Saturday, July 29, 2006

Anybody But Nifong Campaign Bumper Stickers Coming Soon To A Rear End in Durham

Confidential sources close to unidentified moderate members of the Anybody But Nifong campaign have informed LieStoppers that ABN bumper stickers and other promotional materials are in production and poised to hit Durham shortly. The candidate's spokes-cousin has confirmed this exclusive news as well. We are, however, unable to confirm whether the exclusive previews below actually made it to production or were lost on the cutting room floor.


Jackie O'Knight said...

Hey, How can I get one of those for my ride?

Anonymous said...

I think your bumper stickers are really cool. I especially like the
"Nifong Scares Me", because he really does scare the hell out of me. I want two bumper stickers, one for my car and one for my dorm.
Please let us know how to buy them.

Anonymous said...

Great bumper stickers!

Will Jakki be Nifong's campaign manager?

LieStoppers said...

Thank you for your interest in the Anybody But Nifong bumpers stickers. The bumper stickers are currently in the pre-production planning process. Please continue to check our LieStoppers blog for details on availability. Meanwhile, Anybody But Nifong might simply left click on the bumper stickers, insert heavy duty sticky paper into a printer and then print multiple copies. We welcome you to print the samples and display them proudly on your rear end or wall.

Rumor has it that there is a $0.14 reward for the first submission of a photo of the Hey Couch! Got MILF? sticker attached to Anybody But Nifong's vehicle. It will be helpful, but not required, for said photo submissions to show notable Durham landmarks. Thank you again for your support.

LieStoppers said...

The pdf files at the top of the links will work best for anyone wishing to print ABN bumper stickers. Be certain to use, at a minimum, 8.5 x 11 photo gloss sticker paper available at most every office supply store. Bumper stickers are also available for distribution, in limited quantities, by mail. Requests for ABN stickers will be filled on a first come, first serve basis for now. Send requests by the email to

Anonymous said...

Where’s the “Hey Couch! Got MILF?” sticker? I do not see it on here anymore…that was my favorite. If you make this bumper sticker available for download, I will be back for my $ 0.14 reward.

krddurham - WTVD11 forum

LieStoppers said...


Got Milf can be found here:

You should be able to paste the url into your browser to access the graphic. If the print does not work correctly on your end, we'd be pleased to send you the sticker by mail along with your 14 cents. Thanks for the vigourous skate patrol.

Anonymous said...

Nifong has a new campaign slogan:

Anybody Butt Cheek[s]!

Expect new bumperstickers anyday now.