Friday, March 02, 2007

Durham Justice Redux

Did you read about Charlie Parker
A young chap of 35?
Alleged he beat a woman of 51 ...
Till she was half alive.
Beat her 12 hours non-stop
Beat her black and blue.
Beat her so darn ferociously,
She remains in ICU!
Durham arrested Mr. Parker
Kidnapping, second degree!
Less serious than the charges
That face the Dukie Three!
Now Crystal left the party
Well enough to work the pole,
While Mr. Parkers alleged victim
Suffers injuries untold.
So why did Durham give the Dukies
A more serious type of charge?
Oh yes, of course, Mr, Parker
Made no "white cotton shirt" remark!
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

None of the Duke Three made a racist remark at the party.
So said the second stripper.

The ones who mentioned a broomstick and a fine cotton shirt were NOT targeted for indictment and prosecution.

Perhaps the lesson is that it's safe to make such remarks yourself in Durham, bu not to be there when someone else does.

Anonymous said...

Or, better yet, that it's not safe to be in Durham, especially when their DA is up for reelection.

Anonymous said...

It's like the killer, drug dealer they put out on $50,000 bail.

But he was only a known repeat offender, who sell drugs, and was charged with killing someone.

So the $400,000 for the 3 Lax player make sense in Durham.