Monday, November 06, 2006

The Hoax Nears Death

It’s difficult to know for sure when the Hoax will die. Those who insist the Hoax must go to trial no longer speak of evidence yet to be revealed. Instead, they speak of bad behavior, social inequity, underage consumption of alcohol, interlopers, and race riots. The police department has given up the illusion that the case requires an investigation. New witnesses emerge, and old ones clarify their recollections on national television, and not in interviews with investigators.
Even interim District Attorney Nifong admits that his pursuit is not about prosecuting a crime, but rather about “healing” social divisions, and addressing the controversy surrounding the case. Perhaps knowing that he cannot justify his false prosecution on the basis that a crime actually occurred, it appears that he publicly pretends to justify his irregular actions and lapse in ethics by pointing to a “higher” calling. Disregarding the fact that the division and controversy were created by his own ill-conceived words and actions, interim-DA Nifong attempts to spin his misdeeds into something noble.

Among his supporters, fewer each day can ignore Nifong’s failure after failure with the case. The prevailing attitude seems to be that the one known instance of railroading innocent young men is acceptable in consideration of the fact that he performed adequately in traffic court, and other roles as an Assistant District Attorney. For the few hate filled extremists, Mr. Nifong’s attempt to send innocents to jail is not rationalized as an isolated instance, but rather applauded as strike against Yankees, or as a punishment of a race different from their own.

Mr. Nifong appears to have stopped pretending he has actual evidence to take the Hoax to trial. To the Rotary and Kiwanis Club, Mr. Nifong asserted that the case must be tried because of the controversy.

"If a case is of such significance that people in the community are divided or up in arms over the existence of that case, then that in and of itself is an indication that a case needs to be tried." N&O

Through the Associated Press, Mr. Nifong told the world that his persecution of three innocent young men was justified not by law, but by a personal feeling that the prosecution was needed to address the underlying divisions in the community.

“I think that I have a responsibility to prosecute this case. I think that really nothing about my view of the case and my view of how the case ultimately needs to be handled has been affected by any of the things that have occurred. You can make the case go away pretty easily. Anybody could. The next D.A., or me if I were so inclined. You can do it with the stroke of a pen. But that does nothing to address the underlying divisions that have been revealed. My personal feeling is the first step to addressing those divisions is addressing this case.”

DA Nifong’s misconduct is only made more obscene by his desperate attempts to misconstrue the mandate of his office, and his nefarious intentions. Despite the pretense of this manufactured higher “calling” to persecute innocent men for the “good” of the community, Mr. Nifong’s obligations are quite the opposite. His responsibility is to protect the innocent, and to prosecute real crimes supported by probable cause. Yet DA Nifong pretends, again, that it is acceptable for him to persecute innocent men in the interests of serving his community.

As even DA Nifong appears to have given up pretence that he actually has evidence to take this case to trial, it seems that the death of the Hoax is near. Let’s hope that the funeral is scheduled for Tuesday November 7, despite Mr. Nifong’s attempts at resurrection.


Anonymous said...

I wish that were true, but unfortunately I believe that Nifong will win. What happens after may be equally unappealing - Cash Michaels' demagoguery will transform into bloodlust, as he changes his exhortations from urging a trial to urging a conviction. Political parties, seeing that demagoguery and appealing to undemocratic principles can form majorities, will opt for that path. The "national media", fired by victory, will redouble their efforts to define history, rather than report it.
But there is one bright spot, the immigration issue will disappear, the flow at the borders will be in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

Great article. Forget the immigration. Worry about people moving within the U.S.
North Carolina grew because we Damn Yankees moved there to retire moved our businesses there. Big, cheap houses and very low taxes.We won't be sending our kids to school there

ME said...


Here are several links to the Nifong infamous Oct 30 comments that weren't later sanitized by Aaron Beard and that should survive the normal self destructing H-S links:

Anonymous said...

As pessimistic as I am about political process, I cannot but believe that, win or not, Nifong is going down in flames on the Duke Hoax. His outrageous flouting of procedure, numerous lies uttered for and duly recorded by msm pantywaists, and reckless contempt for any moral or legal standard of justice are too egregious even for the Marxist relativists, hick-town Babbitts, and ignorant working class no-nothing enablers to provide their normal cover. Thank God he is so obviously mentally disturbed that he couldn't maintain an air of sober impartiality which might have helped him actually get away with all of it. But I've been wrong before. . . sic semper tyrannis

Anonymous said...

While I hope for much more, at the very minimum, the next few years will be detrimental to Nifong's personal health, as he worries through each day thinking about how he can overcome all he's facing.

Anonymous said...

In essence, Nifong fabricated this case from day one to make it seem like he was working for the good of the black community to get the vote and beat Freda. He now has dragged this out and deceived, lied and hidden evidence to continue the lie that and make it seem he is still working for the good of the black community to get elected. If he is elected does the black community seriously think he gives a damn about them. He used them and preyed on their racism and they fell right into his pocket where he knew they would. He is a manipulator who used the citizens of Durham for his own political purposes. It truly is sickening.

gc said...

I pray that Cheeks wins. If by chance he does not win tomorrow, I hope liestoppers shows Nifong's photo with a line that says "The most hated DA in America".

Gregory said...

These comments, along with the recent Dipthong e-mail reported by K.C. Johnson are the final nails in the coffin of a Motion to Transfer Venue.

There is more than enough proof of a need to transfer venue, but these last comments, so politically motivated, and reported mainly by local media, will ensure a transfer of the case.

Good bye, Durham, you won't even get the benefit of the hotel/food dollars from having the national media descend on your town in the unlikely event this abortion makes it that far.