Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ballad of Bob and Mike

(To the tune of "How are things in Glocca Morra?")
How are things today in Durham,
Is the Herald Sun still published now?
Does Bob Ashley still have Nifong’s back?
Finding excuses like a faithful hack,
He's the "bull", Nifong's his sacred cow.
How are things today in Durham,
Bob and Mike still joined up at the hip?
Bob’s running to deflect each blow,
Slap down that naughty N&O:
They should keep their muzzles zipped!
Bob must rush and prop up Herr Gottlieb,
Doesn't want this nasty stuff to ruin his "leave."
Forget about the Blinco's mess!
As for those Dukies...ARREST! ARREST!
Let's do a story that is sure to please.
You'll never hear Bob finding fault with Mike,
Why everything that D.A. does he likes!
Guess he dug the cabbie trial?
Those slick line-ups made him smile?
Those Duke kids just aren't worth the fight?
How are things today in Durham?
Don't expect ole Bob to risk his neck.
That's not what journalism is for...
A trial could make circulation soar!
If they're tried…Bob could sell papers by the peck!
When the Hoax falls apart in Durham,
Will the Herald Sun survive?
Remember, Bobby never took a stand,
Propped Mike up and held his hand…
Will you want that paper laying in your drive???
Joan Foster

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Anonymous said...

Where'd you get Ashley's picture?