Friday, November 03, 2006

What's that tune Mr. O is humming, Stevenson

What's that tune Mr. O is humming, Stevenson?
(To the Tune of "Making Whoopee")
The D.A. tells us:
She's traumatized,
He couldn't press her,
Just look in her eyes,
She "screams at white men,"
The girl's so frightened.
Pole dancing Whoopee.....
The D.A. tells us:
They never talked.
The father tells us:
She couldn't walk.
But at the Platinum,
Man, her "moves" were happening!
Pole dancing Whoopee....
Our Hearts Are With You,
Wish you were here!
So we could tell you,
How much we care!
Well," Buchanan" won't cut it.
Try Hillsborough, Honey.
Pole Dancing Whoppee....
The 88 are "listening."
Their minds made up.
Won't wait for evidence,
Allegations enough.
Class war fare, race baiting,
While you're gy-rating.
Pole Dancing Whoopee
Jesse got money,
Full scholarship.
She's so deserving.
He wants to help!
But she can't meet Big Jess.
No she's got "business."
Pole dancing whoopee...
They're having vigils
Most every night.
Pot banging sessions
By candlelight.
They shout "Castrate "em!"
By God! They hate 'em.
Pole Dancing Whoopee...
If we just had
A time Machine,
And we could go back
To Early Spring...
Folks could take their Pot-banging
Right where The Girl's hanging!!
Pole Dancing Whoopee.....
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Joan, you truly have a gift--when this is all over you might want to publish all of your lacrosse poetry in a volume titled: Poetic Justice!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Joan. The above poster is correct - you truly have a gift. While this hoax has uncovered many evil and/or incompetent people, it has also helped to display the talents of many smart and determined individuals. You should be proud of your relentless work and the title "Poetic Justice" seems an absolutely perfect title.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Joan Foster is one of the few bright spots in this travesty.

What about those pot bangers? Yelling at that Lacrosse Team with their signs "Give them Equal Measure" and telling them to confess!

100 years ago they were the same ones yelling "hang them"! What about this young mother of two, college student, Navy Vet, what was she doing? I am sure she heard the prayers for her recovery.

Miracles do happen, it worked! She was doing leg spreads down at the Platinum Club! March 25

You can't keep down a working girl.

d.hussey said...

Way to go, Joan !!! You are the BEST! d.hussey

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I just wonder, how many lacrosse players play through their injury? Is there a parallel? Hmmm, don't suspect you would be saying anything other than --way to go guys! what heroics this shows for an injured sportster to come off the bench, or whatever it is, to keep on playing, for the good of the team--despite just getting injured.
A reasonable person might be able to see that someone who needed to keep her job, might keep dancing through the injury. But then, you would not be able to see that as a reasonable parallel could you? Just shows your bias. That's why there will be a jury. They are called fact finders. They deal with evidence. And a good percentage of the stuff you have here is --get ready to swallow this you bloggers--not even admissible. Well, I guess you should have a space to vent. But the courtroom will be different. And to a courtroom, it will come.

Anonymous said...

I thought she lived at home with her parents?

Anonymous said...

Wow, anon 6:30 that is original indeed. I don't know why you're the first to suggest it.

Maybe we should nominate her for the stripper hall of fame or something like that. She kind of reminds me of Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse. Never misses a day on that pole, injured or not.

Except she's not an athlete, she's a stripper. And the contortionist moves she was making according to the bouncer are incompatible with the level of pain and injury that she falsely described when she went to UNC hospital. In case you didn't notice, the second time she went back the Doctors there refused to give her any narcotics, because they found no objective evidence that supported her(fake)complaints. And that's all documented in the hospital records, and it is all admissible and relevant and will be presented in court. It is of course admissible because it goes directly to the question of whether her claims of injury were real. And based on objective medical evidence, they were not. Just like the rest of her story, the injury claims were completely bogus.

So you don't know what you are talking about. The idea that the injuries that she described were real and she was doing her dance with them at the same time that the Sgt (I think Himan) said she was wincing in pain just sitting in a chair is just the height of absurdity. It's just more of the same.. the complete suspension of rational thought to try to come up with some twisted logic that can still support the premise that a crime occurs. So first today we hear that the owner says she really wasn't stripping and that occurred before the rape. Oh then he took it back... better think of something new. Well I have to hand it to you.. this is a new idea. Not a good one, but certainly new.

TombZ said...

Anon 6:30

Ha ha haha haaaaaa!

Like you can balance the scales.

Go Duke 3!

If the slut can do a split,
then the jury must acquit!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Anon 6:30 PM, as Anon 10:01 PM has documented so well, there was no injury. That is the point. Additionally:

1. The Accuser stated that the Duke party was the first time she had ever "danced provocatively" in front of a large group. We now know she had been dancing/stripping at the Platinum before audiences since December 2005.

2. Nifong stated that the Accuser was too traumatized on April 11th to be interviewed. But not too traumatized to have been dancing and stripping THREE days after the rape and "continuously" throughout the month of March.

3. The dancers pay the club to dance. This is not a regular "job" where one is paid to dance. There is no guaranteed income. The Accuser had to ply her wares for enough "tips" to pay the house. Because of this format, she likely had no given schedule and was free to come and dance or not. There was no pressure on her to be there as some loyal "employee."

4. Accuser is said to have a two-year associates degree from a community college. She was trained in a specialized job for the Navy. She supposedly has a 3.0 GPA in her Criminal Justice (now that's an interesting major for a false accuser)courses at NCCU. She had work experience in a factory.

She is legally entitled to child support payments from the father of her children and is presumably receiving them. Her cousin Jakki has stated that generous financial support was offered to the accuser by sympathetic groups/individuals, which the accuser supposedly declined. Jesse Jackson offered her full scholarship for her education.

Given the above, there is no reasonable basis for any reasonable person to accept that the accuser had/has no other way to "make a living" other than by taking her clothes off for strangers in a sleazy strip club and performing "one on one" for other "dates" through an "escort" service and paying her "drivers" with sex.

If she were truly looking to "making a living," why has she not demonstrated the same "heroics" in continuing her classes at NCCU as Anon 6:30 PM attributes to her continued performance in her "night job."

5. Medical records surrounding the alleged rape that are known to observers clearly show that there were no injuries consistent with the accuser's and Nifong's descriptions of her rape and assault claims. Her subsequent visits to medical care providers with complaints related to an alleged rape are documented as false. They are also documented as to the purpose of her visits: to obtain narcotics. It is known that the accuser has a history of psychological problems, as well as a history of making unfounded claims of assault and rape, in the past.

All of us are defined by our choices in life. While we may become mired in the results of those choices to the extent that we have difficulty ultimately escaping them, we are, nonetheless, products of a willfully imposed stigma, regardless of class, race or gender.

No reasonable person could believe, much less prove, that the accuser is anything more than a manipulator and liar.

It matters not 'why.' It is and has been her choice.


Anonymous said...

Hay at the last court hearing Nifong said he talked to her about her seeing her kids. Now Mrs. Mr. Nifong is a graudian at light am, she deals with kids all day long.

You tell me Nifong has not spoken to Crystal about this Hoax.


Nifong also said Crystal is so afraid that when she sees a white man she screams. Do we know if the strip club every has any white men in it?