Monday, October 23, 2006


"Stevie" (sung to tune "Alfie")

What's it all about, Stevie?
Is it just the attention you seek?
What's it all about when you sort it out, Stevie?
Are you mad your name's not Lewis Cheek,
But only a blank line?
But since your petition drive failed, Stevie,
You are refusing to go away,
But you should understand one thing, Stevie,
You will only help Nifong if you stay.
As sure as we believe there's a heaven above, Stevie,
We know there's one thing
All fair people do believe in...
Nifong has to go, Stevie!
With him there, justice can't exist, Stevie.
All you can do is assist him, Stevie,
From now on you will hear people say,
"Spoiler, Spoiler," every day, Stevie, Stevie.
Sue Donim


Anonymous said...

Liestoppers has a new contributor and a fun one! Sue Donim!!

gc said...

Nice job Sue. Stevie is like a mosquito on a hot summer day trying to ruin a picnic.

justice58 said...

Oh My God

You're pitiful! You people are too emotionally invested in the duke 3.

There is NO way a man like Mike Nifong would punish these dukies unjustly. He is only doing his job by seeking justice against these dukes.

Anonymous said...

Justice 58

You seem to be the only one that thinks Nifong has handled this case in a "just" manner. Law experts throughout the nation are astounded by this man's malicious intent and/or incompetence. This man knows these men are innocent and simply doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

I have a tremendously hard time believing a self-proclaimed black man would vociferously agree with the clearly politically motivated and illegal railroad job that Nifong is committing against these 3 young men. Especially given the history of black men being unjustly convicted in the past under similar circumstances.

You must be one of the dumbest black men ever or simply one of the biggest jerks, "justice58". Either way, your opinions mean squat.