Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Moezeldin Elmostafa Due in Court

The News and Observer's Joseph Neff and Benjamin Niolet are reporting that cab driver and witness, Moezeldin Elmostafa, is due in court this morning to answer charges of displeasing the Emperor. Among the more interesting revelations presented by Neff and Niolet is that the investigation into Good Samaritan Elmostafa exceeded the simple warrant check that was described as routine previously by Emperor Nifong. Apparently, police and/or prosecutors also investigated Mr. Elmostafa’s insurance history, driving record, several years worth of negative drug tests and conducted a criminal record check.

It has not yet been reported whether Linwood Wilson managed to uncover any outstanding parking tickets on Mr. Elmostafa.

It is worth noting as well that Emperor Nifong instructed that he be informed when Mr. Elmostafa was successfully arrested, according to the notes of Officer Himan.

Taking into consideration Ms. Roberts' favorable bond treatment, authorized personally by Mr. Nifong, on her probation violation, it would appear that the message intended by his Highness is that it pays, literally, to testify on behalf of the Crown and that punishment will be swift and petty for those who dare cross him with the truth.

It has also not yet been reported whether Emperor Nifong did the happy dance when apprised of the arrest of Mr. Elmostafa.


Anonymous said...

Is Nifong going through male menopause?

Anonymous said...

This poor man. All he was going to do was tell what happened that night. Yet Nifong wants to silence him, so he tries him on aiding and abetting misdemeanor larceny. Aiding and abetting a fn' misdemeanor? Good grief, a cabbie can't even wait on a fare anymore. And this incident happened years ago. How can anyone support Nifong in what he is doing here? This is sick.

Anonymous said...

Assistant District Attorney Ashley Cannon told the judge the shoplifting case has nothing to do with the rape case. Loflin put one of the lacrosse investigators on the witness stand this morning and produced typed notes from the lacrosse case that show District Attorney Mike Nifong wanted to be informed when Elmostafa was arrested.


Ms. Cannon appears to have attended Nifong's seminar, no?

Anonymous said...

A security officer for the store testified today in district court that he saw a woman steal handbags from the store and then jump in the Elmostafa's cab which sped away. The security officer testified that the cab pulled away even before the woman had closed to the door. The store surveillance tape played in court appeared to show that the door closed first.


Is the security guard: in training for a DPD job, afraid of Gottlieb or better known as corporate security officer Brummell?