Thursday, October 18, 2007

State Says Rogue Prosecutor On His Own

North Carolina's Attorney General Roy Cooper made the announcement today that the disgraced, disbarred, and former DA Mike Nifong will have to pay for his own defense against the Civil Lawsuit file on Oct 5th. In an NewsObserver report

"The players filed suit in federal court in Greensboro this month alleging that Nifong, the city of Durham, the DNA laboratory hired by the disbarred former prosecutor and numerous police officials conspired to falsely charge the former Duke students with rape.

The suit charges that the defendants maliciously conspired to charge the players with rape even though they knew that allegations were "a total fabrication by a mentally troubled, drug-prone exotic dancer whose claims, time and again, were contradicted by physical evidence, documentary evidence, other witnesses, and even the accuser herself."

Last week, Nifong sent a letter to the Administrative Office of the Courts making an unusual request.

"Because I was a constitutional officer of the state of North Carolina at the time that the subject matter of the complaint arose, ... and because the complaint arises out of the exercise of the duties of that office, I am hereby requesting that you make any necessary arrangements to secure my representation in this matter," Nifong said Oct. 8 in a letter to Judge Ralph Walker, director of the Administrative Office of the Courts, which oversees the state's court system." NewsObserver

A possible reason why the State's response was no to Nifong's request was given by Mary Ann Tally, first recipient of the Champion of Indigent Defense award by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

"Mary Ann Tally, a defense lawyer who has followed many prosecutorial misconduct cases, said that if the request is granted, some taxpayers might object to spending state money defending the discredited former prosecutor.

"The sad truth of the matter is there are a lot of people who already are concerned, and those who aren't may be when they see, 'This affects my pocketbook,' " Tallysaid. "They say, 'I can either have the schools, the roads, or I have to defend a rogue prosecutor.'

See Deputy Attorney General Kelley's letter to Nifong


In a letter from James P. Craven III, Nifong's attorney, to the Chief Deputy Attorney General a response to the denial of the state is given by Nifong. Letter

"I don't know why I continue to expect people to do the right thing." Mike Nifong


Anonymous said...

It is time for Mikey to be a man, admit what he did, go to the attorneys for the lacrosse players, come clean and agree to give truthful testimony against the other defendants. In return, they could agree not to enforce any judgment against him.

At this point, Nifong has nothing of value for the plaintiffs to go after. What good is a multi-million dollar judgment against Nifong? It is not unlike the Goldmans' paper judgment against OJ. Nifong has no job, no employment prospects, no income and I am sure any property he owns has been placed in his wife's name. Nifong's greatest value to the plaintiffs is the information he can give regarding the roles the other defendants played in the hoax. And, if they are going to leave him twisting in the wind w/o a lawyer and try to pin everything on him and him alone (as it apears they are), why shouldn't he turn on them?

Also, coming clean and finally telling the truth would be a good first step for Nifong to take toward redeeming himself and maybe someday getting his license back.

It is time for Nifong to finally do some good.

Anonymous said...

Nifong looks terrible - obviously in the midst of a profound depression. If he cannot hire Joe or Brad, I think he is better defending himself.

Unknown said...

Well, well. My how the tables have turned and NOW Prosecutors are on notice to stop grandstanding and being biased in their pursuit of justice. They need to go after others in the office who looked the other way, but who also took an oath of office.

Anonymous said...

Mikey's problem was that he was found guilty of lying to the court. A criminal act. Not covered by his "official duties". That 1 day in jail is costing mike.

Without that conviction, the state would probably have to pay despite Nifong being a "rogue prosecutor" and being disbarred.

Anonymous said...

Chief Deputy Attorney General Grayson Kelley wrote that state law allows the Attorney General's Office to deny legal representation to state officials being sued for actions outside the scope of their official duties or actions that involved fraud, corruption or malice.


Anonymous said...

"I don't know why I continue to expect people to do the right thing." Mike Nifong


Reade, Collin, and Dave went through hell because you!

Anonymous said...

What monumental fu**ing GALL! Expect people to do the right thing, indeed! If there was even an iota of pity for that lowlife sumbitch, it's gone now!

Anonymous said...

Both Nifong and Craven knows that the Nifong's quote would be released to the public. And they both thought that it was a good idea and that it would presumably help Nifong's cause?

Maybe the state is doing Nifong and favor. If the state paid, Craven would remain Nifong's lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Nifong is still the same arrogant smirking fool he was in Judge Stephen's court. I look back at those attorneys in Durham who said Nifong was always a fair guy. Gees, what passes for fairness in Durham?

Wonder what Woody is up to now?

