Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hag of the Hoax Nomination: Nancy Grace

Golden-haired southern belle Nancy Grace is LieStoppers’ second nominee for the prestigious Hag of the Hoax title. Born in Macon, Georgia, Nancy became a prosecutor in Atlanta. Now, doubling our pleasure and doubling our fun, Nancy can be seen bristling with outrage on both CTV and CNN. Her rigorous schedule might explain Nancy's uncanny ability to simultaneously appear utterly uninformed about a case, yet supremely confident in her erroneous pronouncements. She apparently believes legal rights don't extend to suspects, that the lacrosse players can never be sufficiently humiliated, and that everything a district attorney says is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Mixing high drama with moments of simpering sentimentality is Nancy's stock in trade. After eviscerating her target du jour, Nancy's voice drops to a purr, her slow drawl intensifies, and a hint of tears sparkles in her beautiful blue eyes. "Goodnight, friend," she softly intones. Her "friends" at LieStoppers want her to have the acclaim she deserves. Interesting facts about Miss Grace, our Miss Hag of the Hoax contestant, include: Although Nancy never lost a felony case, several of her convictions were overturned on appeal. Not surprisingly, higher courts have questioned Nancy’s prosecutorial ethics.

Qualifying quotes:

March 31, 2006
GRACE: OK, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let`s go out to Dave Foley, defense attorney. Don`t move, Kevin Miller! David Foley, if they`re innocent, why not cooperate? Why stall? Why did they have to have a court order for 46 or 47 lacrosse members to give DNA? It`s very simple. You take something that looks like a Q-tip. You swab the inside of your mouth. It`s nothing more than like a doctor looking for a sore throat. Why? Why wouldn`t they give their DNA? Let`s think about it, Dave Foley! Give me your best shot.
DAVE FOLEY, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, Nancy, in terms of this, we`re dealing with young people, OK, who are not necessarily familiar with the law, number one. So they need to have their legal rights...
GRACE: You`re kidding, right?
FOLEY: ... protected...
GRACE: You`re -- you`re kidding?
FOLEY: No, I`m not kidding.
Liestoppers: In fact, the captains who lived at 610 N. Buchanan voluntarily agreed to DNA testing. The captains also gave hours of statements to the police (without lawyers present). Their pleas to be polygraph-tested were inexplicably denied by the police. It’s hard to believe that a legal commentator on a major news network like CNN, herself a former prosecutor, would respond to a concern about legal rights being protected with, “You’re kidding, right?” This is especially offensive considering her comment was made about a case involving a prosecutor and police department who have repeatedly violated their official policies and normal procedures in their callous treatment of the accused.

April 6th, 2006

One of Nancy’s shining moments in covering the Duke Hoax came on April 6th:
GRACE: So possibly, you know, Betty`s got a good point. The 46 that have given the DNA, the perp may actually not be on the lacrosse team. OK. But you know what? I know that there are witnesses that are ultimately going to come forward and name the three men in the bathroom with this girl. So Clark Goldband, what are the stats?
CLARK GOLDBAND, NANCY GRACE INTERNET REPORTER: Well, Nancy, the stats are hard to know right now because Duke's no longer in the league. Hofstra number two...(CROSSTALK)
GOLDBAND: ... surging ahead of Sacred Heart last night, 19 to...
GRACE: Clark, Clark, I don`t mean the athletic stats. I mean the rape stats. What would that have to do with this case?
GOLDBAND: I`m sorry, Nancy. I misunderstood. But we do have the rape stats.
LieStoppers: Who needs facts of the individual case, when you have statistics derived from other cases? Why do we even need commentators like Nancy Grace if we can just conclude that all accused are invariably guilty?

April 18, 2006

Another shining moment came after Reade Seligmann and Colin Finnerty were arrested and led out of a police cruiser in handcuffs during a perp walk broadcast repeatedly throughout the day on national television. Nancy argued that this wasn’t humiliating enough for Reade and Collin."
GRACE: A humiliation? Wa-wa-wa-wa-wait~! A humiliation would be dragging them out of class in front of their friends, or from Easter dinner, or Passover dinner, dragging them out in handcuffs, having the press there having a field day taking photos, roughing them up if they resisted in any way..."….
GRACE: ... and they get to show up in their suits and ties, their prep ties from high school -- I really don`t get the humiliation accusation, Doug Burns.
LieStoppers: Well, Nancy, it’s not like they are presumed innocent or anything. Why not humiliate them? Two weeks later, their mug shots were splashed on the cover of Newsweek. Was that humiliating enough for you?

