Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Nature lovers...do you need a diversion from the Duke Lacrosse hoax ? We invite you to join in the newest LieStoppers organized activity: AGENDA WATCHING

Agendas are abundant in Nifongville. A bit like bird-watching, but essentially easier, due to the size of local Agendas. AGENDA WATCHING most closely resembles whale-watching.

Local Agendas are found in prolific numbers around the Herald Sun and N&O buildings....with large nests in the editorial offices of both...but scattered along the headwaters of the Headline and Bi-line as well.

We have spotted varying breeds of Agendas in the vicinity of the Durham PD, and City Council Chambers. City Manager Patrick Baker is a well known activist in local Agenda conservation.

The Court TV message board is a natural habitat of many Agendas...though experts have noted that under the current management supervision ..buzzards of a certain Blatant Bias variety are encouraged to mate, reincarnate and show their natural "displays"...while larks of the LAX supporter type are routinely driven off. If you are interested in sightings of Lax supporters, be aware of this hostile breeding enviorment.

The hallowed halls of Duke University offer fine Agenda sighting opportunities as well. There are at least 88 varieties of Buzzards there...though only one Coleman eagle has been spotted. Happily, the administration building is a fine foraging area for Agendas of every known type. Choosing your favorite may be difficult!

Please join us, Friends...beginning tomorrow, for our First Annual Agenda Sighting...our own Virtual Saunter!

Grab your notepads and field glasses! Post your finest Agendas as you find them and tell us where they forage and where they nest.

The LieStoppers Field Trip....sign up now!


D. Rich said...

Out early..and spotted a magnificent Agenda on the front page of the N&O. Actually it's been squatted there for several weeks now. It's in the little "Most Popular Stories " block.
I spot a BIG agenda on the headline for this nothing new piece... that rivets us with the news that the DNA of the two players WHO LIVE IN THE HOUSE was actually (get ready now...) FOUND IN THE HOUSE.

But the fact that the N&O tells us daily that this is the Prom Queen of all their reporting...still making the most popular list since August 2....gosh, that makes it one beautiful Agenda-sighting, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

The headline of that article - "Two Duke Lacrosse DNA Tests Are Positive" - was extremely misleading, especially since the content itself was fair and factual.

Niolet pointed out that there was no mythical "match" on the fingernail found in the trash can, despite the lying leak from Nifong's office.

He also made clear that both of the players whose dna "tested positive" lived at the house where their dna was bound to be found.

So, who wrote that agenda-driven headline and why?

Gotcha! said...

Huge agenda hovering now around the Herald Sun meeting page! Meeting of "Recall Nifong/ vote Cheek" listed but...NO meeting time given. Small sabotage chickies hatching over there?


Anonymous said...

Yes, and notice how they separated the group name from the meeting place, something they didn't do with any other group mentioned.

Anonymous said...

A flock of agenda gathered over at ctv this past weekend. The attack started with the retetive warble of a Charlotte, then night fall brought the destructive, vampire like skate! The LAX larks with the help of a numbered vechile, a SUV willing to cross Nifong's river Styx and a beautiful N.C. county were able to repel the flock. A few of the evil spawn of the agenda, mainly little p and the mis named truthseeker still willswope down for a peck, to no avail. The sancity of spelling still suffers!

Will said...

A visit to the CTV board these days is a bit like sitting through Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". All squawk from those same old tweety brains...never any substance.Their hero Nifong hasn'texactly shown up at the ole birdfeeder for them, ...if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ctv posters, please don't forget tho one who sings the loudest, that Old Faithful of Vitriol, that Great Lake of Hate, that veritable Nile of Bile, with a name a whole lot sweeter than she is. Her agenda is pretty simple, really. Be MEAN in as many obtrusive (and obtuse) ways as possible. It's hard not to sight that one.

Anonymous said...

Although I read CTV message boards a time or two I never posted there.
I'm happy to see I made the right choice by not signing up.

88 Idiots said...

Loyal readers...any swanning Agendas spotted on the Duke campus?

J said...

The agenda is clear on CTV- there is a moderator with a complete aversion to anything true.
Posers who write the "victim's" site.
Granny's who are senile.
MD's who skate around the facts clogging arteries with meaningless plaque.

They are the "protected" class who will say or do anything to keep the TRUTH silent

Anonymous said...

I just spotted an winged vertebrate,
with a very narrow segmented spinal column and a extremely small cranium. It was hovering over at Court TV. I believe it's a aquafrigus

Anonymous said...

Professor Coleman is quoted in SI as follows:

At Duke Law School the faculty has been buzzing about the case, according to professor James Coleman, who chaired a committee to investigate the lacrosse program.

"You've got a prosecutor playing to race," he says. "It's disgusting.
If he's willing to [make race an issue] to go after what he thinks are three white kids with influence, what will he do going against some poor black kid in a case where people are saying, 'You've got to convict somebody?'
To me, a prosecutor who's willing to cut corners in any case is a prosecutor who's subverting justice."


