Saturday, October 20, 2007

Professor Anderson tells it like it is

Bill Anderson is a professor of economics at Frostburg State University in Maryland and an adjunct scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He has been an ardent supporter of the innocence of the Reade, Collin, and Dave. Throughout the life of the Hoax he has claimed their civil rights were being trampled by the deceitful actions of the DA and PD. His columns on are eagerly awaited. Today he has released one of his most hard hitting.

Why There Will Be No Criminal Investigation in the Duke Case

"The daily page of the Liestoppers blog says it all: Time it has taken Roy Cooper to start a criminal investigation: 124 Days, 19 Hours, 28 Minutes, 49 Seconds. The clock ticks continuously, and by the time readers see this, more time will elapse.

In fact, the clock might as well tick forever, for there will not be any criminal investigation at all, not from the State of North Carolina, and certainly not from the federal government. None...."
Professor Anderson's entire article is a must read for those who wonder why, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence of prosecutorial and police misconduct, US Attorney Anna Mills Wagoner and NC Attorney General Cooper have not acted. Those entrusted in our government waffled in fear of political consequences.

It is now apparently in the hands of of the civil attorneys. We wish them well. We support them fully. As Ben Bradlee might say, "It's only the Constitution of the United States which is at stake!"


Anonymous said...

IMO, this is the most unbelievable conspiracy since Whitewater. I am so glad to see true journalists not fearing exposing the TRUTH. Our government has perpetually lied to the public, and by neglecting the thousands of requests for Federal Intervention has fallen on deaf ears, and furthur proves to the citizens that we cannot trust our elected officials. This is a dangerous concept. Slowly our rights are being chipped away. Does anybody really care?

The message they are sending is one of being "Untouchable." This is not the nation my father and ancestors fought and died for. They did not risk their lives to salute an American flag made in a communist country. These men went by blind faith into wars to give us the rights we should have today. This is not the USA I want to live in. It has become a police state, and is only getting worse. When we shout for reform, they call us crazy and heretics. When confronted with absolute proof, they morph it into psychological contortions.

I never would have imagined our countries leaders to be so foul. I have completely lost faith in our system. Numerous governmental agencies have the time to monitor blog sites, but do not have "our" best interests at heart. They have no hearts. Their fuel is deceit and division. I commend those of us who are not "afraid" to use our real identities. Staying anonomous shows fear that people are frightened of "repurcussions?!"

These are truly dark days. I am ashamed of our leaders, and pray now only for "DIVINE" intervention, in God I can trust, in people I cannot. Oh, what a world indeed.

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio
Still fighting for justice for my murdered brother,
and all of the families Durham NC have neglected

Anonymous said...

Fifty million dollars later - Whitewater is deemed a fiasco. Newt resigns instead of Big Bill - The Clintons lost money on the Whitewater deal. We would say in DC "How do we get Ken Starr out of town?" I am not a fan of Bill Anderson but he may be right on this one.

Anonymous said...

Love letter to Charlie Piot. Enjoy.

Subject: Greetings from Polanski
Dear Professor,

I'm the sole banned poster from DIW as well as the coiner of such wonderful terms as "Angry Studies" and "academic welfare."

Does it embarrass you that AAAS has more funding than cultures of genius--you know, little places like Japan and China? Are there any tier 1 geniuses in AAAS? Goethe, Shakespeare, Confucius, Euler? Of course not. What you do have is Henry Gates and WEB Du Bois, both non-geniuses.

Why not be honest and argue that academic welfare for middle-class blacks is good for the nation?


Jim Clyne

An anonymous Polanski recently posted on DIW:
Damn good response to that pathetic, "scholarly" article, Professor.

Let's get real: that article was nothing more than an incompetent "brief" written by an untalented professor/advocate to rationalize the existence of affirmative action and the black-victim metanarrative. And I don't believe the racist emails he cites came from racists. I suspect they were written by G88 supporters. Curious that Piot did not refer to the central argument for extirpating Angry Studies from Duke: 1) it foments antiwhite racism, and 2) it is unworthy of funding.

