Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hag of the Hoax

With the approach of Labor Day, the annual return of that great American tradition,.. the Miss America Pageant... comes to our minds. LieStoppers is not sexist, but, in a chivalrous way, we seek to recognize several media damsels who stand tall above the crowd in their reporting on this case.

In that spirit, LieStoppers is proud to announce its own "Beauty is a Beast Contest":

Miss Hag of the Hoax 2006.

Miss HOH, as we call her fondly, must be no ordinary media star! No, she must possess certain outstanding abilities, and her reporting on the Duke Hoax must exhibit some, if not all, of the following characteristics:

An ability to continually misinform the public on basic facts of the case

A malicious contempt for accuracy

Mean-spirited flights of fancy

Vengeful viperous behavior

With so many worthy candidates gracing the airwaves, choosing Miss Hag of the Hoax 2006 will be a formidable task.

To suggest your favorite candidate, please post in the comments below.

Links to their qualifying quotes are not required, but will enhance your candidate's chances of winning. Please nominate your favorites today. From those nominees, LieStoppers will announce the lucky finalists.

Readers votes will then decide the winner.

Our first contestant hails from the great state of Massachusetts.

Raven-haired Wendy Murphy is a former prosecutor, and an adjunct professor at Boston's New England School of Law.

She teaches a seminar on sexual violence. Wendy, who has never heard an accusation she didn't like, possesses an exceptional vocal range and a keen ability to interrupt. Wendy has mastered the art of speaking in absolutes, filling her opinions with words like "always", "never" and "it's a fact." She is famous for her view that all rape claims are true, and all evidence supports the credibility of the accuser, regardless of what that evidence is. Her views suggest that she is apparently hoping for the day when all men accused of rape will be denied a trial and go immediately to a penal facility.

Examples of Wendy's more notable contributions to the Duke Hoax are below:

April 9, 2006 - WRAL [Before the first DNA test results were released]

"If the DNA isn't going to match, they wouldn't need to do this," she said. "It's almost comical that they think a photograph is proof positive that a rape didn't happen. It's not a smoking gun. It's a muddying of the waters." Wendy Murphy #1

LieStoppers: Of course, as we all know, the DNA didn’t match, but that didn’t stop Wendy.

April 10, 2006 – Nancy Grace [After the first DNA test results were released]

"Look, I think the real key here is that these guys, like so many rapists -- and I'm going to say it because, at this point, she`s entitled to the respect that she is a crime victim. These guys watch "CSI," and they know it`s a really bad idea to ejaculate on or in the victim. And maybe what she said, which makes her particularly credible, is, These guys didn't ejaculate on or inside of my body, which means she deserves extra credibility because no one`s suggesting that she lied about whether there would be DNA found on her person.Wendy Murphy #2

LieStoppers: Wendy, if the woman said no DNA would be found, why did the DA order the entire team to submit to DNA testing? Why did his office file a motion saying “The DNA evidence requested will immediately rule out any innocent persons and show conclusive evidence as to who the suspect(s) are in the alleged violent attack upon this victim”? In fact, we now know that the accuser told investigator Himan that two of the supposed attackers ejaculated. What does that do to her credibility?

April 28, 2006 – Paula Zahn Now

"And, by May 15, if we hear there were date rape drugs in her blood, and the broomstick was recovered with her DNA on it... this case is over..."Wendy Murphy #3

LieStoppers: More nonsense. There never was a toxicology report and in none of the accuser’s multiple stories she claims that she was assaulted with a broom. What did we hear by May 15? That DNA was recovered from inside the accuser matching her boyfriend. Again, that didn’t stop Wendy.

May 17, 2006 - Tucker

CARLSON: I want you to look into the screen and I want you to tell me and our viewers that doubts are not beginning to mount in your mind about the prosecution in this case. Are they? MURPHY: No. No doubts. No doubts in my mind... Wendy Murphy #4

LieStoppers: No doubts whatsoever Wendy? Even though there was no DNA match after you suggested there would be, even though there was no date rape drug after you suggested there would be, and even though there was no claim of broom use like you suggested there would be?

June 5, 2006 - Tucker

"Let‘s pretend you—let‘s pretend you understand math on some basic level. Statistically speaking, if over 99 percent of people indicted are, in fact, guilty, just play the odds, Tucker… I never, ever met a false rape claim, by the way. My own statistics speak to the truth. Wendy Murphy #5

LieStoppers: We believe this last statement should be sufficient to disqualify Wendy Murphy from ever commenting on a legal matter again, particularly on a rape claim. Her commentary has been outrageous and disgraceful. Her comments have earned her the first nomination for Miss Hag of the Hoax.


