Thursday, October 05, 2006


I saw the musical "Wicked" this weekend for the second time. I'd be happy to see it three times or four. It tells us the Wizard of Oz story... from a very different perspective. In this version, we learn that all our previous assumptions about goodness and evil in that classic tale of Oz are incorrect. The "Wicked Witch," Elphaba is anything but wicked... in fact she is the true heroine of the piece. Her altruism, her unselfish desire to make Oz a better place throws her up against powerful political forces, and a virulent status quo. She is maligned as "wicked," so that true wickedness can continue to thrive in Oz .... to the benefit of a powerful few. Despite Elphaba's goodness and magical abilities, the self absorbed Wizard, the power-hungry Minister of Propaganda, the well-manipulated Munchkins and the politically motivated Good Witch Glinda almost succeed in destroying her... until... like all good fables, one character has the all important denouement, and Goodness conquers Evil once again. The audience leaves the theatre happy, and reassured.

When the polls close on Election Day, I wonder how will we feel? Will Durham's self-absorbed "Wizard" Michael Nifong be elected to office? Will this District Attorney... who would indict before investigation, play fast and loose with the law, deceive and manipulate... will he be Durham's choice? The local "ministers of Propaganda" seem to be helping that potential outcome along... the Voter's Guides of both the Herald Sun and the N&O have been reluctant to indicate that Nifong has a viable opponent. The powers that be at Duke University shut down a neutral Voter Registration at Saturday's game. Recall Nifong -Vote Cheek signs are being pulled up and Nifong's left standing. The Nifong’s tactics that we have seen in this investigation...the self-absorption, the utter lack of integrity, the nastiness... are the Nifong’s tactics we see in this campaign as well. Make no mistake, the evil Wizard is well entrenched.

Our heroine, Beth Brewer, is heartened by the support the Recall Nifong -Vote Cheek campaign is receiving from the good people of Durham. The stench of previous cases, like the one of Leon Brown, are reminding Durhamites what reckless justice means for ALL of them, not just the three Duke defendants. But when apathy, agenda, and the local newspapers seem arrayed against the effort... we need to push harder. We know we are preaching to the choir here, but necessity demands it once again. Friends, please wave any magic wands you have, call upon ALL forces of Good and recruit anyone you know, and see if we can produce any of the following for Beth Brewer and the campaign:
  • 1. A local band/refreshments for a Recall Nifong-Vote Cheek campaign rally.
  • 2. Additional funds to run campaign ads.
  • 3. Duke Students for an Ethical Durham to exceed their goals relatedto student voter registration and voter turnout.
  • 4. Cheap GPS devices for tracking missing signs.
  • 5. Additional funds for a billboard in a high traffic area.
  • 6. Additional funds for T-shirts and bumperstickers.
  • 7. Volunteers to hand out flyers at sports/community events.
  • 8. Volunteers to drive people to polls.
  • 9. Volunteers for the polls on November 7th.
  • 10. Additional funds for a mailing to voters timed to arrive just before the election.
  • 11. Additional funds for Halloween masks of Nifong's face (scary, huh?).

Forward all help to Beth Brewer at

Recalling Nifong is no fairy tale. Corruption can only persist when good people don't care enough to change it. The next few weeks are crucial. To the posters who go to the blogs each day, and combat ignorance with information, stupidity with common sense… don't stop now. Frustration is the opposition's best weapon, and your retreat is their goal. Stand firm and keep up the fight. To the bloggers, who struggle to put out new work everyday, these next weeks are key. Keep pushing. Keep putting out the truth where distraction and dissembling are the only local media alternatives. To Beth Brewer and her local volunteers, replace every sign, redouble every effort. You are the true heroes of this piece!

The heroine in Wicked finds her moment and her momentum with the song "Defying Gravity." Alone, the song reminds us, we all struggle against the Powerful Wizards, the Agenda-Warlocks, and the well-manipulated but misinformed Munchkins we encounter everyday. Yet together, each of us adds to a greater design that can make a difference. Alone we are one voice, but together we are a compelling chorus for justice and change. Alone we are grounded in the utter corruption and cowardice of Nifong and his enablers... but, TOGETHER, we truly can "defy gravity" and defeat Nifong!


Together we're unlimited ....

Together we'll be the greatest team

There's ever been.

Dreams the way we planned them

If we work in tandem

There's no fight we cannot win!


Just you and I

Defying gravity!

We're flying high

Defying gravity!


And nobody in all of Oz

No Wizard that there is or was

Is ever gonna bring us down! "

Joan Foster


kbp said...

Thanks again!

A list of specific needs should be helpful for the readers and hopefully was a good thing to include. Local volunteers and funding seem to ring out loudly.

As a non-local that does NOT want 'Nifongs' anywhere in OUR country, it looks like I should help a bit with a donation, again!

I hope others will do so also.

Anonymous said...

that is the problem. people like you are funding this campaign but the campaign needs people here in durham to help with the campaign. most of you on liestoppers are nonlocal that is why the brewer woman needs so much help. the local people are not in favor of this campaign. the real people of durham are voting for monks if they are going to vote againist nifong not this phony ass campaign for a non candidate. you will see on election day.

Anonymous said...

Do all the real people of Durham oppose capitalization or is it only you? I appreciate your opinion, your willingness to drop the racial rhetoric and limit yourself to one cuss word per comment but could you please stop stealing Ms. Brewer's signs?