The biggest lie contained in Piot's failed brief is this whopper, in the 1st graph: "[post-Crystal Duke] was a time of backlash against African American students." Gee, could this "backlash" have anything to do with the evils of affirmative action and black racism? Give me a break!

I'm glad this lightweight is angry with you and the blog.

Citizens of Rome, I salute you.

Anonymous said...

AG Cooper is a politican who wants to be governor. He lost me when he didn't start a criminal investigation after he declared the guys innocent.

Clearly Cooper didn't want to investigate the corruption in Durham. Nifong was not alone.

Anonymous said...

AG Cooper is a politican who wants to be governor. He lost me when he didn't start a criminal investigation after he declared the guys innocent.

Clearly Cooper didn't want to investigate the corruption in Durham. Nifong was not alone.

Anonymous said...

Ken Starr's reputation is as good as Nifong's. What a nefarious lot we have as our legislators, nothing short of dispicable.


Anonymous said...

The system is corrupt. Nifong is the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

I have said that since day one. The denial and cover-up only adds credence to conspiracy. AGAIN, where are the FEDS?

Anonymous said...

AGAIN, where are the FEDS?

6:27 AM

If you have to ask, you didn't read Bill Anderson's post in Lew that was linked here.

Anonymous said...

No conspiracy here - just an agressive DA trying to get elected. Nothing was stopping Nifong - The Feds know there is no grassy knoll involved with this case. Even the AG made that clear.

Anonymous said...

No conspiracy here - just an agressive DA trying to get elected. Nothing was stopping Nifong - The Feds know there is no grassy knoll involved with this case. Even the AG made that clear.

Who are you? Roy Cooper?

Anonymous said...

When the first two commenters become Rhonda and Polanski, it's probably time to close the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Duke84, still stalking me? I could care less what your opinions are. I am here forjustice, you are here to instigate. The WalMart job not working out for you?

Anonymous said...

5:08 No, not Cooper. The Duke hoax was about votes, Nifong's election and civil rights violations - never about rape. Nifong and the Judges violated the Constituational rights of the defendants and got away with it for thirteen months. That is the horror of the event. It took five million dollars, ten of the best defense attorneys in NC, thousands of bloggers and KC JOhnson to stop the fiasco and some bloggers want to form a conspiracy of the small potatoes folk.
Rhonda - my heart breaks for anyone who has had a loss, including myself, but no matter what we do, the moving hand has moved on. That is not DUke 84.

Anonymous said...


what's your point?

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that the non-investigation of Durham Cty by the Feds is a travesty of justice, not some minor oversight. However, don't you have a few corrupt politicians in Maryland you could be exposing Prof. Anderson or would that really take courage by a Maryland resident?

Anonymous said...

The Feds haven't stepped in because this in not political. Now if Reade, Colin or Dave were the sons of Democratic Senators you could be sure there would be an uproar in the Congress and Senate that the FEDs are not stepping in. Committess would have been formed and an investigation would have been launched months ago. There is no political agenda to drive the Feds to step in. The common people of the U.S. who care about the Constituion are the ones who should demand the Federal Government to step in. These boys could have been anyones boys being sent off to college. If it can happen to them, it can happen to anyone. For the Department of Justsice to investigate the colleges that have nooses being hung from trees and not this case, shows the bias they have towards the white race. These boys for over a year had a noose around their necks and a state government official put it there is a reason to investigate. So get on the phone, write those letters.... don't let your government say to you that your Consstituional rights don't mean anything. Your Senators and Conrgessman waste to much time on the floor sqaubbling their own agendas, for once lets make them do their jobs and stand up for what this country was built on Truth, Honesty and Justice for ALL.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Bill, New Orleans is still a mess because the Bush Administration is full of socialists. Riiiiight.

Liestoppers is really putting their credibility in question by associating themselves with right-wing nutjobs like Bill Anderson.

Anonymous said...

This is fundamentally an anti-male thing, not a race thing. The government is allowing the perpetrators of this fraud to go unpunished because of the political influence of feminists and the abuse industry.

