Saturday, August 26, 2006

Welcome Back

As we welcome the Duke Mens Lacrosse Team back to campus, we want to take note of the manner in which the team has responded to being thrown into the maelstrom of this case. They have reacted with quiet dignity and unfailing insistence of innocence. They seem to have avoided the temptation of self-pity. They are not turning themselves into victims. They have kept their focus where it should be: with an ACC-best 27 members making the ACC Academic Honor Roll.
The underclassmen are returning to Duke, with an announced goal of winning the NCAA Lacrosse Championship. Their loyalty to their school should be an inspiration to all connected to Duke, showing an understanding that the institution is too great and too worthy to be judged completely by its own failure to rise to the challenge last spring, and that the way to react is to engage, to stay around and continue to give it their best.

Their ability to survive and flourish under seemingly unbearable pressure should be an inspiration to us all.

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