May 2, 2006

Yet another shining moment for Nancy.
GRACE: Yes, well, you know what? You know why I don`t think that they want a lie-detector test? I don`t think they want a lie-detector test because they`re afraid they won`t pass a lie-detector test.
LieStoppers: All three indicted players have taken and passed polygraphs. It appears Nancy was not aware of this fact. However, had she known, it wouldn’t have convinced her of the players’ innocence. To Nancy, polygraphs, like DNA, apparently can only prove guilt, not innocence.

May 11, 2006

Nancy’s cheerleading for the prosecution reached its peak the day of the fingernail DNA leak. She even went so far as to gleefully declare, “Touchdown!" and could barely keep her pompoms to herself.
GRACE: Well, it all looked bleak for the prosecution of the Duke lacrosse team multiple rape case. At the 11th hour, suddenly, a Hail Mary pass was thrown, and it`s a touchdown for the state! Apparently, DNA matching one of these three lacrosse players has turned up under the nails of the student-turned-stripper.-----
GRACE: ... that there is her positive identification of three of the suspects, 100 percent, 100 percent and 90 percent, that the timeline fits with her story, and the rape kit nurse says she saw signs of recent anal and vaginal trauma consistent with rape. Am I missing something?------
GRACE: And now, of course, we know the allegations that this young lady changed her story were completely false. To Stephen Miller, Duke student and executive of the Duke Conservative Union, all right, so the allegation she changed her story, false. We now have 100 percent identifications of two people, and now there`s DNA. So have you filed your transfer papers yet?
LieStoppers: Where to begin? It was soon revealed that the false fingernail recovered from a trash can in the bathroom where the accuser and Kim Roberts spent some time contained a mixture of DNA that didn’t exclude Evans. It was not a DNA match, as Nancy wrongly declared. No DNA matching to any lacrosse player was found on or in the accuser. No DNA from the accuser was found on the floor, rug, or towels in the bathroom where the “attack” was alleged to have occurred. The DNA tests also revealed that the accuser recently had sex with her boyfriend. Nancy’s excited declaration of a “touchdown” for the state was a “little” premature. We also regret to inform her that the accuser’s timeline of the event does not appear to fit anywhere, that the vaginal “trauma” is limited to diffuse edema, and that there was no anal trauma (according to the S.A.N.E. report). We have no idea where Nancy got her information that “the allegations this young lady changed her story were completely false,” but we think Linwood Wilson is a good suspect as a source of that misinformation. In fact, the accuser gave multiple inconsistent stories.

May 15, 2006

Arguably, Nancy’s most disgraceful performance came on the day that Dave Evans was indicted. After blasting the players for remaining quiet, she introduced Evans’ eloquent declaration of innocence with a montage of other defendants in an effort to diminish Evans’ courageous and convincing speech. Nancy also cast polygraphs aside in favor of a body language expert, and had trouble understanding why Evans would declare Seligmann and Finnerty innocent.
RICHARD NIXON, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I`m not a crook. I`ve earned everything I`ve got.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How do you plead to counts one and two?
O.J. SIMPSON, FORMER FOOTBALL PLAYER: Absolutely, 100 percent not guilty.
MICHAEL JACKSON, SINGER: If I were to hurt a child, I would slit my wrists.
GRACE: As we all know, just because you say it`s so doesn`t make it so. Today the third indictee declaring his innocence, David Evans.….
GRACE: It`s interesting to me, Midwin Charles, defense attorney, how he would know whether the other two were guilty or innocent. What, were they all together, holding hands at a prayer meeting?…
GRACE: And that is exactly why defendants should not speak because now, when he goes to trial, and if he`s on cross-examination, he can be pummeled on, "What do you know about the other two? Were you all three together or what did they tell you?"…
GRACE: Did he have a rehearsed speech?
WOOD: Very, very rehearsed. It was later on in the interview where there was some specific things that he said. For example, he said, "It did not happen," and then he had a significant eye close. Typically, that means he didn`t believe that particular statement.
LieStoppers: That prayer meeting line is cute, Nancy, but we think the more likely explanation is that Evans knew Finnerty and Seligmann left the party early, and that nothing happened at the party. It doesn’t look like he’s going to get pummeled on the stand. He even took a polygraph, which you previously said he wouldn’t do because he was afraid. What was your response after you found out Evans passed a polygraph? You called a body language expert to watch the video and suggest he was lying because of a “significant eye close.” So now a polygraph is not reliable, but an eye close is?