Anonymous said...

I think Wendy is a great nominee, but I'd like to include Georgia Goslee as well.
Texas Mom

Anonymous said...

My nominee is Nancy Grace.

While her venom may not be as concentrated as that from Wendy Murphy or Georgia Goslee, Grace her own TV show from which the toxin is continually dispensed into the media bloodstream.

The total dosage of poison is much greater, in my opinion...

Walter Abbott

Anonymous said...

Such a hard choice, Wendy, Nancy, or Georgia. Can I vote for all three? Ok Ok, if I really have to choose one it Must be Wendy! Who could forget her broomstick remarks. But could we have the two runner ups receive some award, like Miss Non-Congeniality going to Georgia and Nancy has to win the Miss No Talent Talk Show Host

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA just play the odds? Jesus christ and this woman was an attorney? Unbelievable.

ME said...

LieStoppers, what a great idea! I gotta tell you though, with the quotes you provided (nertz, you got some of the Best of Ms. Murphy) and those I came up with below, it’s Wendy Murphy in landslide. I present mine in the form of a mock interview with the always quotable Crazy Wendy.

ME (In my best Tucker Carlson voice): Wendy, it’s been said you’re a veritable walking encyclopedia when in comes to sexual assault statistics. Would you share some of the more relevant statistics with us?

Murphy: “They [prosecutors in rape cases] never ever use DNA evidence. It’s [DNA evidence] almost never there or it’s irrelevant.”

From CBS Early Show Jun 19, 2006§ion=&type=all&sp-s=1&searchString=wendy+murphy+&x=27&y=4

ME: Are you absolutely sure about that Wendy?

MURPHY: “…I think about 90 percent of rape cases involve no DNA at all…”

From Nancy Grace Apr 10, 2006

ME: Uh huh, would you say that once again for our listeners Wendy?

Murphy: “But about 80% of rape cases involve no DNA evidence whatsoever.”

From CBS Early Show Apr 17, 2006
Same link as that from Jun 19 CBS Early Show above.

ME: Well that certainly is enlightening Wendy. Do you have any other statistics you can share with us at this time?

Murphy: “Over 90% of rapes produce no physical trauma or injuries whatsoever.”

From CBS Early Show Jun 19, 2006
Same link as that from Jun 19 CBS Early Show above.

ME: Okie dokie. Now let get a brief comment from Tucker Carlson. Tucker, what do you have to say about all this?

CARLSON: “Wendy Murphy, completely insane, but delightful nonetheless.”

From Tucker Carlson June 5, 2006

Footnote 1: Not only does Crazy Wendy make um up as she goes, she doesn’t even bother to keep to keep them consistent.

Footnote 2: “I never, ever met a false rape claim, by the way. My own statistics speak to the truth.” (LieStoppers Wendy Murphy #5) Murphy said this to Tucker Carlson—Carlson had been falsely charged with rape in 2001!!

Footnote 3: And last, I have yet to see a single reliable, authoritative and verifiable source (and I’ve looked some) for any of the rape or sexual assault statistics quoted by Ms. Murphy.

At the risk of being a little catty, if Ms. Murphy were to be the eventual winner of the LieStoppers HOH Challenge, perhaps LieStoppers could go to the CBS News search link (first link provided in the quotes above) and capture screen shots of Ms. Murphy from the Jun 19 and Aug 18 interviews for side by side head shots. There appears to have been some heavy duty facial work done between the Jun 19 and Aug 18 interviews. Not being catty of course.


ME said...

This for Walter A. at 6:12 pm above. Walter, Crazy Wendy is my strong choice for the first ever HOH recipient, but runner-up has to go to Nancy G if for no other reason than this:

If any have yet to see Nancy G at her best (worst)—Nancy G “Rape Stats” clip—is a must see.


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, I agree and change my vote to Wendy for HOH. What runner-up categories can Nancy G. and Georgia have?
Texas Mom

ME said...


I forgot to include this in my Best of Crazy Wendy above:

Murphy: “She [Roberts/Pittman] wasn’t in the bathroom.”

From CBS Early Show Jun 19, 2006
Same link as that from Jun 19 CBS Early Show above.

