Friday, October 27, 2006

DA Missed Discovery Deadline

At last month’s Hoax hearing, Judge Osmond Smith ordered District Attorney to comply with the Defense Attorney’s discovery motions by October 20.
“Judge Smith ordered that known outstanding discovery must be turned over to the defense by October 20th, including the underlying data from DNA Securities and the results of the examination of the lacrosse players’ computers and telephone records.”

It appears the DA Nifong has ignored Judge Smith’s order and has decided instead to continue to employ the Nifong Stall.

WRAL is reporting:
“During Friday's hearing, Nifong is expected to turn over a report of DNA testing at DNA Security in Burlington.” WRAL 10/27/2006
LieStoppers will again have courtroom observers at today’s hearing. As information becomes available throughout the day, we will post it on our discussion board [LS Discussion Board]. A comprehensive report will follow here this evening or tomorrow morning. Professor KC Johnson has also indicated that he will attempt to blog live from the hearing. Jason Trumpbour, spokesman for Friends of Duke University, will attend the hearing as well.
In election news, Steve Monks appears to be hinting at withdrawing from the District Attorney's race.

Monks said in an interview this week that a combined oust-Nifong effort would be better than two fragmented ones.

"It is probable that one of us has to withdraw," he said. "It has to happen. Someone has to be the frontrunner for the anti-Nifong movement. Otherwise, Mike will continue to be DA?. I can't scream from the highest mountain loudly enough that we need a combined effort."
Mr. Monks is scheduled to make an unspecified announcement this afternoon in front of the Durham County Board of Elections. We'll let the mainstream media cover this one.


Anonymous said...

What time is the hearing?

Anonymous said...

So much for Monks dropping out. He now claims he has 20% of the vote, according to his poll and wants Cheek supporters to endorse him. What's up with this guy?

madder than a hornet said...

Monks has been to the Ross Perot school of spoiling an election. He should be ashamed to look in his mirror. Wonder what Fongus Mr. Monk wants to catch?