LieStoppers thinks that Nancy Grace is a disgrace. That’s why Nancy earned our wholehearted nomination for Miss Hag of the Hoax.


Anonymous said...

Great nomination and quite worthy.

Why is it, I kept humming the song from Sesame Street while reading that particular piece?

craig said...

You have some great nominees. Picking the HotH is going to be hard work.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace is a dis-Grace! Comfort comes only in my personal experience that no one believes her. Is there really someone out there idiotic enough to buy her peddled trash? I'm going to go take a shower...

Anonymous said...

It is going to be a hard choice indeed!I can't want to see who wins?

Anonymous said...

Compared to the Bride of Frankenstein and Miss Piggy, I think Baldo might have a decent chance in the swimsuit competition.

gaby8 said...

Some more lies from MS. Nancy

Nancy Grace, 49, commentator for Court TV.
A “Victim of a violent crime”
The Murder of Keith Griffin.
What has she told us about what happened that violent day?
In searching through interviews, magazine and newspaper articles here is what she has said.
Then there are the documented facts gleaned from interviews with Jurors, Attorneys, Judge, Witnesses and newspapers in the area.
First the date, she has said at various times, it happened in 1987, 1985, 1982 and 1980. You would think a date that according to Ms. Grace “changed her life forever” would be burned into her soul. A seminal event!
The date was August 6, 1979 .
She said it happened in a remote wilderness.
It was on the entrance road to the Georgia Kraft Plywood Co. and US Hwy. 278, 1 ½ miles from downtown Madison Ga.
She said her boyfriend did not know his assailant.
They were friends, work for the same construction Co. In fact the prosecutor at trail based part of his case on the assailant killing a friend.
She said her boyfriend was 25.
He was 23.
She said the assailant was 25.
He was 19,
Said assailant was on parole
He was not.
Said he had a record.
He did not.
Said it was a murder for profit.
It was not.
The man was out for revenge after being fired from his job at the construction Co.
Said her boyfriend was driving a jeep,
It was a Bronco that belonged to the Construction Co.
Said it was robbery.
It was not.
Said they found Keith’s wallet with $35.00 and her picture in McCoy’s home
No wallet was found in his home. Just the 38 cal. revolver Ser# R79705 . (Griffin’s wallet was found several days after the incident in the Bronco, by an Ingram employee,)
Said it was a mugging.
It was not.
Said it was random.
It was not.
Said he was still alive when he arrived at the hospital.
He was pronounced dead at the scene .
Said she was asked by Joe Briley the District Attorney if he should seek the death penalty. Grace said she told him No and has regretted it ever since. (If that were true you would think Briley would have asked Griffin’s parents. rather than a 21 yr. old kid .
The State did ask for the Death Penalty. The jury voted against it.
She said she testified at the trial.
Two Jurors, a Bailiff, a Defense attorney a Court Reporter and Judge do not remember any “white girl testifying”. (The transcripts were destroyed in a fire.) .
The Defendant never looked at her.
The accused stared at the floor during the entire trial. In fact he never spoke a word to his lawyer or anybody before, during or after the trial. (One exception)*
She said McCoy’s defense was “didn’t do it, you got the wrong guy
The truth is... there was never a doubt by anyone he did the crime (there is a confession)
The defense was insanity.
Said the Jury was out 3 days .
Jury was out 5 hrs.
She said there were many appeals.
There were none
Says she is 44 years old
.She is 47.
Documented narrative of what really happen August 6, 1979.
Keith Griffin 23, from Athens GA. and Tommy McCoy 19, an illiterate, mentally challenge Blackman, worked together for the Ingham Construction Co. on the Georgia Kraft Plywood Co. site outside Madison Ga.
McCoy was fired and was out for revenge. On Monday the 6th of August Mccoy left his house with a 38 cal. Revolver stashed in a brown paper bag.
Keith Griffin had taken the company Bronco to town to pick up lunch. Returning to Kraft he saw McCoy walking down the Company road at the intersection of US Hwy. 278.