Wendy Murphy made the above statement on Jun 19 notwithstanding the Osborn motion made on Jun 7. The Osborn motion included the Roberts/Pittman hand-written narrative of the night’s events that stated very clearly that Roberts/Pittman was in the bathroom with the complainant both before and after the strip show.


Anonymous said...

I nominate Melanie Sill

ME said...


Stop the presses. I’m going to make an eleventh hour entry to the HOH awards. To do so I’m going to take the liberty of stretching your eligibility criteria just a tad. This entry is not a talking head variety media darling. Nonetheless, this entry never met a TV camera to which she wasn’t immediately drawn—she certainly is a darling of the media (in her own mind that is). She is known far and wide as a perennial candidate for office of some sort or another. Without any further ado, I give you Victoria Peterson. Ms. Peterson’s credentials include:

May 16, 2006

Victoria Peterson presented statistics that show over 80 rape cases that have occurred in that part of town, with five of them taking place on the campus of Duke. “You talk about the Panthers being dangerous, but this university is a danger to the people of Durham,” she contended.

Apr 27, 2006,0,4917846.story?coll=bal-utility-lacrosse

Durham, N.C., civil right activist Victoria Peterson told The Charlotte Observer yesterday that an investigator in the [Duke Lacrosse] case told her the woman had been sodomized "with an object."

"He did not say a broom, just an object," said Peterson, who has become a friend and adviser to the woman's family since the party. "He told me she wasn't just raped, she was terribly sodomized."

May 2, 2006

Chanting "black power" and demanding a guilty verdict against two Duke athletes arrested in the case, the New Panthers then marched past the student hangouts along Ninth Street to rally at the Buchanan Boulevard house where the party was held.

"This is a hate crime, and we want a conviction," declared Malik Zulu Shabazz, the national chairman of the New Panthers, a black separatist group based in Atlanta that is disavowed by the original Black Panther Party. "We are mad and fired up. We demand justice, and we will have justice, one way or the other."

Dressed in black berets and military-style fatigues, several in the group donned bulletproof vests and ammunition belts and holsters that were empty. At least two wore long knives in scabbards strapped to their legs.

Shabazz was flanked by Durham school board member Jacqueline Wagstaff and perennial political candidate Victoria Peterson.

Apr 11, 2006 NCCU Forum.
At the left of the page click on: “Video: NC Central Forum” and advance the counter to 7:45.

Paraphrased Peterson comments at the NCCU Forum:

During the forum Q&A, Ms. Peterson asked Nifong why he had not brought the FBI and the Department of Justice to Durham to investigate the “hate crimes.”

Ms. Peterson also said the complainant in the Duke Lax Hoax should never have been taken to Duke Hospital because of the Duke University conflict of interest (this, of course, notwithstanding the fact that at that time there was no basis for a connection to have been made between the complainant and camplaint of rape against anyone associated with Duke University).

Ms. Peterson then went on to proclaim that the medical exam results (including the DNA test results) had been “tampered with.”

May 15, 2006 (Select: “May 15 News Conference With Third Indicted Lacrosse Player”)

Peterson injected herself into the David Evans news conference to admonish the Duke Lax players for hiring two black women. She makes further statements during the news conference that were without basis in fact and were inflammatory.

Aug 27, 2006

"They came to me and told me what they had done [formed some obscure committee]," Nifong said of Brummell and Peterson. "I was very pleased. It made me feel good."

[ME Note: My God, the above quote alone has to be worth at least 100 points in the HOH judge’s scoring.]

ME Footnote 1: Still believe Crazy Wendy is most deserving of HOH tiara, but Cranky Victoria is a worthy candidate.

ME Footnote 2: Some of the above lifted from JinC here:
and here:
Sorry John, hope you will forgive me.


Anonymous said...

Folks keep your votes coming in. Our accounting firm of Arf, Bark, & Fargo are busy counting the votes. Remember the voting is open until whenever we decide to close it.

Remember there are no winners, only LOSERS!

EMU said...

To Anon at 10:41pm above.