The possible agenda sighting is as follows:

I entered the search terms: Coleman + Duke + Lacrosse + "subverting justice". I only got 4 relevant hits - 2 were from the Durham in Wonderland blog.

I could find no evidence that the News & Observer or the Herald-Sun ever published the quote by Professor Coleman.

Thanksgiving- approaches said...

Oh yeah, it's been confirmed there are several VERY large "Meleagris Gallopavo silvestris"..i.e. turkeys...at both locations.

Anonymous said...

I have found the CTV board to be interesting and useful. The racists and insulters do get "banned," but there is a wide range of opinion, from LAX supporters such as myself to those supporting the accuser. The FODU site is too one-sided. LAX supporters need to know what those with a different opinion are thinking. I don't like when some of the CTV posters stoop to personal insults, but you have to separate the wheat from the chaff.
I started some of the dialogue about the 9ll call on the CTV board and am happy to see it expanded by liestopper's excellent "Hoax Within A Hoax."

Anonymous said...

You have not spotted any of zee, how you say, Agendas, on the CTV Board. Ieentersting, No?

Anonymous said...

You have not spotted any of zee, how you say, Agendas, on the CTV Board. Ieentersting, No?

Borat said...

That is me, Borat, above. We do not have such Agendas in my country.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda hard to Agenda Watch at ctv when all the threads and links go bye bye in the night or on a whim. There had been some excellent discussion there and plenty of useful research. At one point there was well over 100 pages of threads. Last I checked there were 2 or 3. That just seems like an awful lot of material to have censored. Why post where you know the thought police will erase what disagrees with the chosen agenda?

Anonymous said...

I will never go back to the Court TV message boards. That place is a disgrace. The so called moderator is biased, irrational and incompetent. I have even lost my comfort level with much of the CTV television programming.

Anonymous said...

If you think ctv is bad, check out the recent non sense at Talk Left's blog. A poster over there is argueing endlessly about cuts and bruises on the FA that weren't there when she got to the hospital! I'm expecting to see denials of the Holocast soon. Oh wait.... thats the WTVD board. LOL

Anonymous said...

ctv is both interesting and usefule AND full of agendas. I like LieStoppers more.

Anonymous said...

I think I found an agenda!


Duke Rape Investigation Not Concern To Parents, Students


students said they are not worried about the decision to attend Duke.

Anonymous said...

I think I found an Agenda dropping or is that a Hersey's Kiss next to the binoculars?

Anonymous said...

There's a difference?

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's the Red Sea of Bitterness and Ennui! It's the Waterfall of Gall! I see her, right there in the picture.

Anonymous said...

My favorite, from a little while back, was the CTV poster who was concerned about there not being any fingerprint evidence from the bathroom. Clearly, a dodo bird sighting.

Anonymous said...

The agenda here should be how to spot the truth, certainly DPD can't.

Anonymous said...

The Rhine of Whine is bragging about her UNSAVORY MOMMA SNOOPING on ctv again. I am so very glad she is not my mother!

Anonymous said...

The wet one finally revealed her thoughts about what UNSAVORY thing went on that night, and aquafriga went into a tailspin and closed the board again.

Anonymous said...

Was the shutdown because of the unsavory comments or the attack on a numbered car by a southern city and the ensuing meltdown of the city after being called out as ignert? LOL Keep it closed. Most of the crazies over there aren't smart enuf to get to another board anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think I see an agenda up near Times Square.

Anonymous said...

Nifong depends on hearing the forced false testimony of the vulnerable- lead investigator leSgt. Mark Gottlieb, who committed a racial assult in a parking lot in Durham and is being investigated for, by among others Nifong, and he needs to be cleared of for his carreer to continue

( http://www.newsobserver.com/145/story/463277.html ) and attempt at discrediting, intimidating, or punishing witness for the truth through prosecutorial misconduct such as forcing the risk and expense of phony trials and verdicts such as happend to other duke players and the cabbie.

This is just a pure racial offense against designed to fuel race and class warfare by a sleazy politician who, by comparison, makes the Sherrif of Naughtingham look honest and fair.

Ed Donegan said...

Friday, September 08, 2006
Duke rape cops probed in racist attack
Here is a story I am following about the Duke "rape" case. The lead investigator, who just wrote a report very friendly to the Nifong in the case, is under pressure from the DA over an attack this lead investigator committed against a citizen of Durham, and thus probably got pressured into the friendly report just to try to appease the DA.


Ed Donegan said...

What does it mean if the accuser did correctly ID three Duke students who attended the party? Did it mean she was raped? No, everyone admits she and they were at the party, at least at the beginning.

What it proves is that when the accuser and Kin Roberts were locked in the bathroom together alone, as Kim Roberts even accidently admitted on national TV, they had absolutely no way of kinowing who was still at the party and who was not – because they were alone in the bathroom together.

Anonymous said...

If you think ctv has an agenda, you ought to have been a poster there for years and said something about the pig~~nancy graceless.
They ban you for that.
I know someone who posted that there and has been banned for it a couple of times.
They have their own favorite biddiebats who can post whatever they want and not get banned.
The place is a shithouse.