Griffin stopped either to talk or to give a ride to McCoy. It is not clear which.
McCoy fired six shots at point blank range, five of which found their mark... McCoy then dumped the body in the back seat and in his rush, drove the Bronco in a ditch.
Joe Brown, a maintenance worker for the plant drove by in his truck and not knowing what had happed offered to help McCoy. He refused. Brown drove a few yards decided to return. He told McCoy he would take him to the hospital because of all the blood on his shirt.
The assailant then jumped in the passenger side of Brown’s truck, put the gun in the f ace of the Maintenance worker and pulled the trigger twice,( At trial he said the gun looked like a “stove pipe”) The gun was empty, Brown ran and McCoy took of in his truck..
Minutes later friends of Brown’s showed up and said they saw the truck and knew where it was. It was parked in McCoy’s driveway. He was arrested a few minutes later with the gun in his possession.
Keith Griffin was pronounced dead at the scene.
Tommy got a lawyer, a good one, Billy Prior. According to Prior, McCoy never said a word to him before, during or after the trail. (One exception). During the entire 1 ½ day trail the defendant stared at the floor without moving prior did a magnificent job explaining the psychiatric reports and mental history of the retarded defendant. McCoy had been judged “mildly retarded” by the Ga. Central State Hospital. (By the way, no one remembers a “white girl” testifying.)
It worked! The jury turned down the death penalty.
When the Jury came back and announced they would not render a death penalty verdict. McCoy turned to his lawyer and uttered his only words. “Does that mean I’m gonna live”?*
Tommy McCoy, GDC ID: 0000400964 was convicted of murder, aggravated assault (Brown) and found not guilty of robbery. He was sentence to life, with possibility of parole.
He is in his 26th year at the Hancock State Prison at Sparta Ga,
Sources: Interviews with two Jurors, Judge, Attorneys and the Bailiff. Court documents,
Larry King Live., New Republic, Atlanta Journal, the Madisonian and Macon Telegraph. Newspapers.
Interview Sources and Documents
Bill Scholly, Investigator, Buckhead Ga. williamscholly@bellsouth.net
Bill Prior, Attorney for Mccoy. Madison Ga.
Joe Briley, District Attorney. Madison Ga.
Columbus Johnson. Sheriff. Madison Ga.
Don and Eli Ingram, Ingram Construction Co. Madison GA.
Hugh Thompson, Judge. Madison Ga.
Roy Dobbs, Jury Foreman. Madison Ga.
Alonzo Farmer, Juror. Madison Ga.
Joe Brown, Second Victim. Madison Ga.
Janet Wilkerson, Court Reporter. Milledgeville Ga.
Notice of State’s intention to seek Death Penalty (Available on request)
Completed Verdict Forms. (Available on request)
Sentencing Documents. (Available on request)
Notice to suppress evidence. (Available on request))
Mccoy’s Personal History. (Available on request)
Jury Instructions. (Available on request)

Michelle from Madison said...

Joe Scarborough’s show of MSNBC broadcasted another show that indicates that there is now a “suspect” (person-of-interest) in the Trenton Duckett case, and that the investigation is still on-going as of this date. The clip also confirms that “Nancy Grace is scared to death” about the Duckett lawsuit (and more lawsuits) coming against her and CNN for Nancy’s unprofessional and illegal conduct documented thus far in the Duckett case. If criminal charges come against Nancy, wonder if CNN will cover what Nancy gets served for dinner after she goes to prison? Hope the tickets are available soon for the upcoming trials against Nancy for her direct connection in the deaths of more people who were never criminally convicted including Melinda Duckett. Maybe Nancy will receive “chicken-on-bone” meal with a small cup of ice-cream.” If that is the case, maybe the public should conjure up a public-out-cry against Nancy for getting chicken and ice-cream in prison where she will likely also have access to a television too, but not to cable-television to watch Nancy’s replacement on her show. Ohhh, too bad Nancy. People have told you Nancy, you cannot continue to victimize the victims. Sounds like Nancy’s civil-illegal actions are finally catching up to Nancy, as it does with most criminals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF-w00BfRS0