No, no, no. We can’t have Sill and Sheehan “duking” it out in the hallways of the N&O for right to crowned “Little Miss HOH.” Can’t you just see the law of unintended consequences kicking in and the inevitable results? The BALD Brawler would be called back to Raleigh to quell the riot. Instead, he’d stop off at Blinco’s for a quick one. Sheehan (she looks like the mean one) would beat Sill to pulp. As a result of Sill’s incapacity, Vaden would be named to the N&O Editorship he long craved. The Brawler, after one, dozen that is, remembers something about “duking” from earlier, but in his current fog decides to head back to Durham to look for “Dookies” to terrorize. On his way back into town, he sideswipes the cab that Elmo is driving for the night. In his current state, the only thing the Brawler can come up with is to call Clayton and Himan. Clayton and Himan, just getting back from an evening at Mistress von Helberg’s, are attired only in their finest leather duds. Nevertheless, they decide to go ahead and respond to the Brawler’s call. Chief Chalmers also hears the Brawler’s call and, on a whim goes to the scene as well (in what is to be his third and final public sighting of the year). Chalmers arrives, surveys the entire sordid spectacle, and becomes so PO’d at the whole affair that, in his last gift to the good citizens of Durham, fires all three miscreants on the spot. The Hoax maestro realizing he has no Hoax without the BALD Brawler and the other two miscreant minions decides he has no choice. In order to prevent a public lynching of his own making, the maestro cedes his baton to the one best known for his love of MILF.

Wait a minute, you may be on to something Anon.


Tony Soprano said...

Hello friend,

Tonight Lady Justice focuses on those white, privileged Lacrosse players struttin' around in North Carolina like they are God's Gift.

Let's go out to Wendy:. Wendy is it true that these are 46 MEN on the team.

Wendy:. Yes it is, as repugnant as it seems these men will stop at nothing!!! NOTHING NANCY! Who are these people that believe women RIP their own Vaginas and brush their teeth with semen! Oh my God. Hasn't this country had enough of this misogyny. I would like to just..

Nancy:. Wendy, WENDY.
Is it true - can we say this on the air? - that they all have penises?

Wendy:. Nancy, they used a broom on this WOMAN!!! They called their friends on a cell phone while they were performing the act - we are talking GANG-RAPE! They kicked and beat this woman so bad her own Father couldn't recognize her, and then....

Nancy:. Wendy, WENDY!
Are these boys a product of their environment? I mean do they think that if your not a White Male, you are like a throw away person?

Wendy:. Nancy, they strangled this woman so bad that nurses at the hospital fainted when they saw her. They ordered two black women to denegrate and humilate - and then they acted like they were drinking all day to conceal the CRIME! They weren't drunk Nancy, this was a calculated crime. They ejaculated in towels and
wiped her down with olive oil to remove the finger prints. They watch CSI, they're ....

Nancy:. Wendy, Wendy, WENDY!
I've never heard of such depravity. I understand this poor rape victim - it was her FIRST time dancing.
Is it true this woman was poor and had no other way to feed her family than to be entertainment for these boys at the Elite Duke University?

Wendy:. What kind of woman would RIP her OWN VAGINA Nancy? That's what we're talking about here and I'm sick of it. I'm not afraid to call them rapists because that's what they are!
What kind of people defend these beasts. I mean they...

Nancy:. WENDY! WENDY!!
As a prosecutor, I find it extremely hard to believe that this is the first time they've tortured and raped a woman. Is it true that neighbors heard a woman crying and screaming for an hour - screams coming from that frat-house?

WENDY:. Nancy they tortued this young girl. They formed a line - 46 people long to strike her - those bastards! They hit her so many times that the doctors said she looked like a PEZ dispenser at the emergency room. It has to be....

Nancy:. Wendy, we're out of time, but it's obvious to everyone that these men are guilty and need to be held responsible, and I don't think we need to spend a lot of time on this either - seems like a textbook open and shut case, from my experience. I say they expedite the trial and, no question, the death penalty is what prosecutor should seek. Lady Justice will see that these students at Duke are taken out of society - permanently!
As always, thank you for listening.
Goodnight friend.

WENDY:. Nancy this woman stopped breathing 4 or 5 times and they just let her get enough air so they could torture her longer to continue this sick, sadistic assault. Women don't lie, what is wrong with this country, do they hate women that much?
They ripped her vagina, they sodomized her to the
(Cut off by a Commercial)


Anonymous said...

Can we have a farm team category for some of the stridently persistent, dishonest and racist posters on the Court TV message board?

joan foster said...

Re: the Farm team. Liestoppers is inclusive and strives to be fair. Nominate your CTV favorites for Farm Team Queen at will.

Nifongery said...

Please do not leave out "STAND UP AND BE A MAN" Kimberly Guilfoyle. Granted, she's been silent as of late, but her early comments regarding the "Wall of Silence" surely qualify her for the farm team

Anonymous said...

YES, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

I if was a Mother of one of the kids, they wouldn't be allowed back in my house. I'd disown them until the came clean and pointed out the attackers.

