Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Biggest Loser Club 5th Reunion

In a Bar named Blincos, The Reunion Group would meet
They huddled in a corner...their memories bittersweet
Once they had might and power, and better yet, respect.
Now they wore the Albatross of ..THEIR HOAX...around the neck.

Look, there's Sergeant longer in the loop.
Such..a copious note-taker...they made him Secretary of the Group.
And there sits Nursie Tara, her career path's not the same.
You may see her toting bed pans..but she'll never be a SANE.

They start dicussing lawsuits, the threat looms large and long.
Then Tara yells to Linwood "How 'bout a cheer up song?"
But when Linwood starts a-crooning of lost marriages and jobs
No one can understand him, as he struggles through his sobs.

So Nifong takes the moment, jumps up upon the Bar
(Just by sheer coincidence he brought the J4N guitar.)
"I was once so mighty, with the power of the State
Cheshire used to fear me....defense lawyers used to quake"

"The media's "rodeo cowboy"...yes, those were the days."
(Now he does the Nifong Elvis with his cape)
He does a few more pelvic thrusts, then waits for some applause
But the audience just gapes at him, so Mikey takes a pause.

He sits down by Brian Meehan, EX-EXPERT of DNA
"Hey" says Nursie Tara" How 'bout a drinking game we play?
Let's say we have to chug-a-lug for every single thing we've lost!
Line up those foaming pitchers...nobody count the cost!"

Gottlieb yells to Meehan..."Any beer left down by you?"
Meehan looks to Nifong..."My Client tells me what is true."
Is that Brodhead cowering in the his usual Craven pose?
Lecturing on "moral courage" has added inches to his nose.

The evening passes slowly, too bad Crystal's still in jail.
But nobody's contributing...when they pass the Hat for bail.
It's not that they aren't caring, though money is quite tight.
But nobody who owns a knife, will host Mangum for the night.

Finally the bar is closing...Linwood says adieu.
His days are just exhausting...all that legal work to do.
Nifong can commiserate...his work just never stops.
Doing Cy's laundry, cleaning toilets, wringing mops.

They bid each other fond farewells...the world has no friendly port.
"See you at the depositions...see you next in court!"

Only Gottlieb lingers....strange...he is the last to go.
Claims he's meeting in the alley...some Cook he...used to know....

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