Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Collective Empowerment

When we started this blog a little more than two months ago, we had intentions of empowering ourselves by collectively speaking out about the Duke Hoax and the surrounding media coverage. Without ambitious expectations but while holding idealistically high hopes, we began posting our mutual thoughts, observations, analyses, feelings and beliefs. As our first month closed, we were tickled to note that our blog had been read nearly 20,000 times.

Noting that as our second month closed we approached 70,000 visits, we found ourselves humbled by the attention we had garnered from bloggers, journalists, and academics, whose encouragement, direction, and occasional criticism has proven invaluable. Privately, and in publication, we are blessed to have heard positive reinforcement from the likes of Stuart Taylor Jr., Professor KC Johnson, Professor William Anderson, John in Carolina, Michael Gaynor and others. The kindest words of all, however, have come somewhat unexpectedly from Cash Michaels, who offered,
"The power of your blog is undeniable."
Despite the affirmations we have received from others who are covering the Duke Hoax, we have bizarrely been blacklisted by Court TV, and its message board, with links to our blog disallowed or asterisked out as if "LieStoppers" was a dirty word. Participants in our discussion board have indicated that their participation in the LS board, or at times the mere mention of our site, has been cause for banishment from the CTV discussions. Regardless of what the powers that be at Court TV may think of us, we are pleased to have staked out our small corner in the Duke Hoax Blogosphere.

If there is any truth to Mr. Michaels' flattery, we have come to believe that the power of our blog, whatever that may be, has far less to do with anything we might write or illustrate and far more to do with the enthusiasm, determination, and willingness of those of you who have found your way to our pages and message board. On average, approximately 1,500 people per day visit here now, most appearing to be repeat or regular readers, commentators and more. Many of you have become genuine collaborators in our efforts by way of your direct contributions to the blog through writing, research, suggestion, discussion and inspiration.

For this, we are grateful.

On any given day, there are are no longer 15 LieStoppers but 1,500 and counting. Over the past two days, we were newly reminded of this collective empowerment, as we asked for your help yesterday and again this morning. In both instances, you responded and it made a difference.
Yesterday your collective efforts resulted in an update to the Herald Sun’s votebook, much to the chagrin of Bob Ashley who responded harshly to a mutual reader’s concerns by phone today with:
"Quite frankly I think Mr. Cheek running for an office he isn't planning on taking is an out and out" He stopped there and said "Well I won't come right out and say it."
Thankfully, the News and Observer’s Durham Editor, Michelle Valenzuela, and Metro Editor, Van Denton, were far more responsive and cordial with our mutual readers. We are pleased to report that the N&O not only immediately updated their Voter’s Guide to include each of the candidates for Durham County District Attorney but also offered to “get to the bottom” of the reason for the delay in updating and promised to contact the RN-VC campaign for additional information. We understand, from RN-VC spokesperson, Beth Brewer, that Ms. Valenzuela and Mr. Denton have already begun to follow through on those promises.

1,502 hat tips for today, 73,000+ for the past nine weeks. Thanks, all.


Anonymous said...

You give me hope! Thanks for brightening my life by reminding me that there is intelligent life on this planet!

Anonymous said...

Over the years, I've developed a love/hate relationship to the Internet- so many vile websites and so much scurrilous behavior. HOWEVER, your blog shows where the Internet and lots of caring people can make a difference-no matter that some of us have little to offer except our intuition or our good wishes. We've all been welcome, as long as we respect one another. Had your blog and others not existed, this hoax might not have been exposed for the travesty that it is. Your humor has been a welcome release when the MSM and Nifong have colluded to obsure the fact that no rape ocurred. Thank YOU.
Texas Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you LieStoppers for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

not all the readers are in favor of the bs you have on this site.some are on here to see what new conspiracy stuff you have come up with in trying to protect the duke 3. most of your readers who agree with you do not even live in durham. the real people in durham do not all support your views.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Brummell, is that you again?

Anonymous said...

I think the third comment is from the late, unlamented now-banned poster on the LS board, who has stated she lives in Florida.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts. But especially to those who put their money where their mouths are, and donate to the campaign to recall Mike Nifong.

Anonymous said...

8:28 am. poster. The third comment does not come from Florida. The third comment is from a Duke parent who lives in Louisiana.

Once again, thank you LieStoppers. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just outstanding work Liestoppers. Your blog has become a "must read" for me every afternoon. Your insight and investigative articles are fantastic. I also love the humor you sometimes display. It helps ease the tension of this travesty. Thanks again.