It's happening everywhere, not just here.

Anonymous said...

Bill Anderson is nothing more than a John Bircher plain and simple,IMO and anyone knows Birchers are xenophobic, racist and anti-communist by definition. For him to argue that Jena was not a hotbed of racial intolerance when Jena residents both black and white admitted on Nightline and other TV interviews that there was a white tree and that the white students who hung the nooses were not expelled but had a light punishment and that the tree incident was just the start of a series of racial clashes that even involved burning the school and the later fights( the white man beaten by the Jena 6 was taunting them about hanging them with the nooses and calling them N----rs)is ridiculous, IMO.

Newsflash to Bill Anderson: people other than drunken preppies who verbally abuse black women also have civil rights.

Another newsflash: Anderson has stated on here that he has adopted some black kids! Has he ever thought how his adopted kids would feel if they were tormented like that at school? What can someone who does not recognize racism and who supports the actions of racists tell a black child in their care? I shudder to think what he is telling them.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I had no idea that I was a member of the John Birch Society! Guess they gave me free membership and did not tell me about them.

I guess Jayson Whitlock is a racist, too. Oh, he has not spouted the party line, so he must be an Uncle Tom.

Yeah, I hate my own children, too, and spout racist slogans at them. Right.

It is interesting to read the abusive comments on this blog, but I guess that some people in Durham still are disappointed they were not able to get their cherished wrongful conviction.

From everything I have heard about the party, no one abused Crystal Mangum, but I guess people in wonderland believe what they want to believe.

Anonymous said...

No on has said you hate your kids or that you shout racist slogans at them! But you tend to side with the side of white racists in any white-black conflict that I have seen you write about on this blog and others and you tend to belittle any charges of racism, etc. You seem to think it is ok to racially degrade someone like the Lax team did and their lawyers admitted those comments were made.

Part of being a parent of a black child is educating them about racism so they will grow up strong and understand what they may face and so they do not internalize a negative self image. I am an african american and have been treated to a cross burning when I moved into a new neighborhood as an adult, had my tires slashed when I made National Honor society and the white person caught doing it did not( he left me a nice note saying I would be lynched too) and I have been called a N----r by a person I did not know as I walked across campus as an undergraduate. I have been told by some of my white classmates that I am an affirmative action placement when I did not even check black on my application and had a 1540 on the SAT out of 1600 and was on full scholarship at my university for that reason and was a Merit scholar because of my test scores--and these events were in the 80's and 90's and 2000's.

I have been told a lot of negative things about being black during the years but I succeeded in spite of that as my parents were high achievers too and they told me about racism, the causes of it, the maifestations of it and to keep on fighting and establish my own self worth. Only when I was denied my rightful place in something did they get involved: one of my teachers who ran our smart bowl tournament would not let me join an existing team as she said I was not qualified despite the fact that I was an all A student and in AP courses so I did qualify. So I asked for permission to form my own team. None of my white classmates would join my team so I ended up with an all black team--we beat every intramural squad and then won the state title. My parents later had that teacher reprimanded by the school board and she lost her job after the board investigation revealed that there were 14 other students she also refused to allow to try out for similar reasons.

Since you do not believe that racism exists, if your child came up on a similar situation,what what you do ? what would you advise them? That is part of parenting black kids and to me you seem woefully inadequate to do so based on the comments I see you printing on this board and others but that is just my opinion. Since I am black and from Durham, feel free to disregard it.

Anonymous said...

I remember last year someone from Durham called me a "MF racist because you won't believe a black woman."

So, if I did not believe Crystal (Which story?), that makes me a racist.

When have I sided with racists in any story? I sided with the lax players because they were falsely accused of rape. Remember that none one of the three young men accused made any of the comments of which you speak. (You also fail to add that it was Kim Roberts who started the whole business by calling one of the players a "limp-d**k white boy.")

The Jena case is one in which the story that is on the news all the time is not a complete story, nor is it all true. I remember someone writing in the Herald-Sun that one of the six simply was "standing up for justice." I do not think that cold-cocking a kid, knocking him unconscious, and then kicking him repeatedly when he is unconscious is "standing up for justice." Had that assault been permitted to continue, they would have killed Barker.

