Saturday, September 30, 2006


Nifong’s conduct is sickening.

Journalists of the News and Observer: You know.
We know you know.

You know that Mike Nifong’s conduct is sickening. Every one of you does.
And one of you needs to come forward and tell the public.
Do not be afraid of retribution.

Do not be persuaded that somehow Mike Nifong is a “good guy.” If what appears to be obvious is true -- that Mike Nifong is prosecuting innocent men – Mike Nifong is not "good."

This seems an elementary statement, I know.

But I can see loyal journalists sitting around convincing themselves that it would be disloyal to turn on Mike Nifong -- why, Nifong is just a little "over the top." In real life, he is funny. He calls his sister once a week. He shares jokes with friends. He attends church.

When Nifong gave all those interviews, he was just a little too "worked up." It was a scene straight out of "Bonfire of the Vanities" by Tom Wolfe. Indicative of the times.

The proclamations of guilt slung at the players? Those were just ... jokes. Ditto for the ugly remarks heard by everyone: "There was a feeling that Duke students' daddies could buy them expensive lawyers and that they knew the right people." Har, har.

After all, Nifong is not just a lawyer, but a District Attorney. The lawyers’ dream.
And the accused? They were... Yankee lacrosse players, for Pete's sake.

I can see the News and Observer going down this path, justifying its silence. And it makes me sick.

Because, of all the occupational hazards that must come with playing lacrosse, one of them should not be prosecution on false rape allegations. And no, being prosecuted by Mike Nifong personally doesn't make it better.

Unfortunately, because Mike Nifong is a District Attorney, there is a tendency to presume that his behavior in this case is an aberration. That Mike Nifong is a "good guy."
I see it in the statement “Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong has never been afraid to take a case to trial.”

But prosecuting a case with little evidence is one thing. The implication that this willful prosecution of innocent men, if true, is somehow a case that "got out of hand" is just plain wrong.
Willful prosecution of innocent men is not part of a spectrum of behavior, the regrettable end game when testosterone is ignited by fake outrage and fanned into flames by the journalists’ permission.

No. Willful Prosecution of innocent men is wrong. Very seriously wrong.

Those who willfully prosecute innocent men are not "good guys."

I don't know what is happening in the News and Observer’s office, over in Raleigh. Ultimately, that will be a matter for the subscribers to decide. But the fact that Mike Nifong’s conduct has been sickening is something the public needs to know. Now.

The public shouldn't have to wait forever.

Every journalist of the News and Observer knows Mike Nifong’s conduct has been sickening, whether they admit it or not.

Until the journalists come forward with that information, writing that Mike Nifong, "...has been criticized this year for pursuing a rape case against three Duke University lacrosse players despite evidence that defense lawyers say no rape happened," isn't enough.
Recall Mike Nifong.

No journalists were hurt during the making of this parody. Special thanks to Ruth Sheehan.


Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Journalism in Durham

Anonymous said...

If Nifong would do this when the world is watching, what would he do when no one is watching? All the journalists in Durham need to think hard about what is going on here. If you don't speak up who will be Nifong's next victim? Will it be someone you know or will it be just some poor sap who can't afford a decent attorney? If it is someone you don't know I guess it won't matter to you self centered pricks just like this Duke case doesn't matter to you. How do you journalists sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

I agree; Mike Nifong is not a good
person. It does not matter that he
he's good to his family, calls his sister every week, jokes, and goes to church. I know alot of evil
people that go to church. Their life is a big facade. But, God will not be mocked by people like
Mike Nifong. He has already begun to experience chastisements from God thanks to Liestoppers. His reputation is being ruined. He has disgraced his profession. These things happen to people who are puffed up with their prideful self image. This is just the beginning of Mike Nifong's fall from grace. He is headed down a path he will regret. However thats what evil people do. They know what they do is wrong. They don't heed the warnings of good people. Their conscience is malformed. Mike Nifong has no remorse for any of the evil he does. That's why God will humble him. It may not be today. It could be 10 years from now, but God will bring you down Mike Nifong!!!!!