Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nifong's Ultimatum

I gave you this in March, guys.
My ultimate decree,
DO NOT FORGET this list of stuff
I NEVER want to see:
No stinking ATM shots
That show Seligmann was gone,
No list of constant cell phone calls
That prove I'm in the wrong,
No lie detector tests
That clear the kids I've blamed,
Or those lousy DNA tests
That show that they were framed!
Don't tell me HER changing stories.
It's best that I don't know.
Tell her I want NO details.
I might have to eat some crow.
No, I'm NOT meeting with her.
That's not how my game is played.
I need to get elected.
The facts might obstruct my way.
The more ignorant I am
The more freely I can "spin."
I don't want to know the truth.
I only want to WIN.
But are you guys so stupid?
Must I use profanity?
Show my nasty tempermental, obscene side
Lady- Defense gals often see?
I've been seeing "things" that make me mad!
You guys are worthless clowns!!!
Is Bob Ashley the only sychophant
I've got left in this town?
Okay, I'll spell it out for you.
Don't let these in my sight...
I better see no.... lousy "Vote Cheek" signs
When I'm driving home tonight!!!


Newport said...

YOU DID IT! You finally got the Telly Savalas with the lollipop in the Bald Man series.

You guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Lt. Theo Kojak

Who loves ya, baby?

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet Nifong's hero is J'edgar? I wonder if he has similar "files" from his twenty-seven years in the DA's office. I do think J'edgar should have been pictured in a dress, though.
Texas Mom