to law enforcement the night in question(take your pick, either action is suspect). In this new case, a white girl has complained and the police were there in minutes and were questioning the partygoers and already searching for the suspect. His arrest is pending in 24 hours; the lax team was not indicted for weeks and declined to talk to police except for the 3 captains. There is a big difference in how this is being investigated. And as for your allegations of the frat misbehaving, there is no record of this frat misbehaving like the LAX team. The lax team had a poor record even in Coleman's report which was trying to help Duke in case of a civil suit from the stripper. The Lax had the highest rate of crimes/discipliary actions of any sports team at Duke and in the last years, 21 out of 45 of them had been arrested. You will not find a similar record with a black frat because they would not have gotten suspended sentences in Durham like the Lax team did.

Anonymous said...

The DELAY in Crystal's pleas was that CRYSTAL claimed she was unable to speak with POLICE (she was so distraught and messed up). The Police made it clear to her and her family that since she couldn't provide details - she had to call them or come to the station to do so.
CRYSTAL - NO ONE ELSE - delayed by 32 hours showing up at the Police station. She was out and about driving around her fellow EX-CON boyfriend according to her Father. She drove that morning parked her car and went out with her boyfriend for the day - leaving her kids behind. CRYSTAL made that decision. CRYSTAL.

Authorities would be sued for abuse if they made women acting hysterical, women telling medical personnel she didn't want to talk to the Police - TALK. And legal problems would arise in court with any potential prosecution if a victim was forced to make statements.

Look at Crystal if you want to know of any delay. And which one of her SEVEN stories do you start investigating?

Anonymous said...

According to the N&O, it was the Black Fraternity
that threw the Party where the woman has told
Police she was raped:

"Members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., one of whom lives at the Gattis Street address, organized the party that started Saturday night and continued into the early hours of Sunday."

And three different types of drugs were found according to paperwork:

"At 11:11 a.m. Sunday, police filed an incident report for three drug violations: possession of marijuana, Oxycontin and cocaine."


Anonymous said...

Not one pot will be banged for this white victim by the white female potbangers of 610 Buchanan.

What a way to treat a "sister."