Friday, October 13, 2006

Two Words

"Rodeo Cowboy"
Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger.
You may see him striding
Across a cold courtroom.
And somehow you'll know,
This feelings too strong.
To hell with Dan Abrams
You hear Nifong's song...
Some enchanted evening
He'll whisper "Rodeo Cowboy.."
Your heart will leap inside you
You'll drop your microphone.
And all your previous comments
That his case was really bombing
Will be swept aside forever.
He's made you his own.
Some enchanted evening
You stumble from the courtroom
That passion that has gripped you
Too strong to deny.
"He's so confidant," you'll stutter
While your heart is all aflutter
From then on you'll never, no never, ask why?!!!


EMU said...

Then again it could just be a case of mistaken perception.

"He's so confident" could be mistaken for "He's just delusional."

EMU said...

"Rodeo Cowboy" and his faithful companion "Popgun Lindy Wilson."

For an added treat, enlarge the comic to see the image in the TV camera viewfinder. Nice touch, LS.

Anonymous said...

Who is that supposed to be exactly?

Anonymous said...

Susan Filan...the MSNBC reporter who was so critical of Nifong..and called him a "rodeo cowboy."

After he confronted her in court, she has gushed ever since.Very strange chemistry at work, we guess..

Anonymous said...

Ah I see. I remember when she was on Abrams. She initially thought it was all true (as did most people so I can't really fault here), but to her credit she did change her mind once the DNA came back (twice) and more evidence came to light. But yes it was weird when she gushed over Nifong after seeing him in the courtroom. Maybe she has a thing for shit-eating smirks.

James said...

Is anyone else disturbed by the view that Nifong has a "cowboy" attitude? I don't want to drag President Bush into this but considering where his cowboy attitude has brought things...

Anonymous said...

One of the most troubling aspects about this case is the relatively poor analysis provided by most of the women journalists. (Greta and probably one or two others I can't think of excepted.) As a woman, I thought we had progressed to a point at which we could deal with reality as opposed to victimization. It's really embarrassing.

Joan Foster's perspective, talent, and insight are far more representative of most of us gals. Her poignant essays about motherhood should be distributed to every woman before, during, or after childbirth. They are timeless. I sent them to my daughters, sisters and friends.

What I respect most is her ability to maintain her perspective as a loving mom while fighting with all of her intelligence for a principle. She's a real woman; the kind you call with a problem who will listen with an understanding ear and then tell you what you need to hear and you are glad she is there.

To Ms. Sheehan, I know what I know and I learned most of it the hard way. I also know I don't know everything and I learned that the hard way too. I call it depth, but it's really just life. If you're lucky, you get to live yours and if you're blessed, you learn from it.