I never have written that the six in Jena have been treated fairly. I just have said -- as has Jayson Whitlock -- that what is being presented as "fact" is not true, and there are many blacks in Jena who have said the same thing.

Look, I never have said that blacks in Jena always have been treated fairly. The history of Jim Crow tells us de facto that such a statement is not true. Jim Crow was not benevolent; it was violent and imposed by the force of the state.

By the way, answer me this. Do you approve of what Al Sharpton did in the Crown Heights affair? It literally was the worst anti-Jewish pogrom in American history, and Sharpton was the leader. When Lemrick Nelson stabbed the Jewish rabbinical student to death (and then was acquitted in an act of jury nullification), we he "standing up for justice." Do you approve of Al Sharpton's many anti-semitic statements?

I find it interesting that you have declared that any questioning of what Nifong did is an act of racism. if that is so, then you are saying that you support police lying and false charges whenever it suits your political purposes.

Over the years, blacks have received the short end of the justice stick. I have written many articles condemning the Drug War, and one reason I believe it to be wrong is because blacks often are targeted. Here is something that Gene Callahan and I wrote on racial profiling:

I also have written other things that have been in support of civil rights. So, if you wish to call me a racist, that is your choice.

As for Durham, the AA community there threw all of its credibility to supporting Crystal's charges. However, had she made such charges against black males, I suspect you would have seen through them immediately. They were not credible, and did not have the science of forensics behind them.

Unfortunately, even though blacks often are the ones who are abused by the justice system, instead of applying that experience and calling for justice to prevail, Durham's black leaders instead decided to create a lynch mob atmosphere. That was wrong, and it always is wrong, no matter what races are involved.

I find it interesting that the AA community in Durham still is attempting to salvage this case. Why you have thrown all of your credibility behind a person who simply is not credible is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

African-American journalist Jason Whitlock tells you who massaged the Jena 6 story and distorted key elements before giving it to the media for dissemination.

Anonymous said...

You seem to think it is ok to racially degrade someone like the Lax team did and their lawyers admitted those comments were made.

You tell me one place -- one place -- where I said it was OK to "racially degrade" someone. One place.

No, you won't be able to find any place, because it was not there.

By the way, do you believe that it was "OK" for Al Sharpton to support people who chanted, "Hitler didn't finish the job"?

You tell me the difference between Al Sharpton and Sam Bowers? There really is none, except they are mirror images of one another.

I will say I am sick of the hypocrisy I see coming from Durham. We hear all this talk about "justice," but then we get the Duke Lacrosse case, which was about railroading innocent people into prison for something that never happened. That is not a racist statement on my part; it is the truth.

You may think that "truth" is whatever gives you the best outcomes, racially speaking. I believe that truth is what actually happened, not what people wish had happened.

As for Whitlock, remember that he also took an anti-Nifong stance, and he knew it was a hoax.

As for Jena, there has been wrongdoing on both sides. I have heard from you that Justin Barker was giving racial taunts, and I have heard elsewhere that he did not.

However, kicking an unconscious man -- by six people -- is wrong, period. Whether or not the "attempted murder" charges were the right charges -- and I don't think they were -- does not change the fact of what these young men did to someone else.

Now, you can say that what those young men in Jena did was justified, but on that point we will disagree. If Barker did taunt them, there are more peaceful ways to resolve the conflict than to cold-cock him and kick him when he was unconscious. That was wrong, no matter what races of people were involved.

Anonymous said...

Here is an article written by someone who actually covered the events in Jena. It looks as though the Hurled-Scum is batting a thousand when it comes to getting the story wrong:

Anonymous said...

Bill - You gotta be one of the few folk in Americas still reading this rag. Michael Bell is back in jail for eighteen months from his own doing - He sure did not need any help from anyone else. In my opinion - he was overcharged and was not fair to treat him as an adult in this instance. That is my complaint. It is a fairness issue. You remember - what we all wanted for the team.