Monday, September 29, 2008

Updated paperback of Until Proven Innocent ships

Amazon has started shipping the updated paperback of Until Proven Innocent. This is the long awaited version which contains updates since UPI was first published.

“Taylor and Johnson have made a gripping contribution to the literature of the wrongly accused.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Until Proven Innocent is a stunning book.” —The Wall Street Journal“Vivid, at times chilling . . . their most biting scorn is aimed at the ‘academic McCarthyism’ that they say has infected top-rate American universities like Duke.” —Newsweek

“A superb new book . . . a book that not only reads like a legal thriller, but also exposes deep problems with America’s legal system and academic culture.” —The Economist

Look for it at your local bookstores or at Amazon.


Anonymous said...

I honestly do hope that the update includes correction of the Linda Fairstein (mis)quote. I'm sure it will.

Debrah said...

The KC dah-ling!

An academic journey that made history.

Great photo.

It must be one from his appearance a year ago at Duke.

His hair was much shorter then. I like the new look better.....with longer hair.

Although that really is a great photo of him.


Debrah said...

So fast!

My updated paperback version of "UPI" arrived just this morning!