Thursday, August 24, 2006

Introducing: LieStoppers Discussion Board

As an additional feature to our blog, we have added a new discussion board in the interests of making this site more interactive. We will continue to welcome the insightful and entertaining comments many of you post beneath our main posts but encourage you to make use of the discussion board as well. While the blog post comments have offered valuable feedback, we expect that the discussion board may allow you to have additional input into the content on this site as well as a more direct avenue of interaction with those of us who humbly collaborate to bring you LieStoppers.

In order to keep the board inviting and pleasant to all, we ask that users refrain from hostile language towards each other while employing proper board etiquette, keeping conversation polite yet enthusiastic and observing all applicable laws regarding copyright, libel and harassment. With your cooperation in this regard, we are hopeful that we will find the moderation of the board to be very low maintenance on our end while providing an environment for the free flow of ideas, thoughts and opinions for all. It is not our intention nor our requirement that the discussions be entirely one sided. We welcome opposing views and opinions although we will frown upon the presentation of bad facts, misinformation and tin foil hat based speculation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, LieStoppers. You guys are great!

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