Thursday, April 12, 2007

Late last night, in the Know Bookstore...

Late last night, in the Know Bookstore, I noticed a small band.
They sat like mourners from the gravesite,their hankies in their hands.
I motioned to a regular, who were these people, so bereaved?
"Why that's "The Nifong-Must-Have-Something Club"... still struggling to believe."

"The President is Nancy Grace, she flew in to lead the wake.
She ducked out of BOTH her TV shows...the pain too much to take!
And Greta's Ted is next to her, his head upon her knee!
Babbling "But the D.A. must have something! Ask the NC NAACP!"

"That's Cousin Clakki to the left. His mascara smudged and smeared.
The media's "Family Spokesman" sees the end of his career.
No more gigs on Greta, pushing Two Million Dollar Lies!
Though Cash still finds him credible, so locally, he'll survive."

"The fellow laying on the floor runs the local Herald Sun.
Just excoriated nationally, he lays there and sucks his thumb.
It was 'Prop! Prop! Prop!' for Nifong from Bob Ashley...everyday!
Bet they'll be no editorial in the Herald Snooze today!"

"The poodle-headed lawyer is Bourlon, Lap-dog Supreme.
When Nifong hollered 'Fetch', he ran onto the TV screen
He rolled over everytime, but now the Master's case has died.
And Bourlon's credibility is in that Lapdog Kennel-in-the-Sky."

"Burness of Duke sits next to him, with fire in his eyes.
Every 15 minutes, he shouts outloud, "Can't make ME apologize!"
"For What? "For What And if I did..what would I ever say?
And if I did, I never get my dinner date with Holloway! '"

"Cash Michaels is the pensive guy...he almost got it right.
He might have been The Hero now, but he "caved" and left the fight.
From truth to trolling message boards,Sister Survivor's web defender.
He moans aloud, 'I had my chance! I could have been a real Contender!'"

"The guy with the ice pack on his head is Duff Wilson of the Times.
He claims Gottlieb's riveting novelette convinced him of the crime.
I asked 'Was THAT the 'body of evidence 'you wrote of in July?'
He growled, 'Who ARE YOU to ask? I'm from the NEW YORK TIMES!'"

I thanked the fella for his words, and pulled out my credit card.
Took one last look at the corner group...dreams certainly die hard.
But then Nancy took a cell phone call and tension left her joints.
She said, "This call's from Georgia...we've got new talking points!"

"Ignore Cooper! Ignore INNOCENT! Ignore THERE WAS NOT A BIT OF PROOF!
Just say, 'Well, SOMETHING happened!" Who gives a damn about the Truth!"

So at the end, it came to this: they had little left to say.
And The Nifong-Must-Have-Something Club folded up and slunk away.

Joan Foster


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Anonymous said...

a prosecutor cannot declare innocence. his dismissal is based on lack of evidence. Only a judge or jury can declare innocence.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

2:58 poster: There, there, don't worry. Soon, Nifong, Crystal, Brodhead, Gang of 88, et al, will have all the time they want to provide their 'lack of evidence' before a judge and jury. And, trust me, what that judge and jury 'declare' afterwards is NOT going to be innocence.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carolyn, Thank you always being there, my friend! What a glorious new day! Joan

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Actually, a judge or jury can only hand out a verdict of "Guilty" or "Not Guilty." The Attorney General did something highly unusual, which speaks as much about the depths of depravity to which Nifong, Gottlieb, et al., sunk as it did to the innocence of Evans, Finnerty, and Seligmann. I hope they sue Durham and Duke University into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

2:58 PM

Wrong answer

7:32 PM

Right answer

The fact is you will never hear the verdict of innocent issued in a court of law by either a judge or jury. Cooper used the word in a press conference away from the courtroom so that non-lawyers would understand that the situation went far, far, far beyond not guilty, which can be construed by people such as 2:58 as a situation where guilty people beat the rap on a technicality. His further remarks condemning D.A.M.N. are unprecedented in recent memory, adding to his attempt to make it clear to all that Nifong and the entire case were completely without merit.

Only haters and fools will continue to insist that something of a sexual nature happened at the LAX house in March, 2006.