Friday, August 11, 2006

Cohen Retracts After Being Busted!

Just a brief note to say, "Well Done!", to all who helped discredit Andrew Cohen. While he admits to his factual incorrectness he appears to try to deflect responsibility. Should we let him off the hook with this half apology? Nah... Go get him folks...

Cohen Admits He Was Busted!

A thank you to NK and NDLAX84, for the heads up on the "apology" by Cohen, and to ME for the following submission:

ME said...

"LieStopper Readers,

With a post today at the N&O The Editor's Blog, I pointed readers to current Duke Lax case letters to the editor in the Herald-Sun and the N&O. A couple of the letters have a touch of humor. I reprint below for you:


It’s always interesting to gauge public opinion on all things Duke Lax case related by review of letters to the editor. Of course, since the good citizens of Durham apparently can’t find the N&O offices way over here in Raleigh, it’s best to look at the letters in the Herald-Sun.

In the online edition of the H-S today we have an on-point missive penned by widely quoted historian and blogger KC Johnson. Mr. Johnson castigates DA Nifong for his repeated failures to fulfill his responsibilities as the Durham “minister of justice.”

Mr. Johnson reminds readers of DA Nifong’s most recent misspeak with: “Your Aug. 1 editorial commended D.A. Mike Nifong for stating, "I have not backed off from my initial assessment of the case." This remark deserves scorn, not praise.” Johnson continues: “First of all, Nifong's claim is untrue. He went public with his initial assessment of the case on March 27. He deemed DNA evidence so vital that he secured a court order to obtain samples from 46 white lacrosse players, promising that negative tests would "immediately rule out any innocent persons." But after the tests produced no matches, Nifong changed his assessment entirely, expressing comfort with the "good old-fashioned way" of witness testimony without DNA corroboration.”

Also, another writer pens a letter titled “Brodhead Has Refused To Accept Responsibility.” That pretty much say it all but the letter did include this: “He [Broadhead] could have deliberately preserved his options as events unfolded until there was more certainty. Instead, he bought into District Attorney Mike Nifong's self-serving story and yielded to the exaggerated cry of a strident minority of the faculty that this team was out of control. In a knee-jerk rush to judgment, he suspended player Ryan McFayden, canceled the season and fired Coach Mike Pressler, clearly choosing political expediency over reasoned adjudication.”And a reader reminds us of that “incident in Raleigh” when discussing incidents of Durham police brutality.

Another reader says that despite so many articles and opinions that Durham Police Chief Chalmers is invisible, the reader knows that can’t be true because the reader actually experienced a Chief Chalmers sighting.

And finally at the H-S, a writer extends kudos to Durham Animal Control board member Mike Nifong. I guess that writer hasn’t heard about animal lover Nifong’s most recent hissy fit and his threat to quit the Animal Control board. (Possible??)

Animal Control board member Nifong’s most recent hissy fit did not pass unnoticed by a letter writer to the N&O editor however, where the writer says: “Maturity Required-- The article you published about Mike Nifong's potential resignation from the Animal Control Committee confirms that Nifong lacks the maturity to hold a public office with as much influence as district attorney.”

All this and more now at:

Herald Sun Letters/

News and Observer


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Well Done Liestoppers! Holding the Press accountable for their falsehoods is much needed!