Saturday, September 02, 2006

Cartoon celebrity impersonator revealed

There seems to be some confusion as to the contestant pictured above. While we expected the placement of the contestant, the long dress, the 9-inch nails, the fright wig, the obvious resemblance to the Bride of Frankenstein, the naming of the contestant in the article and the included quote about the broom's DNA to give it away, it appears that further clarification is required. The contestant depicted is actually only a cartoon celebrity impersonator of Ms. Murphy and is not really her. We apologize for any confusion.

No Heads of Household, Hostess Ho Ho's or Garden Hoes have been harmed during the making of this cartoon.


Anonymous said...

How could anyone, after reading your hilarious become confused who the picture was representative of?

I will say I was quite appalled you would insult the Bride of Frankenstein by comparing her to Wendy Murphy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone could have become confused either. I figured it out right away.

Anonymous said...

The remblance is striking. I'm not surprised that someone confused the cartoon as a picture of Wendy Murphy. At least no one accused your celebrity cartoon impersonator of being a female impersonator in a dress with long nails weilding a broom.

Jakki O'Knight sure had the world believing he was a she and now cartoon impersonators are mistaken for the real thing.

Impersonators these days are getting pretty good but this is another joke, right? No one really was dense enough to not recognize the characature, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Will Baldo be a judge in the contest?

Anonymous said...

Baldo has been very busy as of late. Juggling the Blinco's case, framing Dukies, writing long lost notes, and the more mundane business of roughing up cab drivers & fry cooks. But wherever there is trouble you can expect to find Baldo. Blinco's been off limits and he isn't happy about it.

And yes Baldo is a big fan of Nancy Grace & Wendy Murphy. He wouldn't miss it for the world.

Baldo’s Chronicler