Sunday, August 06, 2006

Durham Police Department Lineup


Anonymous said...

We finally got the Short Chubby one!

How true! This wasn't a Police Investigation, it was an attempt to frame three Lacrosse Players! Any Three!

Three Photo ID Attempts? Nifong, Gottlieb, and Himan all need to be held accountable for this Travesty!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that the Doughboy was taller than Bart.

Thanks for cracking this case open.

P.S. Please send that pix to Ruth Sheehan for NandO posting

Anonymous said...

Okay, LieStoppers, I've stopped laughing to ask the question...Is it supposed to be Brian Boitano on the far left? (My roommate and I have a bet.)

LieStoppers said...

The Evil Genius responsible for creating the lineup is 70% certain that Suspect #1 may be a celebrity silhouette impersonator of Chubby Checker. He would be 90% sure if Suspect #1 had a mustache.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Chubby! I knew it was a dancer, but i was thinking bojangles or somethin.

The twist is so old-school. Kids these days are doing the flexeril stumble.

Anonymous said...

Excellent site, we just added it to our "Links to media" page. FODU

Anonymous said...

a chubby dancer LOL!

Anonymous said...

Is Number 2 Shrek?

Tony Soprano said...

Dear Liestoppers,

Is it true that Rape victims sometimes report their attackers are three feet shorter than actual size?

Do those Lineup one-way mirrors add 100 lbs?

Can you confirm the alleged rape victim said her attackers were short, fat, and BALD?

Could Anna Nichole Smith have picked three Richer guys out of that lineup?

Eharmony also reports women always pick the Tall, thin, Rich ones.

Has there EVER been a 270lb lacrosse player?

I can't help but wonder, how much does she think her Aunt Jackie weighs?

Is it true that when the dancer left the house and went out to the car, the first time, it was to hide her twinkies?

Is it true that the first time the woman felt unsafe at the party was when the Domino's Delivery guy rang the doorbell?

Kim Roberts calls Police to report the guys and two minutes later Police arrive to a totally empty house. Did the players hear the Good Humor man on the next street over?

I look forward to the answers to these and other mysteries in this case.


Anonymous said...

Celebrity Silhouette Impersonator #2 has requested that he remain anonymous. He figures you can never can be too safe with Gottlieb on the loose. However #2 has been known to appear in tire commercials

Anonymous said...

Shrek is a green giant.
Hunchback is small and chubby. Collin is innocent.

Anonymous said...

Collin is innocent, and this is way beyond crazy.

Anonymous said...

And the trauma rape victims suffer sometimes causes them to imagine that that their attackers have mustaches. Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

And the trauma rape victims suffer sometimes causes them to imagine that that their attackers have mustaches. Yeah right.