Anonymous said...

I think that Woody, John bolton, Kerry S and Lawyer Anton in Pa should defend Nifong for free - they had more than their fifteen seconds of fame - thanks to Mike.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

There's an old joke about a man who murders his parents, then asks for mercy from the court because he's an orphan. I think I've finally seen someone display even more chutzpah than is shown in that extreme example. Thank you once again, Mikey, for reminding me why it is I like dogs more than I like people. Hell, thank you once again, Mikey, for reminding me why I like natural disasters more than I like you.

Anonymous said...

mandelbrot's reference to the orphan defense is quite fitting...

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what else Nifong was referring to. "I don't know why I CONTINUE to expect people to do the right thing?" As if everyone but him has been wrong. When else was he expecting people to do the right thing when he thinks they didn't? When he was disbarred, forced to resign, found in criminal contempt?

I think his problem is simply he has no idea what the right thing to do is, in any situation.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know why I continue to expect people to do the right thing." Mike Nifong

What an ironic choice of words from such a moronic man.

Anonymous said...

I agree that one of Michael's lawyer or judge buddies should handle his case pro bono.

No, wait, most of them may be brought into the fray before it's over.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine more clear evidence of sociopathic, narcissistic insanity than "why do I continue to believe people will do the right thing...." But that his lawyer(s) continue to enable it is frightening.

Jim in San Diego said...

Last December,I recall watching a news broadcaster in Durham polling a number of random people on the street about what they thought of Mr. Nifong.

I recall one pleasant elderly woman, who happened to be black, responding, "Maybe he's just crazy".

It appears she had insight most of us lacked at the time.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, Mikey, if you'd done the right thing(s) in the first place, you wouldn't need to feel this way now!

Like absolutely no sympathy for you. You couldn't even take your perp walk alone, like you made the lax guys do. You had to hold wifey's hand.

You wouldn't know the "right thing" to do if it bit you in the rear!

Anonymous said...

Poor Mikey, how does it feel to roll in your own shit? I hope you think about how much destruction your self serving actions have brought upon Durham and the nation. You have now become the poster-child, and satire for comedians everywhere. You a such a pathetic waste of flesh. What you did is a disgrace to our judicial system, and to all of the lives your tenure destroyed. You weep only for yourself, and the only sympathy you will receive is from your cronies, whom I am praying will also be "outed" and OUSTED!

You refused to do anything about my brother's murder, and others. You looked the other way at crimes committed by LE. Admitting to murders for hire, trafficking women and children for prostitution, drug trafficking, counterfeiting, and only God knows what else, perpetrated by Law Enforcement who also took oaths to protect and serve. All you have shown together is your own greedy, to hell with anybody else attitudes and actions.

There is no dollar amount to recompense. No words can adequately describe the agony, and toll you carelessly subjected us to. Still, I can honestly say that seeing you grovel does nothing. As you would say in law, that is moot. Your pitiful one day stunt "in jail" was repulsive and a joke. You still do not take this seriously, and still have no remorse for anything you have done during your "career."

The eyes of the world awaits for accountability. You were not the lone, rogue villain. Many can claim that title. Only, you got caught, so far that is. You did far more than taint the title of your office, you gave it an entire new color. But, this all is by far from over. I am personally requesting each person who reads this to e-mail Governor Cooper, and DEMAND that there will be a Federal Investigation, and more prosecutions to follow. Our government needs to be reminded that you work for US!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Anonymous said...

OT, but now we know why the Justice Dept isn't able to look into the Durhan situation: they're too busy busting magician David Copperfield. I guess innocent white guys don't carry much weight, huh?

Anonymous said...

Nifong is a sociopathic monster. He cannot be redeemed because he has no conscience. And yet, the system continues to protect him.

This inhuman piece of filth belongs in prison, along with Mangum.

Anonymous said...

Oh, "THEY" have looked into it, and have been "looking" for a very long time. The problem is getting "THEM" to act! Again I ask if there is an attorney out here who can draw up a petition for us all to sign, DEMANDING a complete investigation, this bad act has gone on long enough and past time to draw the curtain.

Anonymous said...


It doesn't take an attorney to draw up a petition. But NC citizens are the ones who have to demand the justic in NC, or it has to go to the Feds.

The BEST "petitions" are at the ballot box.

Politicians only understand that language.

Anonymous said...

Sadly though the citizens vote for these losers. You have to wonder why? Durham is now the example of government gone bad, yet they do nothing? I predicted Nifong to be a crook before he was elected, and was quite vocal of my opinion of him and the sheriff.

Maybe it is something they put in the water.....