Guilfoyle - she's mean and apparently can't put 2 and 2 together.

Anonymous said...

Tony, the funniest thing is, I was not sure if your post is a joke or Nancy and Wendy really did say that.

Anonymous said...

farm team nomination to the ctv poster whose son is so tired of her emoticons that he went out and bought a Duke shirt and hat. I thought that was priceless.

Anonymous said...

Old graceless string, with pictures. Somewhere there is also a wonderful video but I can't find it at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Come and get it.

Anonymous said...

Would this be the poster formerly known as Silly nilly and now know as victims feel who had a plethora of nics inbetween?

If it is, you're right, it is priceless.

Anonymous said...

No, but you have piqued my interest. Where did Silly/victims post?

Anonymous said...

The board of the disappearing threads and posters, CTV.

Anonymous said...

I Georgia Goslee should have been

Anonymous said...

Wendy Murphy on diffuse edema:

“What kind of woman would RIP her OWN VAGINA Nancy? That's what we're talking about here and I'm sick of it.”

“They ripped her vagina!”

Wendy Murphy on lie detector tests:

“Women don't lie, what is wrong with this country”

Wendy Murphy on the absence of evidence of physical trauma and the value of honest reporting:

“Nancy, they strangled this woman so bad that nurses at the hospital fainted when they saw her.”

“Nancy they tortured this young girl. They formed a line - 46 people long to strike her - those bastards! They hit her so many times that the doctors said she looked like a PEZ dispenser at the emergency room...Nancy this woman stopped breathing 4 or 5 times and they just let her get enough air so they could torture her longer to continue this sick, sadistic assault.

Wendy Murphy on Innocent Until Proven Guilty:

“I'm not afraid to call them rapists because that's what they are!”

Wendy Murphy on the consitutional Right to counsel:

“What kind of people defend these beasts?”

Wendy Murphy on truth in journalism:

“They ejaculated in towels and wiped her down with olive oil to remove the finger prints.”

“Nancy, they used a broom on this WOMAN!!!”

“They called their friends on a cell phone while they were performing the act - we are talking GANG-RAPE!”

“They kicked and beat this woman so bad her own Father couldn't recognize her,”

Wendy Murphy on diffuse edema (again) and the absence of DNA:

“Who are these people that believe women RIP their own Vaginas and brush their teeth with semen!”

Tom C said...

Oh, yes, Wendy wins!

That girl KICKS ASS!

Copy ALL those comments and send them to her so she can bask in the reflection of her own HOHness!

Anonymous said...

Send copies of "Miss Hag of the Hoax" or a link to blogs, newspapers, pundits at MSNBC, CNN, FOX, COURT TV etc.

Anonymous said...

To Michael J. Gaynor,

In the immortal words of Dewey 'Ox' Oxberger from "Stripes"

"How's it going, Eisenhower?"

Anonymous said...

You have my vote for Wendy Murphy too, although I would like to make a gentle suggestion...

My illustration of Wendy Murphy would be different...

(Her favorite hobby is fishing, by the way). Have a cartoon of her fishing and her line hooked onto two large whales (in an amorous postion of course). And title it "A whale of a tale" and her saying, "I caught two big ones!"

Keep up the good work. Thanks for letting me air out my thoughts.

ME said...

Stumbled across another Crazy Wendy Murphy gem:

From CBS Early Show May 8, 2006§ion=&type=all&sp-s=1&searchString=wendy+murphy+&x=27&y=4

This discussion followed the release of photographic evidence that Reade Seligmann was at a bank ATM machine at 12:24 am on Mar 14.

Murphy: “It certainly proves that he [Seligmann] was there [at the ATM] at 12:24.” “According to the prosecution, the rape occurred approximately one half hour prior to that time.”

Uh Wendy—First, the prosecution has never indicated the rape occurred at 11:55 pm on Mar 13. Also, 11:55 pm would have been prior to the start of the strip show.

Footnote: Crazy Wendy (Fast and Loose With Known Facts) Murphy made the above statements notwithstanding the following documents in the public domain at that time: strip show photos that established the time of the strip show and the prosecution “probable cause” version of events--events that take place AFTER the strip show but BEFORE the alleged rape: the two women left the house and got into Pittman/Roberts’ car and then the two women left Pittman/Roberts’ car and went back to the house.


ME said...

KC Johnson adds to the list of Crazy Wendy Murphy quotes here: