Monday, August 14, 2006

The Conversion of Cash

Over the past two weeks we have witnessed a not-so-subtle conversion by Cash Michaels from one of the most ardent and outspoken Nifong apologists to vocal and discerning critic. At times we have not always seen eye to eye with Mr. Michaels. Despite our differences, we must applaud his willingness to inspect closer not only the apparent weaknesses in Mr. Nifong's case but also the transparency of his motives.

Along the way, Mr. Michaels wonders out loud why Police Chief Chalmers, Mayor Bell and City Manager Baker would continue to support Mr. Nifong when it appears that he is guilty of pandering for votes. While Mr. Michaels doesn't quite go so far in his article as to accuse Mr. Nifong of running a "snow job", he does offer many pointed criticisms and questions.

Since we are giving Mr. Michaels' his props this week, we must also note the courage and character he demonstrated by his willingness to join some his most determined and insightful critics on the WTVD discussion board. We applaud his willingness to stand for what he believes in, to not hide from his critics and to begin to ask the critical questions of both Mr. Nifong and other community leaders who may have enabled this farce.

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Anonymous said...

wow, I can't believe it!!!

NDLax84 said...

Tony Soprano said...

We should give credit where credit is due.

If Cash has the guts and fortitude to question Nifong and the DPD, he should be congratulated. Isn't that what we ask of people we debate and discuss issues with - that they have an open mind and listen?

The AA community of Durham stands to lose the most by having a dishonest, pandering, and manipulating D.A. in office. I believe we are where we are only because Nifong thought he could push the right buttons and inflame the AA community on command like pushing an ignition on a gas grill.

If people in the black community start to take notice and demand answers - and investigations, into the Duke case, the Blinco's beating, and other suspicious actions by the DA's office and the DPD - the house of cards will fall quicker than you can say -
- Hoax.


NDLax84 said...

What Tony said...

It's all over now, Baby Blew.

Buh-Bye, Mikey.

Anonymous said...

Michaels asks the toughtest question of all. Yes, we think we know the Fong did all this to get elected, but why did DPD go along?

Anonymous said...

The responding officers - John Shelton
and Gwendolyn Sutton didn't go along.

They documented the recantations and changing stories by this woman (AV).

Anonymous said...

Great post. I think we all should give Cash credit for coming on the abc11 board and taking comments. He spent a great deal of time doing that. His column today shows that he is ultimately interested in the truth. He still has his issues, many of which I disagree with, but in a case of like this we should make an effort to recognize those that switch sides based on the facts and evidence.

Susan Estrich and now Cash Michaels.

President Brodhead, we are still waiting.

NDLax84 said...

Cash on WLIB-AM with Gary Byrd this morning.

Anonymous said...


Cash is still on the side of the victim. He has never jumped ship. Is that what you think??.....wrong again.He is only holding Mike Nifong accountable as to whether he has the evidence to back up his claims. I think he does have evidence to prove guilt. He will prove it in the courtroom and not outside on the courthouse steps.