Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Great Unraveler Strikes Again

Crystal Mangum, March 16, 2006


Last month, Chicago Sports Review dubbed Professor KC Johnson, “The Great Unraveler” in an article featuring his diligent efforts to expose Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong’s hijacked Hoax.

"The Great Unraveler

"KC Johnson is a 38-year-old bowtie-wearing Brooklyn College professor with a Harvard degree. He has a passion for American history, and he enjoys the classroom. And due to his own peculiar mixture of annoyance and curiosity, he might be the most oft-cited source for those looking for coverage of what could formerly be called "The Duke Rape Case."

"That it was ever dubbed "The Duke Rape Case" as opposed to "The Duke Investigation" or "Allegations in Durham" is part of why he exists as we know him. He's a common story in New York and Durham. Kurt Andersen has written about Johnson's work in New York Magazine, and calls him "heroic." The exceptional legal writer Stuart Taylor Jr. has written about him in Slate. Many others have, and some will surely follow.

"And yes, old-media lovers, he's a mere blogger; a word that our Microsoft Word still holds in contempt, an underlined outsider. He's also further evidence of how, even inside a newsroom, it's long not been a debate whether the "web logger" has changed modern journalism for the better, no matter how much it can sting us in the old school…To. Print. That.

"The some 1,000 words a day that Johnson has pumped into since last March-and the countless hours of research it has taken-was all spawned by a beef with his peers in the business of educating. The issue was this: he couldn't understand why a massive group of Duke professors, now dubbed "The Group of 88," would come out with an ad in the student paper proclaiming their solidarity with the apparent victim of a rape by members of the Duke lacrosse team, when not only had little evidence been collected, and few articles written, but the accused athletes had yet to state anything in their own defense. Johnson couldn't believe that professors would condemn their own before anyone really knew the truth. And as the truth has come out, and the espisode has thus become a case study in recent legal travesties, Johnson has continued to discuss it all. Mostly on his blog, and seen, in a book."

Today, The Great Unraveler strikes again by producing one of the photographs of hoax-tress Crystal Mangum taken by Durham Police Officer R.A. Reid on March 16, two days after the invented brutal 30 minute "rape". Professor Johnson’s publication of the police photograph further puts to rest malicious misrepresentations put forth by ESPN, The New York Times, Sgt. Mark Gottlieb, Nancy Grace, Travis Mangum, the Snooze Room, and others.

ESPN, April 11, 2006:

A source has provided ESPN with a detailed account of the exotic dancer's arrival at the hospital the night of the alleged sexual assault at a party thrown by members of the Duke men's lacrosse team.


The source says the woman entered the hospital well after midnight March 13 wearing a red nightgown and nothing on her feet. She was walking on her own, but there were bruises on her face, neck, and arms.

Duff Wilson, New York Times, August 25, 2006:

Defense lawyers have argued that the written medical reports do not support the charge of rape. But in addition to the nurse's oral description of injuries consistent with the allegation, Sergeant Gottlieb writes that the accuser appeared to be in extreme pain when he interviewed her two and a half days after the incident, and that signs of bruises emerged then as well.


During that interview, the woman, who is dark skinned, said bruises were beginning to show from the attack. A female officer took photographs and confirmed that ''she had the onset of new bruises present,'' Sergeant Gottlieb wrote.

Nancy Grace with Travis Mangum, CNN, June 15, 2006:

NANCY GRACE, HOST: You said you saw bruises on her face. Where were they?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right up on the eyes and the jaw (INAUDIBLE)

Sergeant Mark Gottlieb, Filling in the Blanks July 2006:

"Tears ran down her face freely and her nose began to run." Gottlieb noted that "the victim stated she had bruising that was beginning to show up from the assault," 60 hours after the party. He ordered Investigator R.A. Reid to take photographs, and noted that "Reid stated she had the onset of new bruises present."

Travis Mangum, repeatedly:

"Well, she (INAUDIBLE) like she was in a lot of pain, and her face was swolled up. She had bruises on her eyes. And she just looked awful, and you look at her, you could tell she had been beaten up." MSNBC

"The father went home and waited for word from his daughter. Later that morning, she came to her parents' house with her boyfriend….After she came home, that's when I knew she had been beaten up," her father said."

Gambling 911

The father of the woman who said she was raped at a party near the Duke University campus said in an interview Tuesday that when he saw her the day after the party, her eyes and face were swollen, her arms were scratched, and she was complaining about her leg. She told him she thought some part of her leg had slipped out of joint, he said. The woman told her father that she had been dancing at a party and that someone had hit her. It wasn't until the next day the woman told her father she had been raped, he said. "I think she was ashamed. ... I just felt numb, angry," the father said. N&O

Brianne Dopart, The Snooze Room, Yesterday:

"While he still believes wholeheartedly his daughter was brutally raped and assaulted on the night of March 13, 2006 -- he recalls in vivid detail his daughter's swollen eyes and cut arms...Something like that, you just can't forget."

