Thursday, December 11, 2008

"It is better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven."

Durham, NC -- Duke’s Blue Devil identity took on new meaning the afternoon of Dec. 9 as President Richard Brodhead assumed the role of Satan at a reading of John Milton’s epic poem, “Paradise Lost.”

Brodhead was joined by English professor Sarah Beckwith as Beelzebub and Gregson Davis, dean of humanities and professor of classical studies, as the narrator. The event, held in the Rare Book Room of Perkins Library, marked the 400th anniversary of Milton’s birth.

“This event is a testament to the enduring power and brilliance of Milton’s writing,” said Ian Baucom, professor and chair of the English department. Baucom said the event is part of a year-long celebration of poetry sponsored by the department.

Duke is an appropriate place for such an event...Duke Today

In Paradise Lost by John Milton when Lucifer was banished from Heaven, he said, "It is better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven."

Professor Sarah Beckwith performed effortlessly as Beelzebub, a lieutenant who followed Lucifer into hell. She was one of the 88 Duke Professors who signed the inflammatory ad against the Lacrosse Team

Our congratulations to the casting director for employing the Stanislavski's 'system'

Hat Tip: Quasi, Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Never was someone more destined for a role!

Anonymous said...

He's too stupid to play Satan. He should have played Satan's roadie or prison bitch instead.

Anonymous said...

Whats next,a Pulitzer for Crystal?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Joy and her husband in the satanic sex thing?

Anonymous said...

It was "hushed." City leaders don't want the world to know the Devil IS in Durm.

Anonymous said...

I will add an AMEN to that!

Anonymous said...

Makes ya wonder what they will say when they go before God, he will not accept the fifth.