Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Dance for Money

In our one word review of Crystal's book, "Crock!", we left off many details from her memoirs. It was for good reason, we decided it didn't warrant it. Now another Blog, In Cold Blog, has taken up the task.

The Last Dance for Money

By Star LaBranche

Okay, so I caved and bought
Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story. At least I only got the e-book version and didn't shell out the 10 extra dollars for the hardback. What can I say? I have a train wreck fascination.

Anyway, it goes without saying that Crystal Mangum is still insisting that she was attacked and in order to take this book seriously you have to believe her. So that narrows down the audience. But even if you could somehow convince yourself that Mangum was telling the truth about what happened that night at the Duke Lacrosse party, the book is at best confusing and poorly written.

Naturally, the writers have to state that the accused will never go to trial for what they were accused of doing as a disclaimer. However, Vincent Clark, the man that wrote the introduction and edited the book, claims that the book isn't going to accuse anyone of anything, it's only about Crystal and her struggles. Yes, her struggles after accusing people of things. Where her type of therapy is writing about the people that she accused and still insisting that she was sexually assaulted at the party. But it's only about her!

But this book is to prove that Crystal Mangum is a human being. Was there a debate that she was part of the species? Clark insists that you will not be able to view Mangum in the same light and by reading her story you will be forever changed. Also, all young women should read this book so that they can learn from her mistakes. That one mistake that they don't mention is accusing three innocent men of rape.... In Cold Blog

Check out the rest for yourself and visit their Blog. They have quite a list of writers who cover real crime and the issues surrounding the criminal justice system.

Our deepest thanks to Star LaBranche.

Hat Tip: mike in houston


Debrah said...

As many have already heard, there is an investigation going on inside the DPD because a few morons wrote something derogatory about Obama.

Of course, all public employees should be held to higher standards; however, the stratospheric double standards are hilarious.

Here we have a few DPD officers writing infantile things on a teeny-bopper website, yet no one called for an investigation into much more serious conduct by many Durham officials on many past occasions---not the least being 2006-7.

On this one the NC NAACP and the flatulent Barber are "on the case".


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Star LaBranche, for yet another expose of CGM's "truth"
--- "it's all about "HER"."

I hope you will be reimbursed for your expense of "reviewing" V/Ed Clark's version of what he wished it to be.
And double reimbursement for 'hazardous duty pay' for attempting to comprehend what CGM was trying to do, and WHY she was doing it !!
Why in the world does she feel she was protected by Durham police and politicos?

Anonymous said...

Prosecute the liar.

Debrah said...

A lively discussion here.

I think that Bill Anderson or someone linked this forum on another thread.

This guy is working very hard to keep the Hoax alive.


Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I'm really glad that you all liked my article. I was thinking about doing a longer one and take it chapter by chapter. There are so many lies and bizarre justifications for her behavior that by the I finished reading the been I had been rolling my eyes so much that it actually started to hurt.

Until next time.


Debrah said...

The objective analysis and cool brilliance continues.

Everyone should read this carefully.

Anonymous said...

Well written article.

Stupid book that contributes nothing except that some people will do anything to make a buck.

I hope this is Vincent Clark's crowning jewel in his career. With project picks like this, I doubt we can expect anything worth while.