Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Announcing: New LieStoppers Features

We are pleased to introduce two new features to our blog. We anticipate that, with your help, both might become regularly recurring items at LieStoppers.

The first new feature, we are calling Busted!. In our Busted! posts, we will call out media and public figures who attempt to distort the truth. For the first edition of Busted!, Georgia Goslee was kind enough to make a guest appearance at LieStoppers.

For our second new feature, our intentions require your kind assistance. In Our Collective Voice, we would like to share a selected reader's submission with the growing LieStopper's crowd. In order for this to work, we will need you to continue to share with us your letters, e-mails and thoughts. Suggested submissions include letters you have written/received to/from media personalities or public figures regarding their work or statements, e-mail correspondence along the same lines or random comments and suggestions. The first installment of Our Collective Voice features a Virginia reader's e-mail to, along with the response from, Joseph Neff of the N&O. In time, we will reissue this request along with the proper disclaimers and a better indication of what we might require in terms of disclosure and content.

For now, keep doing what you're doing. It seems to be catching on.

Suggestions for Busted! may be posted beneath any Busted! post or e-mailed to Busted@liestoppers.com.

Submissions for Our Collective Voice may be posted anywhere or e-mailed to letters@liestoppers.com.


Tony Soprano said...

A short 4 weeks ago, Goslee was getting on these programs and speaking of the terrible injuries the AV sustained from the brutual broomstick attack.

Only one problem, there was no broomstick attack. The AV didn't allege it - at any time - and the hospital noted the woman rectum was normal.

Goslee, to my knowledge, has never acknowledged that her statements were false. She hasn't apologized and no one in the media has called her on her
blantantly false information.

Why doesn't anyone, on the networks, expose Goslee for knowing next to nothing about the case?

Anonymous said...

The woman (georgia goslee) advises others on how to lose weight (or on strenght training, or whatever). If she was a good lawyer or a good prosecutor, do you think she would resort to a second job? Most lawyers/prosecutors are able to make a living. My conclusion, she must be a bad one. Perhaps, she is good at strenght training, in which case she should stick to that.