Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No One Will Ever Know


Anonymous said...

So basically in North Carolina a witness(police investigator) before a Grand Jury can lie and never be caught because no recording is made and the Grand Jurors can never say what the witness said because they are sworn to secrey!

There are no checks & balances on Police & DA misconduct in an indictment. They can indict anyone without probable cause because the Grand Jury just listens to a cop say he did it. Thus the indicted either enters into a plea bargain agreement or fights it within the case management system in Durham which can take many months.

No wonder Nifong was happy in all those TV interviews, he can say & do anything he wants! This place is corrupt to the bone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liestoppers !

We do have affidavits - false affidavits!

That alone is enough to send someone to jail.

The problem with the affidavits:

1) Records were not obtained by subpoena at that time. False claim

2) The Records do NOT say what the DPD/DA claims they say. The affidavits are contrary to Medical records.

3) SANE personnel are trained NOT to the make the type of statements that the affidavits attribute to them.

Liestoppers has proved to anyone with brain activity that this is a Hoax wrapped up into a Political Campaign that gave birth to a host of Felonies and Federal crimes.