Cash Michaels, National Public Radio, April 26, 2006

“Her jaw was swollen. She clearly wasn’t moving properly. She had a problem with
her leg.”

Today’s revelation by Professor Johnson further demonstrates the powerful role blogs have assumed as watchdogs of the old media and public officials.


Anonymous said...

Liars, liars, pants on fire!

Is it possible none of these people thought anyone would have a picture of her in the days following the allegation??


Anonymous said...

Where'd you guys get the picture??? That's amazing.

These are the times I wish Justice58 still posted here sometimes...she would absolutely go NUTS about it.

Good job!

Anonymous said...

If the DPD wants to find the real rapists, they should find out who came to the party with seeing eye dogs.

Mike in Nevada

Anonymous said...

I think even justice58 knows that she can't cover for all the lies the stripper and Nifong made. Maybe she's tired of being so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Not only does this revelation by KC Johnson demonstrate the powerful role of blogs in this case, but it demonstrates the POWER that LIES have when they are spoken by black women against white men, by cops, judges, a district attorney, media, and faculty/administration of a university. ALL involved in a conspiracy for their own various motives.

It also proves that KC has a great connection with the defense to get discovery photos. Wonder why they are just now being released?


Anonymous said...

Please reduce the size of that frightening photo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the closeup picture. She is even less attractive than I had imagined. The boys definitely didn't get their money's worth.

When are we going to stop calling her an 'exotic dancer' or 'sex worker' and admit that she is a low caliber prostitute?

Anonymous said...

Goodness!!!!!!!! That was horrible........I just logged in and that THING appeared on the screen.

Man ....Nifong screwed his life up for this article.

Those poor lads.

Anonymous said...

In the words of the Eagles...

"You can't hide your lyin'eyes"


Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

YUCK! I was eating when I logged on to this picture!

I can't believe Reade saw that and ordered food afterwards! I'd have ordered Maalox!

Anonymous said...

This is another fine example of the blogs doing the work the MSM refuses to do. Way to go Liestoppers and KC!!!! Also, Coman had to have seen this picture before. He needs to stop playing games and drop these bogus charges now.

Anonymous said...

"Precious" has her pricing strategy wrong. Rather than charging $800 to take her clothes off, she should take them off for free and then charge $1200 to put them back on.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, the enablers at TalkLeft and elsewhere are claiming that the picture actually demonstrates she was beaten. So, there is no convincing people who already have chosen to believe the lie.

What is more astounding is that this case still is in play despite absolutely no evidence at all. This tells me that the "justice system" of North Carolina is nothing more than a pack of lies. These prosecutors and judges apparently have decided to be professional liars and to support each other. I truly despise these people.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the FA has brown eyes. Apparently the color-changing contacts she is wearing in her "bruised" eyes are causing the tearing.

Anonymous said...

LS...please post some kind of pre-viewing warning advising folks to be prepared before viewing a full screen photo such as this.

Anonymous said...

This one little picture exposes Gottlieb, the DPD, Nifong and the Group of 88. It is consistent with the written ER report, it is consistent with the officer who pulled her boozed up drugged out butt out of the car in the parking lot that night saying something to the effect that there was no way she was raped. Finally, it is consistent with what the LAX players said- nothing happpened. No cuts, no bruises or puffiness under her eye. No nothing. Just a vacant stare. If Gottleieb takes the stand he will have a hard time explaining his investigative "notes" to the jury while they are examining this picture.

Anonymous said...

How deep that this Hoax goes? City Manager Baker, Mayor Bell, Chief Chalmers, Captain Lamb, and others besides Nifong, Gottlieb, & Himan HAD to know this was a Conspiracy to frame three guys for a crime that didn't happen!

gak said...

Go KC go!!!

Anonymous said...

ronmet says;
Waiting for another story, Poem or Cartoon. Crystal in Not what I want to see first thing.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying that the New York Times, Duff Wilson in particular, had this photo when they ran thier big front page op ed. That article bolstered the credibility of Gottlieb, the accuser, and Nifong. Great journalism! That makes the New York Times an active partner in a conspiracy to violate the civil rights of the accused. You can't invent this stuff...this case will be one for every law student, every journalist, every future DA. And in this case study, Duff Wilson's name will be immortalized.

Anonymous said...

Obviously beaten severely - with the ugly stick.

Anonymous said...

It is insensitive and insulting to true victims for the enablers to claim that this woman bears marks of being beaten.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic here, but I read yesterday that Kirk Osborn died. He was Reade Seligmann's attorney. Maybe I missed it, but I don't see anything here or in John's blog.

Anonymous said...

Now the rumours are that that photo was taken only a month ago by the AG's office ...

They really need to open all the discovery file to the public!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that K.C. got fooled into posting this photo if he couldn't authenticate it. More likely an enabler generated rumor.

Anonymous said...

The enablers never give up. They are on crack if they think this photo was taken a month ago.