Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dean Sue Gets Off Her Chair

Dean Sue Gets Off Her Chair
It only took a year, my friends, to get Dean Sue off her chair.
It only took a year for a small gesture that she cares.
Those vigilante posters SUDDENLY have poor Dean Sue distressed...
Dean Sue is "completely motivated to make sure this is adequately addressed!"
Think back to when the posters were on every campus tree...
Inflaming passions so very negative, some players had to flee!
Did Dean Sue castigate the wording, the very guilt they seemed to stress?
Oh well...NOW she's "completely motivated to make sure this is adequately addressed!"
As a board member of Crimestoppers did she publicly decry
The pronouncement of MOST CERTAIN GUILT...or ask who? or what or why?
Did she ever have a moments care, that the team faced such duress?
Hallelujah!, NOW, she's "completely motivated to make sure this is adequately addressed!"
I liked to say respectfully, it's too little..,much too late.
A day late, and a dollar step up to the plate.
Your betrayal, and your callousness...ah-h-h...but I digress...
At LONG last, Dean Sue is "completely motivated to make sure this is adequately addressed!"
You didn't speak when the boys were smeared on those posters far and wide.
You didn't speak when all the world was inflamed by Fantastic Lies
NOW, YOUR name has been appearing in the blogs and in the press!
NO doubt it's made you"completely motivated to make sure this is adequately addressed?"
Joan Foster

Text of the original CrimeStoppers "Wanted" poster courtesy of John in Carolina:

What follows is the full text of the first “Wanted” poster taken from a faxed poster copy with a header containing Durham Police Department in large letters superimposed against a background that included a police officer's shield, the Durham skyline, and the Durham City logo.

On Monday, March 13,2006 about 11:00pm, the Duke University Lacrosse Team solicited a local escort service for entertainment. The victim was paid to dance at the residence located at 610 Buchanan. The Duke Lacrosse Team was hosting a party at the residence. The victim was sodomized, raped, assaulted and robbed. This horrific crime sent shock waves throughout our community. Durham Police needs your assistance in solving this case. We are asking anyone who has any information related to this case, please contact lnv. Himan at 560-4582 x229.

Information can also be provided anonymously through Durham CrimeStoppers at 683-1200 or by email to (Please use an anonymous email account). Durham CrimeStoppers will pay cash for any information which leads to an arrest in this case.

John in Carolina's Crime Stoppers/Addison Series:

KC Johnson's Crime Stoppers/Addison/Duke Series:


Anonymous said...

The post "Dean Sue Gets Off Her Chair" is a misfire. There is no one at Duke who has done more on behalf of Duke students in trouble than Dean Sue, including the lacrosse team. Some people necessarily do their work outside the public arena, but they may still be very very helpful in achieving a good outcome.

Anonymous said...

Dean Sue & Burness!

Can't you think of a better nic than "XYZ?"

Anonymous said...

Good Post - agree with yur assessment of Dean Sue -"don't tell your parents" is beyond belief. Coach Pressler's book will be out soon and we will see her role in all this - at least as he wees it. Gonzales will be out soon and we will be writing to a new DOJ head. George W make a mistake with allowing DOJ to ignore the hoax snd allow those border guards to be jailed. He could have got a lot of good will. Who would have thought?????

JWM said...

Dear Liestoppers,

I'm very glad you posted text and a poster header description of the CS "Wanted" poster. People need to know about it.

I think there's a way you can reproduce the "Vigilante" poster but I wouldn't do it because it's too easy for hateful, unstable people to then reproduce it.

I'll post tonight from some of my old posts where I give extensive descriptions of the "Vigilante" poster.

Let's all keep pressing Duke about both posters.

BTW - A while back I think it was Baldo who did some great detective work on the production, distribution and impact of the "Vigilante" poster.

I hope he takes another look now. There’s a lot of material now publically known that wasn’t known even a few weeks ago.

Thanks for all Liestoppers does. You have a great blog.

John in Carolina

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Every single time I hear the words 'outside the public arena' or 'in their own way' or 'behind the scenes', it's nothing but a catch phrase for they didn't say squat. They didn't speak up, they didn't protest, they didn't defend - they just remained horribly, cowardly silent.

XYZ, hear me loud, okay? Not saying a damn thing means they didn't say a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

"Some people necessarily do their work outside the public arena, but they may still be very very helpful in achieving a good outcome."

Yes, but a good outcome for whom?
For the CS Board, for Duke or for the accused?

She has too many ties to too many 'interested' groups to be an effective and impartial advocate for the hoax victims.

She is never going to put the players' interests ahead of those of her employer IMO (and that's not a criticism of her - I don't think very many people would in her position).

She's unlikely to be too effective within Durham CS as a result, especially when you consider how tied up Duke is with them.

The very most you could expect from her is that she forces a policy change which ensures more vigorous oversight of Addison's actions in the future.

Anonymous said...

7:54, frankly, I wouldn't expect even that much from her or any other administrator at Duke University. The only way I will EVER start to take them seriously is if their trustees call for the resignation of Brodhead and the ringleaders of the Gang of 88, if not terminating their employment outright.