Thursday, October 23, 2008

Phil Seligmann releases Statement

Phil Seligmann, father of former Duke lacrosse player Reade Seligmann, responds to a statement made by Crystal Mangum, who said Thursday she is "still claiming that a sexual assault happened," at a March 2006 party, even though the North Carolina attorney general found otherwise

It is now beyond dispute that Reade Seligmann is innocent and was the victim of demonstrably false accusations by Crystal Mangum. The attorney general of North Carolina dismissed Ms. Mangum's case, finding that Reade was innocent. The former lead detective for the Durham Police Department testified under oath that Crystal Mangum 'was not telling the truth about anything.' Electronic records, including cellular telephone calls and ATM photographs, proved Reade Seligmann was not even present when Ms. Mangum claimed the assault occurred. The forensic DNA findings revealed between five and nine different male profiles in and on Ms. Mangum – none of which matched any person on the Duke men's lacrosse team. Ms. Mangum showed no injuries consistent with the beating and sexual assault that she claimed had occurred.

"Ms. Mangum's 'manuscript' is simply a pathetic attempt to further her need to remain in the public eye at the expense of demonstrably innocent individuals. Her incoherent passages are not based on facts, but are quite simply false ramblings. She ignores all of the verifiable facts of the case. The individuals associated with her publication of this 'manuscript' are seeking to advance themselves by associating with a woman who has a dubious past.

"No crime of any kind took place involving Ms. Mangum or any member of the Duke men's lacrosse team.

"We are presently evaluating all available legal options. If Ms. Mangum and those associated with her continue to slander Reade, we will have no choice and will not hesitate to utilize those options." WRAL-TV


Anonymous said...

For the sake of all of the falsely accused men of this country, PUNISH HER. It's time for this story to end with the perp behind bars FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

No rational person will belive her story, although it is distubing that the boy's characters are being questioned again.
I hope the Duke Three DO attempt to sue the tramp. She was the only person who excaped this ordeal.

Anonymous said...

To Reade's father and everyone who love Reade, Colin, and David, we out here in America may have been silent during the past year, but we have not forgotten you or the guys.

Anonymous said...

Well past time for Crystal to be called to account for her lies. She obviously knows exactly what she is doing and re-stating the charges she knows to be false should make her subject to a large lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

If Crystal wants to continue her lies, then its time that she begins to be brought to justice.

I agree with Michelle Malkins bloggers and that Crystal should be put in jail for a long time.

Reade, Colin and David-you guys are the face of what happens when innocent men are falsely accused of rape (or any sex crime for that matter) and one day justice will prevail.

May you and your families continue to be blessed.


Anonymous said...

It is time, long past time, to hold CGM accountable for what shew has done to these young men, to Duke's reputation, to the trust in our legal system and to the City of Durham. I would like to see someone attempt to calculate the known and estimated costs in legal fees , settlements, job loss, etc. that this woman caused. When will we(all of us) stop making excuses for her and hold her accountable?

The time is now.

Anonymous said...

I agree CGM needs to be held accountable -- now!

However, Duke and the City of Durham can't blame Crystal or even Nifong for 90% of their problems.

Anonymous said...

Crystal is a lying whore - who will continue to do both until she's stopped. She won't stop herself because before a person lies and whores, they first must rid themself of the human decency that blocks such evil behavior. Ergo, Crystal no longer possesses the ability to do the right thing - she has to be forced into doing it.

Another thing - that whore was pumped up on something as she babbled in that bookstore. I've seen soup plates smaller than her dilated eyes.