Thursday, October 23, 2008

“What is the truth, Crystal?”

The Bizzarro Case of Crystal Mangum continued this morning with a Press Conference held at the "In the Know" bookstore which is owned by Bruce Bridges and the founder of the local Durham chapter of the New Black Panther Party.

Crystal was there to publicized her book;

The Last Dance for Grace
The Crystal Mangum Story

WRAL has posted excerpts
The Last Dance for Grace

So what did we learn? Crystal was a victim according to Vince Clark, her handler. Declining repeatedly to answer specifics and admitting the case was over she nevertheless proceeded to say she was assaulted at 610 N. Buchanan.

Vince Clark stated that they have the swabs and underwear Crystal was wearing but refused to retest those items for DNA. He did not say they were already tested twice and discovered numerous non Lax DNA in and around her hindquarters while finding no Lax DNA.

So despite the findings of the NC State AG, the work of the NC State Bar, and even the admission by the former DA Nifong that no sexual assault occurred Mangum continues to persist in her false accusation.

We will be reviewing her book for specifics allegations and comparing those to the files of depositions, testimony, and summary of conclusions by the NC AG Cooper.

We call upon the State of North Carolina to file charges against this false accuser.

Crystal's Quote of the Day

"I'm not just someone who tried to frame innocent Duke students"

See WRAL TV Video

Mangum's Statement


unbekannte said...

I am wondering how, if at all, CGM and her gang explain the DNA testing result. In a rape case, the finding of DNA on the victim which does not match the man accused of the crime indicates the accused did not commit the crime

A case in point, African American Darryl Hunt was convicted of a rape he did not commit and imprisoned for 18 years. DNA testing exonerated him. DNA found on the victim did not match his DNA but matched that of another man who ultimately confessed to the crime.

If retesting of the evidence now held by CGM and her gang somehow shows evidence of LAX involvement, that would surely strain credibility. It ought to, if anything, precipitate an investigation of CGM and her gang.

Taking a page from Nifong, why hasn't CGM and her gang gone to court and filed civil charges? If someone really has a case for damages, they would go to a lawyer. Even people who have no case often try to sue for damages.I suspect CGM and her gang fear cross examination.

So, CGM, get a conscience, not a book deal. You know what really happened. Now is the time to come forth.

gak said...

I watched the press conf. but not the Q&A after. When she walked to the podium, the first thing I thought was "deer in the headlights". Based on what I saw of the whole thing, She is a tool in Vince's tool box for him to make money. I don't know who put up the money for the book, but by the time the "accounting" is finished I'll bet she only has a dollar or two left. So much for the dollar per book to women's causes. At one point she stated that the lacross boys made money from the mess, and was then immediatly shut down by Vince. The implication was why can't I make money too? I expect to see her added to the existing cases or brought to court in a case all her own

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, does Crystal not realize she is setting herself up for another few years of hell? Was Vince one of the drivers from the escort service? For some reason I remember his name coming up pre-non-trial.

She is a disgrace to herself and all other strippers looking for a buck.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she could get Michelle Obama to help write her book. They have a grudge against white people and it shows.

Anonymous said...

By the way -- is that really a person or is it miniNifong in a rubber suit? GOOD GOD does she look fake.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's about to get raped, alright....


It amazes me this girl just doesn't know when to shut up.

mac said...

"I'm not just someone who tried to frame innocent Duke students."

No, you're someone who used those young men to stay out of the mental hospital, someone who made them go through hell in the national media, someone who had in their possession multiple samples of male DNA, none of it from the accused.

And you are not just someone: you're a nobody. You've had your 15 minutes of infamy. Just go away.

Anonymous said...

I hope she sticks around long enough to educate America all about false accusers and their crimes. Then she can go away.

Anonymous said...

Crystsl and her team of handlers are truly the lowest scum on the earth, but everyone knows their motive. But what is even more sickening are those who are supposed to uhold justice, the constituion and laws in this country have done nothinhg to stop this terrorist.